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  1. try modifying this line <rom file='/mnt/user/isos/GT710.rom'/> to <rom bar='on' file='/mnt/user/isos/GT710.rom'/>
  2. ok will try that thanks but what happens when i access dropbox from another PC with another different user name??
  3. hi there, try that, it's still the same. thanks
  4. UPDATE: just ran 'Docker Safe New Perms" now i have access... is this normal? thanks
  5. Hi, just installed and got all files sync and updated. but can only modify files in the Dropbox root folder. if i go into a directory (example dropbox\my files) i can read the files but it won't let me modify or create any files. any help is appreciated thanks for the great docker! Running inside Windows 10 VM Dropbox share is set to "public' in SMB share
  6. i believe it just forces it to load rom file, otherwise it will determine if it needs it or not.
  7. i guess it just doesn't sleep log error Oct 10 04:29:19 TOWER kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk13: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5 Oct 10 04:29:19 TOWER emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2723: Input/output error (5): write drives still work
  8. FYI not working for my 7 Seagate ST4000NM0023 on Dell H200 IT mode hoping for a solution... great job thanks
  9. correct me if i'm wrong but it could be this line <rom file='/mnt/user/isos/1050ti.rom'/> should be <rom bar='on' file='/mnt/user/isos/1050ti.rom'/>
  10. delete the network.cfg file on USB in the config directory and restart and let UNRAID recreate, then configure your network settings again. also delete any vfio-pci.cfg this is what i had to do.
  11. here it is with default font size, still the same
  12. thats from the webgui , i can do another one
  13. problem with footer display since update. it doesn't look like its refreshing properly, it just keeps duplicating itself. does it both in Chrome and firefox screenshot #1 screenshot #2 screenshot #3