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  1. The only thing i am unsure of, is if it is possible to let it expend automatically. If not, is it going to be a hassle to expand it after the file is being used.. But maybe that is too early to think about. I think the first step would be to implement it first
  2. https://thesolving.com/storage/how-to-create-an-iscsi-target-with-freenas/ If you want, i can dedicate some time help testing etc. EDIT: If i can read correctly, is seems to be based on a dedicated disk, of a "file" that is the target. So, if that is correct, we could do the same on unraid, use a "file" as the target, which is on the array. Or do i see this too easy?
  3. Maybe we need to switch all over to freenas then.. they have iSCSI built in [emoji848] iSCSI is, as you can read yourself, needed in every NAS.. a lot of small to medium businesses can/could use this.. And mix it with user shares, if iSCSI would be an option, i wouldn't have any problems with the shares.. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SNE-LX1 met Tapatalk
  4. @bonienl is there any progression here?
  5. This is my setup. Not sure why it isn't working tho Verstuurd vanaf mijn SNE-LX1 met Tapatalk
  6. I'm using the 'bridge' settings in Unraid. Working for 8 dockets or something Verstuurd vanaf mijn SNE-LX1 met Tapatalk
  7. I would use it to back-up Windows VM's using Windows Back-up.. Got like 15 Servers waiting for LT to implement this.. or even a trial testign version, so i could test this at home, before implementing in a live business network with over 150 users.. Iscsi is like the last thing needed in my eyes..
  8. when will it be available as an update? Currently running 6.3.5 and no updates