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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to Docker and I wanted to ask a couple of things: - It's possible to run docker containers with a specific user? I wanted to accomplish following: Use a created user (svc_xyz) to run a specific docker container. I saw that alot of templates have the settings PUID&GUID. As example: I've tried to create a user SVC_MAKEMKV (uid=1012) and tried to set it inside the template of BINHEX-MAKEMKV, but when I check which user is runnning the container I get root, so I don't really get how the setting for PUID&GUID in the template should work. docker exec -it <contianer> whoami As every hardening guide tells to run each docker container with a non-root user I would have liked to try this out also in UNRAID. Thanks in advice !
  2. Hello Everyone, has anyone figured out how to get Fan Auto Control to work on a Gigabyte GA7PESH2? I've installed the plugin (before installing it I've downloaded and enabled PERL), but no Driver is found. Through IPMI I get all data from the sensors of the MB. (RAM, CPU, CPU_FAN1, CPU_FAN2, SYS_FAN2 <- where all fans are connected; since there is no SYS_FAN1 on the MB, or atleast not a standard 4pins) Thanks in advice.
  3. Thanks 🙂 Then I think I'll disable the turbo mode; every time I copy new film to my library and I or a friend is watching a movie it block all 🙂
  4. A more technical answer would be welcome 🙂
  5. Hello, One thing I discovered, and for which I don't have an explanation is following : Now file are written back to HDD since it was cached into the RAM. That the Parity Disk is writing is clear - it has to. The File which is copying is actually goind to disk 6. So why on earth also disk 1,2,3 are working (reading)? Probably I missed something from the concept ... but this don't seems logic to me.
  6. with the new settings, now I've following scenario: - Copy from cache to disks, or from windows to disks is light fast (cause all of the thing are cached in ram) After the copy is done - disks are still working (obviously). But ... well I can live with that. Only thing (who is also obvious) is that I can't use Plex while copying cause the disks bandwidth is saturated - but that's a physical limitation. At least now I haven't to wait 10min to copy a file which is copied at 86mb/s (which the disks should support) and then wait another 10min but I copy at 500+mb/s and then wait that the files are effectively written on the disks (Luckily I've a UPS... cause otherwise if I have an electricity outage all ram cached files are gone :D) Other technical limitations is that the disks are SATA and not SCSI (with SCSI concurrent R/W is way better). Thanks for help 🙂
  7. Plex AppData (as for all dockers) is on the SSD. The Problem is related only to the data transfer which saturate the whole box - and this is the reason why PLEX isn't working when the disk "works" after the copy is finished. I have to figure out how to eliminate this strange behavior of continuing to write/read after the copy is finished (since as said, on a Win SVR this behavior had never happened). It's understandable that Plex doesn't work during the copy, since the disks bandwidth is occupied by the copy-process, but when it's finished the disks shouldn't continue to do "who know what" for 10min.
  8. That's the results: I have also enabled : Tunable (md_write_method): reconstruct_write (which should be the "turbo mode") I'll test this evening if there are some improvements. If not I don't really know what I could do to solve this problem (also on Windows SVR I never had such problems)
  9. But disks performance isn't higher as the copy speed - so why should data be cached? I will try I'm testing with the test-script to see which value should give better performance
  10. This share isn't cache enabled - why should data "sit" on cache since the disks speed is about 100mb/s R/W - and the copy is already finished? Also I'm aware that ssd are faster than HDD - but other than unraid, I never saw this behavior (copy files at a speed supported by the HDD -> finish copy -> disk still working) No I haven't - it's set to AUTO (Settings --> Disk Settings --> Tunable (md_write_method) ) Also since all disks have R/W performance of about 100mb/s - 84.5 seems to me normal, not turbo at all. I would like to try, but I'm not sure what settings are the best with my spec. On the unraid wiki: For users with at least 1GB of RAM, the following (conservative) settings are suggested: md_num_stripes=2048 md_write_limit=768 md_sync_window=1024 And inside the post you linked: Bottom line is this: the greater this number is, the more I/O can be queued down into the disk drives. However each 'stripe' requires memory in the amount of (4096 x highest disk number in array). So if you have 20 disks, each stripe will require 81920 bytes of memory; multiplied by 1280 = over 104MB. The default value was chosen to maximize performance in systems with only 512MB of RAM. If you have more RAM then you can experiment with higher values. If you go too high and the system starts running out of memory, what will happen is 'random' processes will start getting killed (not good). You want to make sure the sum of md_write_limit+md_sync_window < md_num_stripes so that reads do not get starved if you starting writing a large file while a parity-sync/check is in process. Now thing is, I have 128GB RAM and only 6disks. According to the post I could set it this way and I shouldn't have problem if I multiply the "advanced" settings *4: Advanced: md_num_stripes=2048 md_write_limit=768 md_sync_window=1024 Plan to use: md_num_striped=8192 md_write_limit=3072 md_sync_window=4096 Those settings should be right for a 128GB system or ?
  11. Hello, For the Share in question, is not Cache enabled.
  12. Please be more descriptive in what is slowing down. Does it take longer to navigate around the webGui? WebGUI isn't particularly slower - but it is. But access on via unc isn't possible. Try disabling Plex and see if the same behavior occurs. First step is to isolate the issue. I'm trying right now and it's not good at all ... the copy itself hangs now an then: After a little bit: Also - why it's W&R ? Should only Write or? After finishing the copy: Defragmentation hasn't a role in all of this?
  13. Maybe fragmentation can play a role in all of this? If yes - how should I defragment my disks? Through the command: xfs_db -r /dev/mapper/mdX ; I found out that I have 3 disks with the following fragmentation factor: 76.77%; 99.44%, 52.00%
  14. Not that I'm aware of. Also I've tried to copy files directly to a disk, which is a WD RED 4TB - so it should be around 100mb/s. What I found particularly strange is the fact that when the copy is finished disks still "do something" for 10min or so (checked with netdata). For the parity check I don't know - I don't have it on a schedule - but speed of the last one I made was 107.9mb/s
  15. Hello Everyone, I'm having quite a disturbing problem on my unraid box. Every time I write something to my VideoLibrary Share - the whole system slows down. Some CPU's are then on 100%, PLEX Docker stops responding, and the disks are writing/reading even if the copy is finished. After 10min or so all is back to normal. I can't understand why. That CPU usage for a copy of a file, seems a little bit extreme... I've also tried to copy a file directly to a disk - but same issue occurred ... Has anyone an idea why this is happening and how to fix it? It's really annoying.
  16. Hello everyone, I'm having a little bit of trouble getting JDownloader2 to automatically extract files. It just doesn't want to work. What has to be configured in order to auto-extract files? I've installed unrar, rar, 7zip through the nerdpack also.