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  1. I got it installed using the directions in the first post. It worked ok. All test speeds were right on mark. Thanks.
  2. Has the normal installation of this been fixed or you still need to manually install?
  3. Thanks. That worked fine. I completely forgot there were options for UD. I started from scratch on all of them and reformatted and created new partitions and mounted. They show up in a folder /mnt/disks/<unassigned disks> but I guess that's normal. Going to use them for some testing/etc. Will be almost humorous to see files being copied with SSD drives come to a complete stop. Thank you.
  4. Trying to format and mount using unassigned devices. I did make an XFS file system and mounted "unassigned1" to it through the command line but usually this easily happens through the GUI. How would I basically start from scratch on disk 1 and mount "unassigned1" to it upon bootup through unassigned devices. Here is a screen shot on what it looks like. When I click mount the link is dead. These are new drives and I do not care if they get wiped or dumped. Using them for side storage right now.
  5. I tried to do what you said, still errored out.
  6. When I performed the terminal copy test using midnight commander I used disk shares and made sure the source disk was not on the destination controller. So there shouldn't have been any issues with one 6GB file. Like I said previously I never had any issues like this. I actually had more disks in the array and three controllers. Thinking it would help by removing a couple of drives and also removing a third controller didn't have any affect at all. I use to get 112MB/sec on large copies, weather or not the files were small or large. I could be copying/moving 2-3 terabytes and consistently get 112MB/sec. I remember this because there was a bug push a while ago when a lot of us were changing the file system from btrfs to xfs and that caused A LOT of file copying. Some copies lasted hours and hours and would never dip down below 100MB/sec during the copy. I have a lot of memory ( 32GB ) for creating some VM's and running dockers. Because of this issue and I'm not sure where it is going to take me I removed all my dockers and removed all my VM's. You'd thik when copying a 6GB file there wouldn't be any caching going on since it could fit the whole file in memory. I don't know if any other users notice issues like this, but when you have been running unraid for such a long time you notice every little thing. I thought I would have this issue settled in a few days or less but since it is going on for several months not much I can do. And I do get fantastic speeds during a parity sync. No dipping in speeds at all, as one time I almost watched the entire check just to make sure, all because I really wanted to get to the bottom of this. It is pretty sad. I deleted weeks and weeks worth of DVD's and movies that I have ripped knowing I can rip them back but not touching one disk until all problems are fixed and box runs like it use to.
  7. Prior to having that option in the disk settings I use to have it in my "go" file. I believe it was md_write_method 1. Yea, I've went back and forth with trying AUTO/READ-WRITE-MODIFY/RECONSTRUCT-WRITE with no improvement. I've kept it on RECONSTRUCT.
  8. I do believe there is an inherent bug somewhere that possibly does not like my hardware. I've been using unraid since the beginning of V5 or even before that. When V6 first came out things were good. After a couple of revisions is when these copying issues started. I always would get 100MB/sec on copy speeds using a Windows workstation on the network and even faster using the terminal and midnight commander. My server box is a simple norco 4224 box. I have a 1000 watt power supply which has been replaced. The cables that go from the backplane to the controller cards have been replaced with new ones. I've changed the memory out temporarily with a friend's memory. I've disabled the on-board NIC and purchased an Intel add on card. I've re-seated the processor and ran extensive tests on the processor itself. The mainboard is an Asus X79 that has tried different bioses. I've tried different controllers. Dell PERC 310's and/or the SuperMicro SAS2LP-MV8. I have like 4 of each of these cards. Tried them together and in different combinations. If I did not have so much data, I'd try to go back to V5 and see what performance I would get. Since the copying of files issues happens via the terminal this eliminates pretty much anything outside the server box. I've even taken the mainboard out of the server box and installed it in a small desktop case and threw Windows 10 on it. Problem free. And while I had Windows 10 on it, I ran several heavy duty burn-in test programs just for the heck of it. Flawless. Reinstalled the board back into the 4224 box, booted up just fine. I've also moved my pro key to a new USB flash stick that was vanilla. No plugins installed, plain vanilla. Tried changing some bios settings, but really not that many. I basically turned off all VM related stuff and tried different settings with that. In a nutshell when copying files the system would start to copy just fine around 80-100MB/sec. Then eventually slowly drop down to 0MB/sec