Don't auto-capitalise the first letter of Pool device names in the UI (cosmetic change request)

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This is just a small cosmetic request, please:


I use lower case names for my Pools in Unraid 6.9.2 as I like the consistency with other names such as disk1, disk2 and ease-of-typing when using the terminal.


But since they are acronyms such as SSD and TM (Time Machine), they look odd when shown in the UI as Ssd, Tm etc*.


I wondered if it would be possible for you to stop auto-capitalising the first letter off Pool names in the UI please, so they show exactly as named?


Like I said, just a small thing, but thought I would ask!


Many thanks,




(*I know they are acronyms and should be upper case, but this is just my preference for making the terminal approach the consistent one).



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On 3/11/2022 at 5:35 PM, bonienl said:

If you don't want to capitalize device names, you can change the setting


Settings --> Display Settings --> Display device name = Raw


Thank-you for your feedback @ChatNoir and @bonienl for the settings tip - that does help.


Interestingly, I've found this setting is a little inconsistent in where it applies.


For example, it has worked for device names in the Main tab, but not the Dashboard tab. It works in the Shares tab, but not the Shares Settings page.


EDIT: I just upgraded to 6.10.0-rc4 (need to test ipvlan vs macvlan for some network-related crashes) and have found that the lower-case "raw" behaviour is now consistent across all tabs, thank-you :)






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Updated to reflect results from RC version
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