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  1. I've tried following but without luck: Disconnected ALL DISKS and connected only the offending DISK. Still same problem. I then though ok, maybe the disk has some issue - but connecting the disk to WINDOWS works just fine. The disk itself cannot be the problem, since I have other 2 disks in my system that are the exact same model and size and it just works fine.
  2. I've 2 other 8TB disks (same model) and they're working. I don't know if maybe it's draining too much power... but it shouldn't as I know with those 5-SATA SPLIT people achieve 14TBx5.
  3. Haven't done it yet - cause if I reconnect the 2TB instead of the 8TB it works. A thing worth mentioning is that the disks are connected to the PSU with the following: 4TB 4TB 4TB 4TB 2TB With a split cable which goes into the PSU 8TB 8TB With another split cable which goes into the PSU with another cable.
  4. Hello, The thing is, after the first boot screen (where the LSI is checked), the 2nd screen (where you can enter BIOS) is like "freezed".
  5. Hello Everyone, I've tried to add an 8TB HDD but with this connected the server won't start. My configuration is following: - MB : GA-7PESH2 - CPU: 2x E-2560V2 - RAM: 128GB - PSU: EVGA 750W B3 Usually the server drain around 220W; so I don't think it's power related (maybe). With this disk Configuration it boot: 8TB WD RED PARITY 4TB WD RED ARRAY 4TB WD RED ARRAY 4TB WD RED ARRAY 4TB WD RED ARRAY 8TB WD RED ARRAY 2TB WD RED ARRAY I then tried to replace the 2TB WD disk with a 8TB WD RED; and after the first bios check (where it check the LSI CARD), the server won't pass the next GIGABYTE screen. Can someone please help? Thanks in advice!
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if and how it's possible to reset Docker network interfaces. I'm running Unraid form a year, and at the beginning I was testing heavly... and now I wanted to reset docker networks back to default. How? Thanks in advice.
  7. Hello, I've encountered a strange problem suddenly. Requesting new certificates isn't working anymore. From what I saw in the Docker log: "Warning command failed: /user/bin/certbot renew -n --force-renewal -disable-hook-validation --cert-name "npm-21" No certificate found with name npm-21 (expected /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/npm-21.conf) EDIT: I've tried it again deleting the failed SSL and now I see following in the log: Failed authorization procedure. (http-01) urn:ietf:params:acme:error:unauthorized :: The Client lacks sufficient authorization :: the key authorization file from the server did not match this challange Yesterday was working without problems. EDIT: Resolved, problem was (strange but true), related to my IPV6 DNS. I've removed it (since for the moment I don't need it ... but still...) and now it's working again. Probably there is something wrong in the request when IPV6 is configured on your DNS...
  8. So I've tried again and now it's working 🙂 I'll try to reboot to see if persists. Just the last question, now I've done this for my second user and disabled the ROOT account. Now, if I would re-enable the ROOT ACCOUNT, the PublicKey is already available for it?
  9. I'm trying to find out how to configure the ssh key. I've followed your readme: But I'm encountering a problem because I receive following error: - Server refused your key. EDIT: The key works, but only for the ROOT user. How I can create / assign the key for the user. Because I saw that under /home/<username>/.ssh there is nothing at all - so no copy of the authorized_keys
  10. Hello Docgyver, I've followed your steps (commented the lines) & updated the plugin. Now it's working as expected 🙂 Thumbs up !
  11. Hello, I'm unable to open the privateKey in putty 😮
  12. Yeah I know they say it's only available inside a SWARM but it isn't. Now it could be that the secrets are held inside the docker itself, but it seems also not a so good idea: But atleast from what I have found in my context (I've tried with MARIADB as an example), oviously the masterPWD is held by a variable... which obviously can be found with the inspection of the docker... bad For this reason I wanted to know how to secure this aspect.
  13. Yeah, there are also ways to use it outside of a swarn; but then you have an answer to my question? Cause I've checked more or less how it works with docker itself - but it's usable also with unraid? With templates?
  14. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there is a way to deal with Dockers & Secrets. Since as you all know, setting in clear text db pwd, or root pwd,etc isn't a good idea I wanted to know how are you dealing with it and if it's possible to use secrets. If yes - how 🙂 Thanks
  15. Just to clarify, this plugin wasn't tested with the latest RC right? Cause it seems to not respond as it should. If you set: PASSWORD AUTHENTICATION on "no" it doesn't change a thing.
  16. Unfortunately I haven't one, and apparently there isn't any standalone docker in UNRAID for fail2ban. Why is fail2ban not already implemented into NginxProxyManager? How would you suggest to protect against brute-force-attacks and so on? thx
  17. Is there a way to implement fail2ban?
  18. Hello, I though that I had to select all 37CPU for PLEX, but since the core is isolated (so it tell Docker to not use it), why is sicker using it? also why isn’t recommended? cheers
  19. Hello everyone, I'm having a strange behavior with my Unraid 6.7.2 I've isolated CPU0, since is the one used by Unraid itself But despite that I'm having following scenario: The "only" thing PLEX is doing atm is to generate a preview thumbnail for a film I've added.
  20. Hello, I wanted to configure: To change my "Nginx Proxy Manager" which is unauthenticated. Problem is that the "install instruction" link isn't valid anymore. Has someone the Installation instruction? Thanks in advice
  21. Aha, now it's all clear as water from the swiss mountains 🙂 I've checked and it seems that I've setup makemkv, and others container in the correct way. I don't fully understand why the user svc_makemkv has access to /mnt/cache/Downloads - which is a share where svc_makemkv has not access.
  22. Yes ad how should I check if the container is using the correct user? Cause the container has access to file that are visible only to the root user. Or on unraid every user can see and write wherever he want?
  23. Hello Binhex, first of all thank you for the awesome work you do with your containers! I've tried to do following to start your container as a specific user (without luck). -Created a user in unraid with name: svc_makemkv with UID=1012 - In the docker template I have then configured: PUID=1012; GUID=100 - started the container - checked with: "docker exec -it binhex-makemkv whoami" and I get ROOT, and I should get "NOBODY" I had the suspect that the container wasn't started with the user SVC_MAKEMKV because I had access to the folders (but the user SVC_MAKEMKV had no rights) Also how should I check if the container runs with the desired account? (which commandline?) What I'm doing wrong here?
  24. When the template has the GUID&PUID I can assume it's designed for it, isn't?