and the copy would literally stop completely for about 30-40 seconds. So if I'm copying a large amount of data it could take days to do this. ( Yes, the parity drive has been replaced ) . Takes about 2.5 minutes to copy a 6GB file when it would take seconds before. I don't even attempt to copy amounts of data anymore and I also think this issue is affecting my system as a whole. Specially when watching a movie. During the entire movie it would freeze ( which is where it stops ) then picks up again and the movie catches up again with the player. This happens with my Dune players AND my Roku players. Another oddity I did a parity sync which took 2 hours ( great! ) but the average speed indicates 1.1GB/sec. Is that even possible? Attached a screen shot of that and diagnostics. I'm pretty much lost from here. I did attach a terminal copy that looks very weird, but you'll get the gist of what is happening once you see it. It is just one 6GB file being copied. Any suggestions or recommendations is highly appreciated. Thanks 6gb copy.mp4 sun-diagnostics-20190609-0516.zip
  9. Amazing, just found this thread and the same EXACT issue is happening. Were you able to resolve your issue? During a file copy using Windows or within the terminal window itself the copy would start off great and then just drop to 0 for abot 10-30 seconds then just start up again. I've replaced just about all the hardware except the hard drives themselves and the breakout cables. I also made sure when I was moving files I used drive shares using different controllers. I even had dual parity and though that could be an issue, so i went back to a single parity with the same results. My parity speeds are around 125MB/sec and do not find errors. I have also ran extended tests on all my drives. So heck, maybe you figured it out? Here are my tunable settings. nr_requests 8 md_num_stripes 4096 md_sync_window 2048 md_sync_thresh 2000 md_write_method using just reconstruct write
  10. This is true. I can always put up my processor for sale, but then again I wouldn't think there would be that many people looking for a an LGA 2011 processor. Even though the processor has great specs and holds up well and has never been overclocked I can only wonder what I could get for it. I guess it can't hurt to try. I've never experienced my issue with unraid since I've been using it, so it does baffle me a little bit. Even in terminal mode when trying to move files from disk to disk the speeds start out great and drop right down to 0 and then pick up a little. I was actually thinking of Synology since this problem doesn't look like it is going away. Thanks for the suggestion and idea. Heck, I think I paid $499 for my processor several years ago. Imagine getting the same price now. How messed up is the computer component market or what. I wonder what future technology Intel has just sitting in their shelves when their stock starts to slowly drop just a hair. I'm sure they have the next few future pieces of hardware already made. Just check out some of their patents. Maybe I'll replace the forward break out cables just for the heck of it...since I never did replace them. Doing that would be just to do it for the heck of it. Not very expensive and all I need is 4 of them. Or is it reverse break out cables. I always get confused, will need to look that up. They do look identical, specially the red popular red ones that everyone uses. I've seen these nice thin blue ones that seem to very easy to route though the small holes. I'll even try a voodoo priest to bless the server. You never know. Thanks again!
  11. I don't know if I could let myself do that. My processor new is still selling for about $450-$500. I just can't throw it away. If I can get away with spending around $250 for a mainboard that I could handle. What did you end up buying in the end?
  12. I have an Intel i7-3930k processor that's plenty for a server build. I already have the DDR3-1800 memory but I just need a mainboard. I want to stay away from Asus, since that's what I have now and can't copy files between my drives properly. I'm actually doing all this just to eliminate if the copy issue is a hardware issue or not. As in another post when copying files from one user share to another ( even if the drives are on different controllers ) the copy starts great then after a little bit will actually drop right down to 0MB/sec and sit there for 30-45 seconds and then start up again. It is slowly driving me crazy since I cannot figure out why it is happening and no one in the support section has any ideas either. So to satisfy my mind before I do go crazy I want to try a completely different mainboard. I wish I could rent one. I've been out of the hardware market for a long time now since I really haven't needed anything in a long time, so does anyone suggest a particular mainboard? It has to have an LGA 2011 processor socket and at least 2 PCI-E slots, preferably 3.
  13. What controller are you using?
  14. All the tuneable options are right in the GUI, so I would think if they didn't matter LT wouldn't have included them there. I wish I knew enough coding to make this script work with the latest version of unraid. Would be nice to have the optimal settings.
  15. The script does not work anymore. I just tried it.