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  1. (chuckling at the irony of some of these people who illegally download movies they didn't pay for, complaining that software they already own that isn't changing, but new purchases will incur potential recurring fees to support further development of the platform they love, use, and, again, already own and will continue to receive the benefits of using at no additional cost.) Seriously folks, it's a standard, common sense practice for mature software to have recurring fees to sustain continued development. If it didn't, once you hit a market saturation point for your product, you essentially can only cover maintenance but no other development (or get in the business of harvesting your existing user base's personal information to sell to third parties.) Some of you complaining would be shocked to learn that there are many of us that pay hundreds every year for updates to other software companies we use and need. From audio and video editing, to network licensing. I do. I just did 2 weeks ago! But I evaluate if the new features in that next version are worth it, or skip a generation. Now, with all that said, I will honestly admit that the little cheapskate in me doesn't like any increase on anything ever! Even if I can rationally justify it. And that's because nobody really wants to gleefully pay more for anything. I hear you. I feel you. I started out like some folks cobbling together hardware and sketchy drives to make my first server. Many of you are probably still in this stage. But 8 years later, and after numerous sever interactions, I run 4 licenses now on solid hardware with solid drives [knock on wood.] If their newly announced model was implemented when I first looked around 8 years ago, it would have given me the same pause to consider it versus alternatives. I would have still tried all the other free operating systems like I did. But I think in the end, I would have still picked Unraid for its ease of use, ability to run on a wide range of hardware, and community support. I think that it's ridiculously generous that Unraid has stated that they will grandfather previously sold licenses to have continued updates. Some of my licenses are 7 or 8 years old, and I'm still getting new features, new patches, and more. There is no other software that I own that has done that beyond a few years. This is why I have recommended this os, and will continue to do so. I'll just tell people to suck it up and buy the lifetime upfront, as it'll pay for itself over time, and give the dev's the ability to do more sooner. --- as a postscript, don't reply to me with nonsensical arguments or how it "costs a month's worth of food" replies. I'll just ignore them. This software is a luxury, not a necessity. If you are having to make the decision between eating versus storing more data than the average pc can do, then the solution is simple; go use a completely free os and stop making irrelevant arguments.
  2. works fine for me either way on both machines I have running 6.12.3. For reference, I'm on safari Version 16.5.1 (18615.
  3. upgraded 2 similar machines from .2 to .3 no issues except this is new: Jul 17 14:54:50 Tower1 smbd[24128]: [2023/07/17 14:54:50.767379, 0] ../../source3/lib/adouble.c:2363(ad_read_rsrc_adouble) Jul 17 14:54:50 Tower1 smbd[24128]: ad_read_rsrc_adouble: invalid AppleDouble resource .DS_Store but I'm not that concerned about it at the moment because of the file type/what that does. I haven't had any file transfer issues (yet) will come back if it becomes a thing.
  4. helped me out a few times (both in my own threads and when searching for previously solved threads), much appreciated and congrats!
  5. regular user shares are a little bottlenecked on unraid. to increase smb performance look at https://forums.unraid.net/topic/100855-workaround-how-to-get-macos-smb-transfers-at-1gbs-on-10gbe/ and the original source https://forums.unraid.net/topic/97165-smb-performance-tuning/#comment-895985
  6. Happy New Year! I'm new to 3d printing so I thought I'd give this docker a try my an ender 3 s1 pro. I ran into the same issue with serial/by-id issue and had the same result using "udevadm info --name=/dev/bus/usb/001/002" showing "device node not found". This may not be the "right" way but this is what I did to get my printer recognized: 1. open a terminal window on unraid server web page 2. enter "cd /dev/serial/by-id" 3. enter "dir" this showed me what I was after, which in my case was: usb-1a86_USB_Serial-if00-port0 in the docker template I changed it to "/dev/serial/by-id/usb-1a86_USB_Serial-if00-port0" I then followed the directions in the second post of this topic (even though I don't have multiple printers) which were 1) go to settings/serial connections and add /dev/serial/by-id/* to "Additional serial ports" 2) save 3) go to settings/serial connections and change AUTO in the serial port list to your device 4) save Just completed my first test and it all seems to be doing what it is suppose to. Hope that helps!
  7. updated 2 machines from 6.11.x to this. no issues.
  8. upgraded 2 boxes: one from 6.11.3, the other from 6.10.3. no issues currently observed. SPIFFY!
  9. 1. you can assign as many cores as you have to your vm or a number of vm's. 2. Any level of unRaid does this. The difference in the levels is the amount of disks you can attach. you can assign whatever and however many cores to any vm, and even stack vm's on the same cores (though you'll get an understandable performance penalty.) You can even isolate the cores away from unRaid running as host and reserve the cores to only be used by the vm's you choose. 3. open a question in the appropriate place on the forum and someone will probably be able to help you with that.
  10. and I broke the open files plugin by running it out of memory
  11. Then I'm not sure why this is currently working? I mean, I know what value I entered on purpose for max open files (just to see what would happen). But it seems like I'm chugging along beyond it. Maybe it'll all come to a screeching halt soon? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. just a heads up. A Mac photo library that is of any substantial size (like 175GB for example) blows past the 40964 open file limit when transferring to the server and the file limit has to be increased way beyond that. [learned from experience and several failures today before finding this thread and increasing to a ludicrous number to try and get this moved over]. Hopefully it will be more easily user adjustable in the future release.
  13. Over 4 years later and now I'm changing my +1 to a +10
  14. side note: you can get around the halted boot process for missing devices by disabling them in the bios.
  15. why does it keep installing the newest Nvidia driver after every update? I use a gt for Plex and it always rolls to the latest vs keeping me on the 470.129.06 which is the one that works for this card.