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  1. you should spend some time watching the vids here :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA He does a great job of covering most common issues.
  2. 1812

    What's with all the releases?

    pre-coffe forum posting, quoted wrong section. my bad!
  3. you haven't mentioned any issues yet (or I missed them) bios are setting for your hardware that are independent of whatever operating system you choose to run on the computer. You typically see a "press F9 to go to settings" or something similar when very early when computer boots up. But they key could be Del, or F4, just depends on your hardware.
  4. 1812

    What's with all the releases?

    Self-love is the best love. You should try it sometime. You'd probably be less angsty. You have NO CLUE what you are talking about. So instead, let's all enjoy this mashup while you contemplate your inability to comprehend the information presented to you.
  5. There is no onboard graphics in my rig, so 3 different gpus
  6. 2 years I'm referring to my server, which in this case is a z400, with 3 virtual machines each using it's own GPU to a monitor, each with their own usb/mouse/keyboard. I'm on it right now. forget 98. win 10 only really, and macOS, and linux. I have each OS on it's own SSD. You can run them on the same 1tb ssd, but I've found some latency issues at times that way. forget win98. depending on your hardware, what you want is very possible. You just have to have the ability to use virtualization on your cpu/mobo, enough PCIe slots, GPUs, usb cards or ports, and one larger ssd or two smaller ones and you're done. One of the other two vm's running on this "server" is currently gaming, which I'm about to join in on.
  7. 1812

    What's with all the releases?

    FFS. If you don’t trust a company for constantly improving their product gtfo. If you can’t understand the difference between a release candidate and a stable release after it’s been explained several times, you should stick with macOS, much easier to understand.
  8. I run 3 desktops with daily usage on a single server. Pros: I didn’t have to buy 3 separate computers. Cons: a potential hardware problem with the server can take down all 3.
  9. 6.7 rc4 available in top of thread. also, check out the Qemu patch for your PCIe devices included in this rc!
  10. 1812

    QEMU PCIe Root Port Patch

    I've updated my original results with new info above, seems it's running higher bandwidth on (moderately) higher end card vs what I first tested with.
  11. you may need a dummy plug to set a resolution. also, try team viewer or other similar screen sharing programs vs vnc.
  12. leave your cable how they are. only thing to watch out for is making sure that your onboard/integrated GPU is set as primary in your bios. that will leave unRaid GUI on that monitor. then you can run cables to another monitor for your osx vm from the Nvidia card. You can use any other VM with the card as well, just not at the same time.
  13. Hp released some procedures for newer machines that allow for a workaround. You’d have to google “proliant rmrr “ and look for their service advisory to see if one is available for the g8’s (I don’t remember off the top of my head.)
  14. I currently use a 710 and a 730 on 2 different Mojave vm’s with no issues. You just pass it through and the native macOS drivers run it. That’s it. You may have issues with audio but that’s a minor annoyance vs not having video.
  15. can't really use it for Mojave currently.