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  1. I have the same case filled with all mechanical drives and some SSD's. I have been using Noctua Industrial fans on the fan board and changed out those two little ones on the rear to Noctua Industrial's also. Never had a temp problem, even this summer when it was 90 degrees out.
  2. I bought my last computer a few weeks ago. Given the fact I'm 51 I doubt I'll be buying full machines again, except for replacement parts and stuff like that. I've never had such a fast, peppy machine, and since this was my last I kind of went overkill on everything.
  3. This attachment may help a lot of users.
  4. I have 0 access to my network from the outside, except for my Plex server which is not running on unraid. It is an old and original Sandisc flash stick I've had for a very long time. I may have to switch it out for a new one.
  5. One day when I wanted to check the files on my flash card and there was nothing there? Could This be a sign that this Sandisc boot media maybe starting to fault? The only way to get the files back was to reboot and reinit
  6. I made a ramdisk just for transcoding and it's almost instant. You can use a ramdisk for so many things. That's why I always install lots of memory in every machine I have. This program here rocks.
  7. Use it and see if it keeps happening or not. Sometimes it could be a plugin or docker, not unraid itself.
  8. opentoe

    Cloud account

    I installed the MyServers plugin and now allowed to post. Is there a way to have an unraid cloud account that will display registrations, servers, and even tech details on your servers. Basically have a copy of the local portal to a cloud account. I don't know...not sure if anyone would like that, but it seems everything has or is moving to somekind of cloud system. Of course if a user bought a certain level registration the cloud account would be free. If below a certain level, maybe subscription IF the user chooses.
  9. OMG, Best Buy is selling the 8TB model of the EasyStore external for $179. The price on that use to be $159, so that's not a bad price....BUT the 10TB Elements drive went from $249 to $219. I may shuck another 10TB, not sure don't really need it.
  10. Yea, had to port forward. Now I need to secure it.
  11. I use NZBHYDRA2, which is great. How would I expose that to the outside world? I know my IP4 address and what port to use, but something is blocking it. I can turn on port forwarding and give that a try, I just thought the router would see the request and send it through.
  12. I ended up with an WD Elements drive for $249. Ripped it out and it was a WD RED drive. Kind of just what I wanted. I can't believe how expensive everything is, and not just drives. Everything is much more. Including essential items like food. Does a head of lettuce really have to go up %60? I signed up last weekend to volunteer in food kitchen. I really can't believe the amount of people having a hard time just feeding their families. Next week I'm emptying my cabinets of canned goods and non perishable items and bringing everything to the food bank where I was volunteering. Maybe the cook there can make something. When I see an entire family that just parked their Toyota SUV outside and come in for a meal it breaks my heart. Sorry this turned into such a post, but it is hard to ignore. Thanks for reading.
  13. I would usually grab an HGST NAS drive, but seeing how expensive the internal drives are these days I'm willing to take a chance shucking an external. I do remember the 8TB externals were $159 on Newegg a while back. One of my drives died ( thank you for that little utility that checks for problems ) . Thanks for that URL....very nice.
  14. Anyone know what's inside the WD external Elements 10TB? They use to be $159!!! Now all companies blame the pandemic and silicon shortage to raise prices abnormally high. Lowest I've seen a 10TB external has been $269. $100 difference. Forget about standard internal drives. You will end up spending probably over $400 for a decent brand/specc'ed drive.
  15. Is it feasible to convert my unraid array to all SSD's now at all? Now that we have some really nice 2280 sized NVMe 4TB SSDs that are possibly obtainable is there a reason why this cannot happen? I have an 82TB Unraid box with 19TB free. It is real hard to see how fast these PCIe NVMe SSD's are and not using them in an all build for the speed and function. How is this feasible and can it be done with the current technology out there now? Does the Kernel support triming and zeroing out unused space and all that jazz. Right now in the immediate I do not use the mover command or have a drive for it. The largest drive in my array is 10TB. Does my mover drive have to be the max size of my parity drive if I just wanted to put in a mover drive temporarily? Any suggestions on a high speed mover drive? I'm STILL waiting for Western Digital to drop their prices on their external 10TB drive to $159. All last year we were buying them for that price and they have yet to come out with one at that price. Last but not least what controller card can Unraid support that raises the drive speeds to over 6Gbps? I just want more speed out of my Unraid system and I'm not sure how to achieve it.