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  1. ljm42's post in already locked out - are there characters not to use in passwords? was marked as the answer   
    So the problem was this multibyte UTF-8 character: ˆ (which is not the same as ^)
    This was fixed in 6.11.4, you can now use multibyte characters in passwords if desired:
  2. ljm42's post in Everything is fine but can’t get array size details? was marked as the answer   
    Would you please open a web terminal and run:
    unraid-api restart Does that fill in the blanks after a few minutes?
    We are looking into an issue that happens when the system first boots
    Also, please wait a few minutes and then give me the output of this so I can confirm what version you are running:
    unraid-api report  
  3. ljm42's post in Error " MY SERVERS ERROR GUEST DOESN'T HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS "SERVERS." was marked as the answer   
    All caps really isn't necessary
    First, go to the Plugins tab and confirm you have the latest version of the plugin, currently 2022.09.28.1258 2022.11.02.0859
    Then open a web terminal and type:
    rm /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.my.servers/myservers.cfg unraid-api restart  
    Then *reload the webgui* and you will now be signed out of Unraid.net with no errors. Go ahead and sign back in and you'll be all set.
    If you still have issues, please provide a screenshot showing the error message, and upload your diagnostics.zip file (from Tools -> Diagnostics)
  4. ljm42's post in Port forwarding was marked as the answer   
    No, as long as you've assigned unique ports to each service it should be fine
  5. ljm42's post in SOLVED: 6.11.1 Problems with SSL and HTTPS was marked as the answer   
    You have Unraid 6.11.1, so on the Settings -> Management Access page it lists the available urls for each scenario. In scenario one (Use SSL = No) only the two http urls should be list listed. Hopefully that is clear that the two https urls are not going to work?
    If you are seeing something different please provide a screenshot of this page in scenario one. I need to see all the settings and the Local Access urls that are listed.
    > displays sign-in screen but refuses signin as root
    Your browser is confused because of switching SSL on and off. Two possibilities:
    One - if you already have a tab open to https://rocky.local then the server will get confused if you disable https and try to access http://rocky.local in another tab.  So close all tabs pointing to the server but one. It may help to completely restart your browser or even your client computer to make sure there really are no hidden tabs open.
    Two - Your browser may have cached a response that was valid for SSL being enabled but is no longer valid after disabling it. So after doing the above, try accessing the site in private/incognito mode. That will most likely work, so to fix it in your main browser you'll need to clear your cache.

    Your scenario two results don't make sense I think this is more of the browser confusion mentioned above. Any time you change Use SSL from No to Yes or Yes to No you may need to repeat the steps above.
  6. ljm42's post in Provisioning CA-signed certificate does not work was marked as the answer   
    Sorry for the trouble, please see the discussion here https://forums.unraid.net/topic/126124-cannot-provision-ca-signed-certificate-fixed-briefly-currently-broken-again-multiple-weeks/page/2/#comment-1181483 
  7. ljm42's post in Failed resolving https://mothership.unraid.net was marked as the answer   
    We are working through some stability issues, should be good at this time.
  8. ljm42's post in no remote connectivity: Server being displayed as "local access" while being connected to remote network was marked as the answer   
    It sounds like Remote Access is no longer configured, here are instructions for setting it up:
  9. ljm42's post in UNABLE TO ACCESS WEB GUI was marked as the answer   
    The webgui can't start because port 80 is already in use, there is probably a docker container set to use port 80
    Oct 25 11:52:03 Unraid nginx: 2022/10/25 11:52:03 [emerg] 11873#11873: bind() to failed (98: Address already in use) Oct 25 11:52:03 Unraid root: nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)  
    Does anyone remember the easiest way to recover from this in 6.9.2? Docker containers still start in safe mode.
  10. ljm42's post in Thousands of DNS lookups for mothership was marked as the answer   
    Yep, as mentioned in in the Discord thread we're looking at a fix to cache these lookups
  11. ljm42's post in MyServers always Offline? was marked as the answer   
    That shows that the system is connected fine. If the dashboard says it is offline, that implies your browser is blocking websocket communication. While looking at the dashboard, open the Javascript Web Tools (CTRL-Shift-I in most browsers) and check the console tab, any errors? Copy / paste them here. You might also try private/incognito mode, or a different browser entirely.
  12. ljm42's post in [solved]wireguard won't connect using config file was marked as the answer   
    @Autchirion And just like that we've got the fix  
  13. ljm42's post in Flash backup - Rate Limited was marked as the answer   
    There are multiple threads open about this issue, please see my comment here:  https://forums.unraid.net/topic/128043-my-servers-will-not-do-flash-backup/#comment-1167192
  14. ljm42's post in Wireguard Tunnel offline, Dockers are connecting anyways was marked as the answer   
    I agree it is odd, but apparently Docker is able to find a way to start the container even when the tunnel it is configured to use has not been started.

