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  1. Yes bud, ghost82 pointed me in the right direction. Thanks for your reply though, your right. That was exactly what was wrong. I'm a total noob to unraid, dockers, VMs (that are not running on windows) and editing XMLs etc. Been watching all of SpaceinvaderOne's videos and getting familiar 😁
  2. Would anyone be able to help me please? I followed the video to the letter and was all working fine until I changed to 4 CPUs and 8GB RAM. The VM starts and the splash screen before the OS boots is fine then the OS boots and the screen goes all funny and repeats itself like 5-6 times at top (screenshot attached). things I have tried.. 1. keeping the topology code as only using 4 cpus 2. removing topology code 3. changing e1000 back to virtio. 4. changed vnc graphics to cirrus. Note: although it displayed 3/4 of the screen, its was just li