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  1. Well that ain't a good error. Sadly, you cannot fix this. The solution would be to continue to use a USB sound card or to add a PCI sound card. For the USB controller, on my side, after stubbing it in the syslinux, it automatically appeared in the VM config.
  2. Can you be more specific about your issue ? Telling me it doesn't work isn't really useful 😆 Also, your append line seems to be correct, however, it might be misplaced inside your syslinux configuration. Can you send your syslinux file ?
  3. Indeed. I suggest you to purchase a separate audio card. If you can PCI card is the way to go, since USB audio card have sometime the infamous "demonic audio" issue.
  4. You want to select the [8086:a348] 00:1f.3 Audio device: Intel Corporation Cannon Lake PCH cAVS (rev 10) device.
  5. Like I said that's normal. There is actually no reset mecanism for this device, so when the VM start the peripheral must be already in a appropriate state. That's why you need to blacklist the i2c bus and that a power cycle could resolve this issue (sadly not in your case). You could do a lsmod to see if a i2c driver is loaded, after that your only chance are the redhat mail chain.
  6. I don't know for the usb_desc, but the others are normal.
  7. I know it sounds stupid, but have you tried to power off your server (remove the ac plug for 10 seconds) ? Sometime in my case the motherboard seems to lockup the control of the i2c bus. The only way to make it work again is to power it off. Hope it will help.
  8. I'm not sure of what you are trying to do. You want to have audio from a remote computer? If this is the case, I suggest you to open a new thread since this is off topic. However, if you are trying to have sound from a bare metal VM, you would need speaker to make it work.
  9. Good ! Sorry I didn't have the time to answer you in the first place. However, I never tested it with your hardware setup and I don't see any apparent mistake. Have you tried to remove AC plug from the computer ? In some case (like mine) motherboard seems to keep the control of the audio chip even with the i2c blacklist. A power off won't work, you will need to completely remove power from your server. If you want to retry someday, I will be happy to help.
  10. VirGL is now part of Mesa and work with QEMU/KVM. Also spice is already available in KVM with QXL, since it's way faster than VNC, I think it would be a nice feature to add to unRAID.
  11. Hi @CiaoCiao Replace this line of your syslinux : append vfo-pci.ids=1912:0014 initrd=/bzroot with this one : append vfio-pci.ids=YOURDEVICEADDRESS modprobe.blacklist=i2c_i801,i2c_smbus initrd=/bzroot If this doesnt work, can you make a screenshot of your IOMMU group ( Tools -> System Devices ) ? It should look like this : Also what is your hardware configuration (CPU,GPU, MOBO, etc) ?
  12. I'd rather wait for the 6.5 stable before upgrading the OS. The memory leak is quite slow on my side, about 2Go per week. It's more an annoyance than a serious issue for me. EDIT1: I'm trying the 6.5 stable at the moment, I will keep you updated. EDIT2: Not an issue anymore. 6.5 seems to fix it.
  13. +1 I have the same issue, after few day SHFS take up to 4-5Gig.
  14. matthope

    Best Configuration for Dual Lan and VM's

    no, it should be automatic.