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  1. I know exactly what you guys are saying but I'm thinking a little more ahead. 15 years ago users data probably was only saved where they live. Consumers I'm talking about. Now 15 years later thin about how much of that data never touch their computer. We will have the data that only controls our devices that access that data in the cloud. To turn it into a silly metaphor we will have all our drive maps, shares, even computer will all be running and accessed in the "cloud" without us even knowing it. It will happen.
  2. I'd love to see a roadmap. I know cloud based services are getting more and more popular, hey why not, throw our little USB 2.0 stick that boots our system and use PXE.
  3. Sorry- this can be moved into the appropriate section. Wasn't thinking straight! Eventually mechanical drives will be phased out. DVD's will be scarce just like the way of cdroms and track tapes. Is unraid going to continue development at this change in the industry? If I'm correct unraid is designed and writen for mechanical drives, correct? Eventually when it will be difficult to even find mechanical drives and SSD's are only available will unraid be ready to support an only SSD system? I read somewhere in the forums that the kernel doesn't support the trim function? Also, doesn't SSD drives wear down quicker than mechanical drives? I'd love to have an all SSD unraid system and not worry about degradation and take advantage of the speeds that we all want. Been using unraid since version 3, and I hope to be using it for another 10 years. Is there a timeline for the public to view? Recently I just installed an M.2 upgrade in my laptop and it was smaller then a standard memory chip. I'd love to see a 200TB unraid box the size of a mini PC running cool and fast. I hope I'm alive to see it all happen!
  4. Months ago these babies were $159 all over the place. Amazon, Bestbuy, they all had back and forth sales. I'm waiting for the price gouging to stop and get back to reality so I can remove some of my older drives. I can't pay more then $159 for something that I've been always getting for that price. And these prices were all before the pandemic. I don't think there is a shortage of hard drive parts, just an abundance amount of greed.
  5. Has this been resolved at all? I know there is also a Speedtest-Tracker out there. Not sure which one is good to go for.
  6. This drive was $159 a lot of the time. I bought a couple of them. WD says the MSRP was $239 or something like that. Now these days the price is $199 and MSRP is $299. They just keep moving numbers all over the place to make their 'sales' look good.
  7. Sorry, just haven't had the time. I will get back.
  8. Apologize, thought you had the ability to look up cutomer's, etc. I found the GUID's and will boil it down to the one I broke.
  9. I have been using unraid since V3, so finding such old emails could be difficult. I believe I have 3 PRO keys. One of which is being used. One I bought as just a backup for no reason and one key I won from UNRAID when you guys had that "best question will get you an PRO license". I'm sure you guys have that info. Anyway, I'll see what I can find. Ok, I did find all the emails and the links to download them all. The download links seem to be working too. There is also an exchange between me and Tom about the key that I have won. Give me a few days to get all the data and if I can download the keys I think I'll be ok. If I need assistance I will hit you guys up. Thanks. By the way, what's the easiest way to find out my GUID for the stick that is in my UNRAID box now via the command line?
  10. How can I restore an UNRAID PRO license I had stored on a USB stick that I accidentally broke? I've tried reading it with multiple USB ports but stupid me tried to close the computer case and bent/broke the whole USB stick. This pro key wasn't currently used in an UNRAID system but was for testing and a possible second machine. I have no access to read the contents but I did see somekind of serial number on the metal of the housing. Photo attached.
  11. For a solid inexpensive card you can go with the DELL H310 PERC. I have a few of them. They are just basic cards. I had to flash mine with the LSI firmware which worked fine.
  12. You looking for help or just had to mouth vomit?
  13. I'm out of the loop on all that stuff....so I'll trust your judgement. Thank you.
  14. I have yet to find a program that will crawl or analyze my unraid GUI pages so I can generate a nice SITE-MAP and make my own Home page portal with my used functions on the main page. First of all, is there a SITE-MAP already somewhere, if there is not has anyone tried to use a SITE-MAP generator and tried? All the SITE-MAP utilities I tried in the last couple of days have not worked. They are all looking for a standard site that is online.
  15. I'll send you my address or bitcoin address so you can send me the cash. Once I get the funds, I'll start ditching out the mechanical drives and only use SSD. By the way, I have 82TB. Using SSD only would be impossible right now. Also my controller cards do not support the TRIM function.