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  1. Zer0Nin3r

    Hidden Post | Burried Treasure

    This is a test for what the 'hide' button does when you reply to a thread. I've searched the Invision Community's website, but they don't have anything in their documentation. My assumption is that it allows you to reply to a thread without search engines crawling your reply and storing it on their servers yet, registered forum users can still read your reply.
  2. Zer0Nin3r

    CPU Isolation Question - Gaming VM

    Okay, I think I have a better understanding now. Thank you. I found the thread on in-depth CPU pinning, and will have to go over that in finer detail at some point. So, CPU Isolation is good when you want to run Docker applications in parallel to running VM's in order to keep the shared system resources tidy. In the case of Handbrake, this is counter intuitive because you will only be limited to a single core as CPU Isolation will not allow Handbrake access to multiple pinned cores. CPU Isolation will work great with applications that are not CPU/multi-thread intensive.
  3. Is there another way of wording the explanation that you quoted? I read the same thing under the help toggle when logged into the Web GUI, but for some reason it isn't clicking for me on how 'CPU Isolation works'.
  4. Zer0Nin3r

    CPU Isolation Question - Gaming VM

    So, if I want to keep CPU: 0 and its Hyperthread: 1 for Unraid, it would look like this? Am I understanding the help tip correctly? At first I thought I would just pin CPU 0/1 and that would reserve it for Unraid. **Update** Yes, this is how CPU pinning for Unraid should look like if you want to pin Unraid to Core 0/1 (Threadripper 1950x). I was able to verify by launching terminal after a reboot and running htop from the command line. **Update** @Jcloud I was wrong with my previous update to this post. Now, I'm totally confused. With the settings set above in the screenshot, I thought CPU 0/1 would only be reserved for Unraid. Come to find out that, CPU 2–31 weren't being used at all when I ran a test with Handbrake. Instead, Handbrake was confined only to CPU 0/1 along with Unraid. Everything else was reading 0%. Now that I enabled CPU pinning on CPU 0/1 with everything else untoggled, Handbrake is now being confined only to CPU 0. Very strange.
  5. SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!! Come witness the Battle of the VM's live in 3-D! Chaos and Mayhem guaranteed! Greetings @everyone! I am curious to know your thoughts on which OS running inside a VM will give me the best performance. I edit photos in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Lumen. Video editing is also something I do with FCP X. While my primary workflow has been macOS based, I am open to the idea of installing my Adobe programs on a Windows VM if that means I will get better performance. My thoughts and assumptions: Windows is "VM friendly" Meaning, it knows when it is being ran as a VM. I would imagine that Windows will optimize itself automatically under these conditions. Windows will make better, more efficient use of the resources available to the VM. macOS Thinks it's running on Apple hardware, but because we are using "magic" to trick the OS into working for a hypervisor as a guest VM, we will take a hit in performance. While we are able to pass an Nvidia GPU onto the macOS VM, this will increase performance, but because we are hacking the OS, we are susceptible to degraded performance. It's well known that Apple isn't bleeding edge technology. That being said, performance will/may lag behind that of Windows workstations when compared in performing tasks such as rendering.
  6. Is this covered in SPO's video on how to tweak macOS VM performance? Because I haven't watched it yet. LoL. @1812 Would you mind sharing your current settings? Or recommended settings? I'm setting up FCP X in my High Sierra VM and am trying to take full advantage of my Threadripper 1950x and Nvidia GPU; I'm also contemplating installing my photo editing software in the macOS VM instead of a Windows 10 VM.
  7. It is important to use the correct number of cores when creating a macOS VM. In the video from @SpaceInvaderOne, his guide works with 4 cores all the way up to 8 cores. I just tried 10/12/14 cores and that's where, I ran into problems. While I am new to Clover, I am curious to see if an updated Clover and a change to a profile like, iMac Pro, will allow me to assign more processors to the VM. Also, I noticed that we are using the Penryn designator in the XML, is this hindering us from assigning more cores/CPUs to the VM? The Mac Pro goes up to 8 cores. iMac Pro goes up to 18 cores.
  8. Zer0Nin3r

    Why does my machine keep doing Parity checks randomly?

    Not sure who you are addressing, but I will say this. I have my parity checks scheduled for once a quarter. In order to do this, you have to set each individual field. There is no option to schedule on a quarterly or bi-monthly, etc. basis. So, I'm not trying to schedule a parity check each week, it just so happens that I set the schedule for Sundays which just so happens is affected by the bug. Perhaps, @plantsandbinary is whom your question is for?
  9. Zer0Nin3r

    Why does my machine keep doing Parity checks randomly?

    I guess Unraid wants to adhere to the Sabbath; maybe computers are sentient after all.
  10. Zer0Nin3r

    Why does my machine keep doing Parity checks randomly?

    @plantsandbinary It's a known issue and will be fixed — hopefully, in the next patch. In the meantime, change your day to any other day than Sunday.
  11. Zer0Nin3r

    VM restart causes Nvidia code 43

    The restart within Windows 10 is now fixed. Ha. I literally just signed on to come back and update my post. Thank you for the speedy response @eschultz
  12. Zer0Nin3r

    VM restart causes Nvidia code 43

    When you were dumping the bios, were you trying to dump from slot 1? I understand that better chances of success are to be made when you move your primary GPU from slot one to a different slot, then dump the bios. Try that and report back to see if that solves the issue for you. When you dumped the bios, did you find it helped to place the GPU you're trying to pass through in another slot other than Slot 1? Are you doing single pass through, or do you have a secondary GPU for Unraid? This information will help other users. === I journaled extensively about my process in order to get GPU pass through without Error Code 43. Also to be noted, I stopped using the Restart VM button in Unraid because it wasn't functioning properly; same when using Restart from inside the Windows 10 VM. Now I just use the shutdown method inside the VM.
  13. Zer0Nin3r

    can't login into wiki !?

    It took me some time to figure out the forum's search and it's quirks, but it works. #tapeandglue I would've been happy to update the Wiki with the knowledge that I am gaining from SpaceInvaderOne's videos and raiding (pun intended) the Unraid forum, but logging in with my forum credentials simply doesn't work as stated before. I see a lot of reoccurring threads, but I suppose that is human nature. Either A) humans are lazy to make the effort to find the information they are looking for or B) humans are making the effort and the back-end is hindering the person's ability to find what they are looking for. Pro Tip #31: Using the search operator site:forums.unraid.net and your search term(s) with DuckDuckGo/StartPage/Google makes finding the information that you are looking for WAY more easier.
  14. Zer0Nin3r

    [SOLVED] Do plugins take up system resources?

    That makes total sense now. I was thinking that they live on the array. Thank you. I will up vote you when I get more reactions — just wished we'd get more of them. P.S. - Wouldn't be great if we could toggle plugins on and off?
  15. Are plugins actively taking up CPU & RAM resources when installed and not in use? Or only when they are invoked? Since, switching to Unraid, I've been uninstalling plugins after use and keeping my installed plugins to a minimum. I've scoured the Wiki and Forums with no such luck in finding the answer that I am looking for.