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  1. several of us are using this: and using the hpssa option to enable it I use it on a p420i that does not have native hba mode. If yours supports hba mode, then it should be ok and you'll save yourself a pci slot for other things.
  2. I've tried searching but can't find anything relevant. Has anyone gotten Wireguard to work on unraid using untangle as a router? Yes, I know untangle has it as an app, but I'm not interested in paying 250 a year for the functionality. If I use pfsense, wireguard works as expected with almost not modifications. Using it with untangle only gives me server access even when remote tunneled access is selected. And if I create a rule to bypass all apps for the Wireguard subnet, still no joy.... I feel like I'm missing one setting somewhere but dont know what it is. --- edit
  3. I use the following script that loads via user scripts plugin at the start of the array: #!/bin/bash nvidia-smi -pm 1 makes my gt 710 go to P8 reliably when not used by plex.
  4. my firewall informed me that my server attempted to connect to a malware site: System: Untangle [Verv.Nunya.com] Event: WebFilterEvent Event Time: 2021-03-23 01:36:06.975. Event Summary: Web Filter blocked http:/boaform/admin/formLogin?username=user&psd=user (Malware Sites) Event Details: app name = web_filter blocked = true category = Malware Sites category id = 56 flagged = true reason = BLOCK_CATEGORY request line
  5. IIRC, when directly hooked up to the cages, yes, when run through an expander, no.
  6. modified the original post to make it clearer. It should go under menu default
  7. Yes. In some step, something is incorrect. Without knowing everything you did and verifying each step, there is no way to know so you will have to try the process again. But I can already see that you didn't follow the steps as written because it says to only copy over the bzimage and bzmodules. That may not matter, but it shows inattention to detail. So now you should roll back to stock unraid, reboot, and start over and follow the steps as written, and then report back.
  8. You could try another disk to see if you just got a bad one. I have no guidance because I don't use the raid controller with disks in raid 0 because weird things like this can happen.
  9. I use an H220. I've actually used them in several HP servers from G6 to this one for years without issue and they are pretty cheap. I bought an h240 once but it didn't send drive temps through at the time,. So now it sits in a box until that's better supported or I figure out what needs to be configured. But there is no real need for a card like that which does 12gbps in most unRaid servers, mine included. Even on 10gbe networking, my transfers to an SSD cache pool are limited by network speed.
  10. I use a slew of Samsung evo ssd's in my ml350p gen 8 without issue. But his is using an HBA. After my initial issues with the onboard raid controller, I avoid it like the plague. But there are some others running disks in Raid 0 using the controller without issues. I don't have a fix for you aside from getting a HBA or waiting to see if the patch works out. Do you have other disks you can try to see if it's the disk itself or something else?
  11. Correct. Currently there is no other way. But, there is something in development by other forum members to use/froce the controller in JBOD mode even though it's not available in the bios. If that becomes viable then I'll definitely share here.
  12. You did not follow the steps in the first post for "VM problems - pass-through" your logs show 0000:04:00.1: DMAR: Device is ineligible for IOMMU domain attach due to platform RMRR requirement. Contact your platform vendor. 0000:04:00.1: DMAR: Device is ineligible for IOMMU domain attach due to platform RMRR requirement. Contact your platform vendor. your fix is:
  13. For real. I've gotten a few kernel panics/crashes on my m1 Mac.... early adopter price....