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  1. i temporary fixed my issue by deleting the 3 new lines, and restarting the docker.. hope it gets fixed soon..
  2. only way for me to get in was to add plus still IP hostname not fixed yet.
  3. upadte, cannot access web gui, keeps saying its controlled by my IP address. I click on link , endless loop....
  4. hi there, how can i fix this, hostname shows in Worker tab but IP shows in the Plotter tab
  5. well i don;t know how much memory you have, but try the minimum 110G, and make sure nothing else is running, VM/Dockers etc that use memory up.
  6. hi there, could you specify exactly which Q35 machine version you used. thanks
  7. open unriad terminal wondow, type the following mkdir /mnt/ram mount -t tmpfs -o size=115G tmpfs /mnt/ram/ add path into your machinaris setup inside machinaris plotting config
  8. so it seems like in the "show more settings" , plots_dir is listed twice for some reason, and if you use the upper one, the lower one will take precedence, so either use the lower plots_dir, or delete one on them, I chose to delete one of them.. now it works..
  9. you have to use the original chia program to withdraw to another wallet
  10. i tried with both comma and colons, both did not work, when i check the 'env' in the container, it doesn't seem like plots_dir is being overrided.. I even stopped Docker, deleted my docker.img, deleted the macinaris.xml, reloaded it all and still did not work. if anyone can see what i'm doing wrong, please let me know... here is my config.yaml config.yaml