    We are looking into our options. For now, you'll want to take care not to start the container until the tunnel has been started.
  15. ljm42's post in [UnraidOS_6.10.3] connect as a client to another wireguard server was marked as the answer   
    Server to Server will work, or import the config. If you don't setup a port forward that just means the other side can't initiate the connection, you will always have to initiate it from Unraid.
  16. ljm42's post in [6.11] nginx certificate errors was marked as the answer   
    I don't see any messages on my server either so I'd say it "succeeds silently". If there aren't any messages you are probably fine. 
  17. ljm42's post in Fixing untrusted SSL cert in browsers was marked as the answer   
    It is here: https://wiki.unraid.net/Manual/Security#Securing_webGui_connections_.28SSL.29
    Read down to the heading titled "How would you like to access the Unraid webGui while on your LAN?" and then "Https with Unraid.net certificate - with fallback URL if DNS is unavailable"
  18. ljm42's post in Impossible to connect to webgui through VPN was marked as the answer   
    The webgui only responds via Let's Encrypt SSL using the LAN IP, not the tunnel IP, but "Remote access to server" only provides access to the tunnel IP. To access the LAN IP you need one of the other "peer type of access" options, such as "Remote access to LAN" or "Remote tunneled access".
    The other option as you mentioned is to relax the "use SSL/TLS" setting to allow you to access the webgui via IP address.
  19. ljm42's post in Can't access on LAN after starting to configure remote access was marked as the answer   
    What version of Unraid do you have?
    Note that using SSL for local access does not require a port forward, so you should have been able to complete step 5 regardless of port forwarding.
    See this for an alternate way to access the server when there is a problem with SSL:
    From there, read the next section titled "How to disable SSL for local access" if that is your goal.
  20. ljm42's post in SSL Issue - invalid number of arguments in "server_name" was marked as the answer   
    Please go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Interface rules and reassign things so that your current eth1 is recognized as eth0. Once you have an ip on eth0 you should be able to provision a cert.
  21. ljm42's post in My Servers Error - api an unexpected error response for owner was marked as the answer   
    1) Sign out of Unraid.net. If you can't do that, then delete this file off your flash drive:
    2) Open a web terminal and run `unraid-api restart`
    3) Wait a bit, then reload the webgui. You should now be signed out with no error messages.
    4) Sign in to Unraid.net. 
  22. ljm42's post in My Servers "NetworkError" on login was marked as the answer   
    This indicates that something on your client computer (perhaps strict privacy settings or an ad blocker) or your network (some sort of firewall rule) are preventing you from signing in. A few things to try:
    * Use Chrome Incognito mode or Firefox Private Browsing as this disables most browser extensions. 
    * Access the server directly, not through a reverse proxy
    If you still have issues:
    * Are you new to My Servers or have you been using this for a while and suddenly started having problems? If it used to work but now isn't, can you think of any changes you have made to your computer or network?
    * Provide your diagnostics.zip file (from Tools -> Diagnostics)
    * Let me know exactly what URL you are using to access the server
    * Open a web terminal and run `unraid-api report -v` and provide the output here
    * On the sign in popup, right click and choose Inspect, then switch to the "Console" tab. Sign in, and take a screenshot of any error messages shown on the console.
  23. ljm42's post in Invalid certificate warning on server was marked as the answer   
    The LE cert is only used when serving the url specified in the LE cert, i.e. https://ipaddress.hash.myunraid.net.  If you are using some other url which the LE cert is not valid for, it uses the self-signed cert.
    If that doesn't clear things up, please provide the latest diagnostics and let me know what url you are trying to use.
  24. ljm42's post in Not sending Discord notifications (Test works) was marked as the answer   
    Interesting. So this is another problem related to having a blank "Local TLD". Discord won't accept the submission with this bare url:
    "url": "http://Tower/Dashboard",  
    I strongly recommend that you go to Settings -> Management Access and change "Local TLD" from blank to "local" (without the quotes). This will solve this problem with Discord by changing the url to:
    I'd also recommend installing the Fix Common Problems plugin as it would have alerted you to other potential issues related to a blank Local TLD, more info here:
  25. ljm42's post in CA certification not showing in Unraid was marked as the answer   
    This is the expected behavior in Unraid 6.10.x, it only displays details for certificate_bundle.pem.  The upcoming Unraid 6.11 release displays details for [servername]_unraid_bundle.pem certs too.
    Custom certificates should be named [servername]_unraid_bundle.pem as per the wiki.
    Other than not seeing cert details on the page, are you having any issues? If there are still issues please upload your diagnostics.zip (from Tools -> Diagnostics)