"Share is outside the list of designated disks" following using unBALANCE to clear a drive

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Hi folks,


I need a little bit of assistance please.  

I want to retire a drive from the array, and once I've done that, I'll install a larger drive as a replacement, and so i've used unBALANCE to move all of the files from the soon to be retired drive.

After running unBALANCE both the drive that I've cleared, and the drive that I've moved the files to are showing as "Share is outside the list of designated disks".

I'm not panicking at this stage, as I'm sure I read somewhere that after moving the files using unBALANCE, the parity data will need to be rebuilt.

However, to be blunt, I am out of my comfort zone with this stuff and I'm nervous about losing the data that I've moved, so please be gentle with me ... 🤣

So, what do I need to do to regain access to the files I've moved to drive 5?





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The message about the share means the share is located on a disk (disk5), which is not part of the included disks / excluded disks list.

You need to update the included or excluded list if you want disk5 to be a member of the share.

Note: everything keeps working even with the mismatch in place (content is never touched)


This is the general setting to check

 Settings -> Global Share Settings -> Included/Excluded disks


This is the per share setting to check

 Shares -> <share name> -> Included/Excluded disks


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