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  1. It still shows up in Win10 as a VM. I wasn't able to get Avid to work. SeaBios wouldn't post. I imagine I would have to re-install the OS from scratch in order to get it to post.
  2. I've been getting some weird stuff in my logs when it comes to movies. I have the library pointed to '/library/' And then the linking in Docker is as follows: TV /library/TV -> /mnt/user/Plex/TV Movies /library/Movies -> /mnt/user/Plex/Movies Inside Unmanic via the GUI /library/ TV shows get encoded just fine. For some reason with movies it spits out an error. I haven't investigated too much into the matter, but should I come across anything else I'll be sure to update here. AMD Threadripper 1950x with 8 cores on die #2 pinned for Unmanic. I can't remember the times off of my head, but it's about 1.5x in terms of speed. With my previous Handbrake automation (see SpaceInvaderOne's videos) and with my custom h.265 settings, I was averaging about ~40-60 fps on movies.
  3. Looks like lag is introduced once you do the pass-through of the GPU. Just completed a fresh install of High Sierra yesterday keeping everything the same from Space Invader One's video. I didn't change the system profile to a newer one in Clover like SPO does. It may just have to do with the graphics card (EVGA GTX 1060 6G) because I am not experiencing the issues with the MSI GT 710 with vbios pass-through. Okay, so I am passing through the GTX 1060 with vbios pass-through and it appears to be working more smoothly. I'll report back if conditions worsen. Another update...so it may have to do with resolution. Inside Clover, the resolution is set to 1920x1080. When I change the display to 2550x1440 (the resolution of my Thunderbolt display), that's when I start to have issues with lag and such. BTW I run my macOS VM on a headless server. So far, the VM has been smooth at 1080p resolution.
  4. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/76878-support-josh5-unmanic-library-optimiser/
  5. Been having this issue with macOS and my Downloads network share. I deleted the share and re-made it which worked for a little bit, but issue keeps coming back — I lose the ability to copy files or create folders to the network share. I try to run the permissions fix under Tools > Docker Safe New Perms, but that hasn't resolved the issue.
  6. Still experiencing hard lag/freezes. It comes and goes. When it happens, I just have to walk away from the computer for 5-10 minutes and let it do its thing. I am able to pass through the GTX 1060. No problems there. I have to use either Apple Remote Desktop (VNC) or Splashtop to access the VM. There is no way around it as my server is ran in a headless state. #headlesshorseman
  7. I threw in a GT 710 GPU so that I could pass through my GTX 1060.
  8. I'm not doing pass through. My Unraid server is headless (no monitor). I use my MacBook as a thin client (connected to my Thunderbolt display) + VM when I need to do any heavy lifting (video/photo editing) or gaming. I don't pass through the vbios on my GTX 1060 in either Windows or macOS. The card is in slot 1 and I haven't had any issues with pass through (granted I have a second GPU for Unraid). @Lytic Is there any advantage of using the vbios in my setup then? My understanding is that you want to use the vbios for your GFX when you only have one GPU that is being used by Unraid and that you want to use with a VM.
  9. Was doing some more testing. I've noticed that a few TV shows weren't encoded due to some sort of errors similar listed below in this post Unmanic is able to watch two folders/libraries which is good Tried importing a movie this afternoon and found errors in my Docker logs Zero reports inside the Unmanic GUI's "Failure" tab 2019-07-05T17:12:51:ERROR:Unmanic.Worker-1 - [FORMATTED] - Exception in processing job with Worker-1: - ['ffmpeg', '-y', '-i', '/library/Movies/Whiplash (2014)/Whiplash (2014) [Remux-1080p].mkv', '-hide_banner', '-loglevel', 'info', '-strict', '-2', '-max_muxing_queue_size', '512', '-map', '0:0', '-map', '0:1', '-map', ' 0:1', '-map', '0:2', '-map', ' 0:2', '-map', '0:3', '-map', ' 0:3', '-map', '0:4', '-map', ' 0:4', '-map', '0:5', '-map', ' 0:5', '-map', '0:6', '-map', ' 0:6', '-map', '0:7', '-map', ' 0:7', '-map', '0:8', '-map', ' 0:8', '-map', ' 0:9', '-map', '0:10', '-map', '0:11', '-map', '0:12', '-map', '0:13', '-map', '0:14', '-map', '0:15', '-map', '0:16', '-map', '0:17', '-map', '0:18', '-map', '0:19', '-c:v', 'libx265', '-c:a:0', 'copy', '-c:a:1', 'aac', '-b:a:1', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:1', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:1', 'copy', '-c:a:2', 'aac', '-b:a:2', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:2', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:2', 'copy', '-c:a:3', 'aac', '-b:a:3', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:3', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:3', 'copy', '-c:a:4', 'aac', '-b:a:4', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:4', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:4', 'copy', '-c:a:5', 'aac', '-b:a:5', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:5', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:5', 'copy', '-c:a:6', 'aac', '-b:a:6', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:6', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:6', 'copy', '-c:a:7', 'aac', '-b:a:7', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:7', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:7', 'copy', '-c:a:8', 'aac', '-b:a:8', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:8', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:8', 