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  1. hi does recycle bin work on the cache drive? Thanks
  2. Don't know if this helps anyone else, i have 2 dell R610, one reads the coretemp the second one did not. So i copied the sensor.conf file from working to non-working and rebooted now all is good. my sensor.conf # sensors chip "coretemp-isa-0000" label "temp3" "CPU Temp" chip "coretemp-isa-0001" label "temp11" "MB Temp"
  3. Just finish upgrading my old setup to a proper Rack server. Old hardware for sale if anyone in Toronto Ont area wants to buy and pickup. (PM me if interested) SERVER #1 UNRAID : Intel Xeon CPU E3-1230 v3 : 16GB DDR3 ECC UDIMM : Supermicro MBD-X10SLL-F-O : Mellanox 10GBe SFP+ : 2 x Dell MD1200 : DELL H200E IT MODE : 24 x 4TB HDD : 1 x 2TB SSD Cache : 250GB SSD : Rosewill RSV-Z2700 SERVER #2 UNRAID : Intel Xeon CPU E3-1240 V2 : 16GB DDR3 DIMM : Dell T1650 Motherboard : Mellanox 10GBe SFP+ : Dell MD1200 : DELL H200E IT MODE : 12 x 8TB HDD : 3 x 512GB SSD Cache : 250GB SSD : Rosewill RSV-Z2700 SERVER #3 PFSENSE : IBM Server x3250 : Intel Xeon CPU 3040 @ 1.86GHz : 3GB DDR2 DIMM
  4. Last 2 updates broke my access to OpenVPN, had to delete container and delete directory then reinstall before i could access webgui again
  5. thanks that was it, i had turn this on to move files from one share to another without coping and forgot to turn it back off
  6. hi all, just installed recycle bin, deleted some files from my share to test, nothing shows up in recycle bin my settings are attached looneytoon-diagnostics-20190216-0108.zip
  7. just want to know if you just tried booting up UNraid with no cards installed and no drives installed and disabled all internal ports in bios (nic, serial) except USB. Also i saw this video on youtube about Dell HBA controllers, don't know if it applies to your issue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBnNaheYmdA
  8. Ya ur right. All my shares are set to number 1. Could that have happen during the update?
  9. Strange, I changed it to manual and it started to move properly. so I stopped it and and changed it back to Automatic and now it's working properly again. Thanks Johnnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi, my mover is trying to move files to Disk2 which is full, when i change my share settings to exclude disk2, it still tries to copy to disk2. Any help is appreciated! Thanks looneytoon-diagnostics-20180922-0638.zip root@LOONEYTOON:~# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on rootfs 7.8G 1.1G 6.7G 14% / tmpfs 32M 492K 32M 2% /run devtmpfs 7.8G 0 7.8G 0% /dev tmpfs 7.9G 0 7.9G 0% /dev/shm cgroup_root 8.0M 0 8.0M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup tmpfs 128M 616K 128M 1% /var/log /dev/sda1 15G 433M 15G 3% /boot /dev/loop0 8.2M 8.2M 0 100% /lib/modules /dev/loop1 4.9M 4.9M 0 100% /lib/firmware /dev/md1 7.3T 7.3T 142M 100% /mnt/disk1 /dev/md2 7.3T 7.3T 2.5M 100% /mnt/disk2 /dev/md3 7.3T 7.3T 17G 100% /mnt/disk3 /dev/md4 7.3T 7.3T 15G 100% /mnt/disk4 /dev/md5 7.3T 7.3T 15G 100% /mnt/disk5 /dev/md6 7.3T 7.3T 30G 100% /mnt/disk6 /dev/md7 7.3T 7.3T 34G 100% /mnt/disk7 /dev/md8 7.3T 5.6T 1.8T 76% /mnt/disk8 /dev/md9 3.7T 347G 3.3T 10% /mnt/disk9 /dev/sdc1 954G 507G 446G 54% /mnt/cache shfs 62T 57T 5.2T 92% /mnt/user0 shfs 63T 58T 5.7T 92% /mnt/user /dev/loop2 20G 573M 18G 4% /var/lib/docker /dev/loop3 1.0G 17M 905M 2% /etc/libvirt shm 64M 0 64M 0% /var/lib/docker/containers/f634e2014206f88e30d20dd6e7b4d7c9f0c223f6896bca453c8357e135d37c18/mounts/shm root@LOONEYTOON:~#
  11. hi can someone tell me if my setting are correct, I want the mover to start when cache is at 80% Thanks
  12. don't know, but I had the same problem after upgrading to 6.5, and by chance I change the MTU on windows side to 4k and my transfer speeds were back up to 109read and 109 write. I'm no expert, but did this for all 4 PC in my house with the same results.