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  1. First off, if you even think a little it is a bad cable, replace it. The money for all new quality cables will be nothing compared to what you will be throwing at this server. Run extended SMART tests on all your drives.
  2. I rarely use VM's and deleted all mine when I did not need a Linux workstation anymore. I need one now and want to throw up Linux again. Not sure what distro. Went to turn on VM Manager and received some errors regarding paths do not exist. I thought paths were automatically created when VM Manager was turned on. I turned the help feature on as well but it was obvious why the errors came up. Instead of fighting it or going in deeper than I should at this time I turned here to the forums to get a kick in the right direction. I do use UNASSIGNED devices and have a couple of SSD drives I want to use to store the VM Image fle and the ISO's. Just probably want to run the quickest workstation Linux around.
  3. B&H photo has the WD Elements for $159.99. When you add more then 1 the first one charges you $199 because of "limited" stock they say. Also right now, Newegg has this same deal with limited stock but they do not charge you $199 for the first one. So if I'm buying 3 at Newegg it comes to $479. From B&H Photo is comes to $519. Just a little catch there in case you were not looking carefully.
  4. Using RC7 and getting this error on load up. Also, I'm trying to use VNC Viewer to connect to the remote desktop. I put in "" and it will timeout. You are able to use the VNC Viewer on this, right?
  5. Possibly looking to finally upgrading my unraid to all 10TB drives since my copy issues have been resolved. I always leave the server spun up since my sonnarr and sab kick off at all times during the day and I can access my files remotely. I have seen a few well priced drives out there and have stuck with HGST or WD Black. I would need to buy a 10TB parity drive and 5 or 6 10TB drives. Any suggestions on 10TB drives?
  6. I was not allowed to post in plugin support, so if a mod wants to move this cool. Just looking for a docker or plugin that shows in detail all the active connections to the unraid box. Including local ones. I have active streams, but that is very limited. I want to see IP addresses, stream info, what they are reading or writing, their MAC info...all that good stuff. I've searched the APPS and there are so many but don't want to install/uninstall tons of apps on my main unraid box and my test unraid box is down right now. Also a plugin or docker that shows what hard drives are attached to which controller and ports if applicable. Something graphical with maybe support to light up the disk tray to locate the drive easier too.
  7. Still going strong here on RC5. My copying is back to normal. I first posted about this on March 10th this year. I should have read the bug reports more often.
  8. This sounds pretty nice and good information. I have an Unraid server and a few network clients connected through a 1Gb switch. For me to benefit the most with this would I need to switch all my workstations and switch and Unraid box to 10G? Nice looking plugin. What's that one called?
  9. Ok, so it really only benefits users with SSD drives. Ok.
  10. What are people using 10Gb NICs for? If you have an Unraid server with mechanical drives would a 10Gb card even help?
  11. Well can't always rely on what speeds Windows shows. I also did a GCP copy via console and it worked great. I also checked the tunable settings and it looks like they were reset to the defaults which I'm just leaving alone and never touching again. I did see that FUSE layer setting. Experimental: If set to Yes then mount User Share file system with FUSE direct_io mount option. This will increase write performance but might possibly decrease read performance. Auto selects No Mine is set to AUTO stripes = 4096 queue limit = 80 sync limit = 5 write method = auto
  12. Ok, this is odd. The only thing I have done was upgrade to the beta 6.8.0rc4. So for the hell of it I tried a Windows copy after the server settled down and idled for a good 10-15 minutes. This is the first time I've seen a normal copy from within the array itself in about a year. There was no camels back with all those troughs and spikes. This was a consistent copy that I am used to seeing. So no one thinks I'm crazy I cut a short video of the end of the copy. You'll see a night and day difference between this copy video and the one in the original post. The difference is very apparent. Could this have been the issue jonnie.black was indicating in his post? I sure as hell hope so. Don't want to get all excited here so I'll do some more testing when time permits maybe over this weekend. I also did a console ( MC ) copy and it didn't stall out at all. Just a 'little' happy here. Haven't seen that type of copy in a very long time. Anyway, check out the first video in the original post and then this one. Wow. unraidcopywithbeta.mp4
  13. Here is the diag data. Don't even worry about the Windows video copy. Once we are into the console itself and the copy stays at 0% for 2 minutes we can eliminate the internal network. Not using SMB while doing a console copy, so the network topology should not matter but the network is 1Gb through out, all segments tested while the network was being installed. Here are my tunable parameters: Tunable NR REQUESTS: 1024 Tunable MD_NUM STRIPES: 4096 Tunable MD_SYNC WINDOW: 2048 Tunable MD_SYNC THRESH: 2000 Tunable MD_WRITE_METHOD: RECONSTRUCT WRITE I did run a utility that ran for quite a bit that gave me the tunable recommended numbers. I'll see if I can find that utility again and run the test again. I'll see if that utility works with the latest version. I also wanted to add. I have a PRO LICENSE key that I won during our get together one night for Unraid. I have never used this key 'yet' since I already have another small box running with all SSD's just for a couple small things. Whoever finds out what the issue is the key is yours! I'll get it transferred to you. Maybe will motivate. I'm just burned out trying to figure out what it could be and really been slammed with year end projects at work and rarely have the time to tinker. BTW, happy Holllla Ween! sun-diagnostics-20191101-0208.zip
  14. It was happening before 6.7.2 but I will def try the beta for sure.