'aac', '-b:a:8', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-c:s:8', 'copy', '-c:s:9', 'copy', '-c:s:10', 'copy', '-c:s:11', 'copy', '-c:s:12', 'copy', '-c:s:13', 'copy', '-c:s:14', 'copy', '-c:s:15', 'copy', '-c:s:16', 'copy', '-c:s:17', 'copy', '-y', '/tmp/unmanic/file_conversion-1562371936.667099/Whiplash (2014) [Remux-1080p]-1562371936.667107.mkv'] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/app/lib/worker.py", line 176, in run self.process_task_queue_item() File "/app/lib/worker.py", line 157, in process_task_queue_item self.current_task.success = self.process_item() File "/app/lib/worker.py", line 139, in process_item ffmpeg_args) File "/app/lib/ffmpeg.py", line 510, in convert_file_and_fetch_progress raise FFMPEGHandleConversionError(command) lib.ffmpeg.FFMPEGHandleConversionError: ['ffmpeg', '-y', '-i', '/library/Movies/Whiplash (2014)/Whiplash (2014) [Remux-1080p].mkv', '-hide_banner', '-loglevel', 'info', '-strict', '-2', '-max_muxing_queue_size', '512', '-map', '0:0', '-map', '0:1', '-map', ' 0:1', '-map', '0:2', '-map', ' 0:2', '-map', '0:3', '-map', ' 0:3', '-map', '0:4', '-map', ' 0:4', '-map', '0:5', '-map', ' 0:5', '-map', '0:6', '-map', ' 0:6', '-map', '0:7', '-map', ' 0:7', '-map', '0:8', '-map', ' 0:8', '-map', ' 0:9', '-map', '0:10', '-map', '0:11', '-map', '0:12', '-map', '0:13', '-map', '0:14', '-map', '0:15', '-map', '0:16', '-map', '0:17', '-map', '0:18', '-map', '0:19', '-c:v', 'libx265', '-c:a:0', 'copy', '-c:a:1', 'aac', '-b:a:1', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:1', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:1', 'copy', '-c:a:2', 'aac', '-b:a:2', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:2', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:2', 'copy', '-c:a:3', 'aac', '-b:a:3', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:3', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:3', 'copy', '-c:a:4', 'aac', '-b:a:4', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:4', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:4', 'copy', '-c:a:5', 'aac', '-b:a:5', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:5', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:5', 'copy', '-c:a:6', 'aac', '-b:a:6', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:6', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:6', 'copy', '-c:a:7', 'aac', '-b:a:7', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:7', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:7', 'copy', '-c:a:8', 'aac', '-b:a:8', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-metadata:s:a:8', "title='Surround Stereo'", '-c:a:8', 'aac', '-b:a:8', '128k', '-ac', '2', '-c:s:8', 'copy', '-c:s:9', 'copy', '-c:s:10', 'copy', '-c:s:11', 'copy', '-c:s:12', 'copy', '-c:s:13', 'copy', '-c:s:14', 'copy', '-c:s:15', 'copy', '-c:s:16', 'copy', '-c:s:17', 'copy', '-y', '/tmp/unmanic/file_conversion-1562371936.667099/Whiplash (2014) [Remux-1080p]-1562371936.667107.mkv']
  10. AMD Threadripper. It's a beast of a server. Shreds through my Light L16 raw files like it was nothing. With GPU pass through in Windows, I get near bare metal performance. FCP X is pretty smooth as well. Apple's native Screen Share works great (it's a VNC) I am able to hear sound via Splashtop It's unfortunate that sound isn't implemented in Apple's Screen Share For color correction I would stick with Apple's native screen share (that is if your thin client is macOS) Splashtop changes the color profile even if you set it on your thin client and host VM, so colors aren't accurate while using Splashtop I haven't tried sound pass through I tried USB pass through, but I forgot/didn't setup the correct kext files, so I don't quite know how that works yet
  11. Happy to see the project is out of Alpha and into Beta. I just got the Docker image up and running a few hours ago and have been kicking the wheels around. Kudos @Josh.5 for getting this project up and running! 🙇‍♂️ Let us know how we can support you and in what capacity. Things I'd like to see: More finite control over video quality Define how audio will be encoded or passed through or both Flag folders to exclude/skip e.g., nightly/weekly news broadcast or variety show that are automatically deleted after viewing don't need to be encoded in h.265 (saves time & energy) Cancel current workers/encodes (See section 3.1 above) 😉 Ignore "._" files
  12. While I wait for @Josh.5's UnManic project to mature, is there any way @SpaceInvaderOne that I can filter specific programming from being automatically encoded? i.e., nightly & weekly news programs that I simply watch and have Plex auto delete do not need to be re-encoded into h.265 since I am not archiving them. This would save not only on time, but energy as well. 💸💸💸 I was trying to think of ways to do it inside of SABnzbd so that when completed, the files get moved to another monitored Sonarr folder that is hidden from Handbrake, but I don't see how it is possible unless I knew how to write a script that would allow me to do so (beyond my skill set.)
  13. +1 Discourse. Wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but their search engine is a beast compared to the current incarnation of Invision, but that's simply MHO. Also, I like that Discourse gives you a summary button that condenses the entire thread for you and has a link box with all of the links shared in a thread. Annnd when creating a new thread, Discourse displays relevant threads in an effort to reduce redundant posts. #wishfulthinking #undia
  14. As long as the data transfers in both directions to the exFAT drive and the errors are benign — I can live with that.