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  1. upgraded a z400 without issue except for needing to remove some pcie specifications from vm xml that was used as a workaround for something that is now patched. Pleasantly surprised with a faster web GUI and safari support in launching webgui windows for dockers. but still no multiple cache pools..... SUPER SAD FACE (but thanks for everything else!)
  2. USB card isolated from Unraid at boot which is passed to the vm. I fiddled with trying to isolate and use ports on different motherboards, but they always seemed finicky and didn't always work reliably (though others have had great success I believe), or required more than what I wanted to deal with. And it was 10x easier to buy a 20 dollar card and pass it through.
  3. need more info, where does it appear under the usb tree? can you post a screenshot similar to this: do you have any other usb 3 devices you can try and see how they are listed? What are you using as your usb 3 device? what hubs are present if any? some hubs have 2.0 and 3.0 ports.
  4. look in about this Mac>system report and see what it "sees" it as
  5. you'd need to post your full diagnostics file to start. it may also be a numa node issue.
  6. you could follow the a setup guide for windows to start (and stop using qemu cpu and use host passthrough for starters) then you could adjust cpu pinning and finally, you could google "Unraid vm windows tuning"
  7. Firstly, this gen of Nvidia card doesn't like to be used in a virtual machine. Use GPU's that are 7 series and higher. If you don't follow any guides, you increase your difficulty. I have zero problems with reliability in my VM's, running several across several machines, all using different kinds of hardware passthrough. Was it "easy" to setup, no, but it also wasn't that hard. If you feel there is a simpler solution for your VM needs, then perhaps you should move to it. But as it stands, this is almost the simplest method short of using VM ware. But the tradeoff is using more system resources in the virtualization process.
  8. any listed compatible HBA should work. I've never used that one but I believe a few folks on here do. I use h220 because it was what came with my first HP server years ago, and they are pretty cheap and keep it in the family. Avoid Marvell, and make sure the card length will fit in your server before ordering.
  9. well that's a new one for me... Doing some research, it appears there are issues with the Marvel disk controller in the box. The original fix a few years ago was disabling virtualization all together which is not what you want. try changing iommu=pt to amd_iommu=pt, reboot. If that does not "fix" the reset/lockup issue, you'll have to do research on how to use the Marvell 88SE9230 in Unraid. Simplest might be get a host bus adapter for the disks and disable the onboard controller, or someone might have figured out another workaround. more info here:
  10. get rid of iommu=pt from your syslinux . while it shouldn't cause any problems, we want to rule things out. do that, reboot, test for lockup. if it still happens, change acs override to: "pcie_acs_override=downstream,mutlifunction" reboot, retest. as it currently stands the usb card is still not in an isolated group. If doing the steps above don't isolate it, then leave configuration on the last one listed above and try another slot if one is available.
  11. Wild guess but are you using UEFI? I have an hp workstation that is finicky with booting uefi and exhibits the same issue of not finding the unRaid usb boot device unless I go to the boot manager/selection (or whatever it’s called) and manually select it. Then it operates as expected.
  12. you could do what is described in the video below, but use a raspberry pi locally on the network
  13. Legacy should be fine, but I've had some machines act more normally using one vs the other with no real reasoning why. yeah, not a biggie and not needed in my past HP: proliant/workstation/server experience. glad to try and help. this was all new to me once!