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  1. check for this if that's not it, then post your full diagnostic files
  2. If you're using the internal display output, I can't really advise that. But you should try to bind whatever graphics device you want to use under tools>system devices to start. If you bork the vm and get the "guest not initializing display", make a new vm with the same settings/disk (don't delete your old disk when removing the old vm afterwards.)
  3. It's generated by HP's server management system iLO.
  4. Off the top of my head, no. You would have to ask @ich777 if there is a way to support this (unless I overlooked something in the configuration page of the plugin.) There is a section for beta builds, so it may be possible.
  5. do they show up in the raid controller menu/configuration? Also post your complete diagnostics zip.
  6. Do any of the cards show in the bios on that riser? if not, its possibly a faulty riser board. try swapping the 2 cards on the other one on to this one
  7. Could be a mismatch between boot options on the server and unpaid (legacy vs UEFI). Check bios and try a different setting. Could also be a usb thumb drive issue. I'd start by eliminating variables. Make a backup copy of your usb, wipe it, then use the unRaid USB creator tool to make a new install. Set boot option in bios to legacy and check if it boots. if so, do it a few times. If it keeps working, then re-download your license.
  8. look in your logs to see if the following appears Device is ineligible for IOMMU domain attach due to platform RMRR requirement. Contact your platform vendor. if so, this is the fix:
  9. @BinglesWorth/ @ghost82 Correct, the workaround was to not use audio. But there is a better way now that patches out the RMRR issue: I don't currently have any proliants, but this worked well and reliably when last I used it.
  10. in one of my systems with the same board, I have an rx580 and an rx590 in x16 slots, and a gt 710 in an x1 slot. It's not an x1 card, but part of the reason I purchased this board is because the x1 slots are open ended (as you probably know). During boot it defaulted to the gt 710.
  11. are you talking about your boot order? If so, try changing your boot method to legacy. IIRC I ran into a similar issue on a z420 H220 is a great card. I've used (and still use) several without issue.
  12. I use this board with 2 builds, one with a 3700x and another with a 5600x. It's been pretty good to me. One runs a single vm for gaming with dual AMD gpus and hosts my backup array with 8 spinners equalling 60 or 80 something TB (I don't remember). The other runs 2 gaming vm's for my family each with their own GPU. Had both for a few months and so far liked them. The IOMMU setting is hiding deep in a few layers, but that seemed to be the only hitch for me (aside from getting ram speed correctly.)
  13. there is now also an option to compile unraid via the kernel helper docker with the hpsahba patch. I've used it and it worked without issue. But obviously it's not persistent through upgrades.
  14. I use my server for 4k video editing with high bitrate audio, moving active files to the pool and back to the array when done. To get the best network performance you have to do a little tuning: