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  1. opentoe

    Ghosts in the machine type question....

    Well, back to 100Mbit. Checked the line speed at the switch and that indicates 1Gbit. I was in the middle watching a movie and noticed it started to pause and lag on me. Did a read test and BAM, 12MB/sec max again. Literally nothing was changed. Right before I started watching the movie I confirmed it was reading properly and did a read speed test and it worked fine. 45 minutes into watching the movie something happened and it dropped right back down to 12MB/sec. So I copied the movie file onto my small test box that's hooked directly into the same switch and that's getting 30+ MB/sec no problem. So it literally is boiling down to the main unraid server itself. I did a diagnostic and attached it, I've found nothing. It is pretty much a plain system. So I got normal speeds for 3 days and the only thing I changed was changing that MD WRITE method to "reconstruct". I doubt that has any bearing on the situation since I'm just doing read tests here. So odd. My little three drive test system works fine, but my main system does not. I really wish I can off load 53TB of data, format the drives and start clean. So, the line coming right from the unraid server is indicating 1Gbit from the switch lights. Here it is almost 4am and the ONLY thing I have not done is used another NIC. My main unraid system has three of them installed....but if it worked fine for 3 days then why all of a sudden it just stops? ARGHHHH, pulling my hair out. I really do think there is some kind of corruption/bug in my main unraid server. Having to perform a speed test right before kicking off a movie and coming back with great results then 45 minutes later, all by itself, back down to 12MB/sec. I'm literally lost here. I've attached my diags BEFORE when things were working and also after a reboot when things degraded back down the old world. Maybe other eyes reviewing the syslog can pick something up? LFKJERIJFOIJFIORW: ANd while I was writing this I just tried one more time for a read test on that movie file and what would you know, right back to 30+ MB/sec. That's with power cycling nothing and make not 1 single change. I just walked into my living room, performed the read test, expecting 12MB/sec and there it was again 30+MB/sec read. What the hell. I can't take much more of this right now. Too many hours just trying to find out the issue and I have to wake up in 3 hours and get ready for work. It's just explainable right now. sun-syslog-20190313-0227_BEFORE THE REBOOT.zip sun-syslog-20190313-0312_AFTER REBOOT.zip
  2. Built this couple years ago and still churning along with zero issues. Best thing I did was replace all fans and buy the Noctua fans. To top it off a 6 year warranty isn't bad. I have noticed though that Norco does little changes to their server cases but doesn't make a different sku, they keep the same sku and you never know what you are going to get. When I placed the order I ordered it directly from Norco and made sure they sent me the version 2 which at that time was the latest which had some improvements over version 1.
  3. opentoe

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Damn, so many options and settings all over I miss them easily. Thanks for pointing that out. After I work on my media player read speed tests for a bit I'll make that change and be done with it. Thanks!
  4. opentoe

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    I find these in my syslog: Mar 12 18:37:46 SUN kernel: mdcmd (53): set md_write_method 1 Mar 12 18:37:51 SUN kernel: mdcmd (54): set md_write_method 0 Mar 12 18:47:09 SUN kernel: mdcmd (55): set md_write_method 1 Mar 12 18:47:14 SUN kernel: mdcmd (56): set md_write_method 0 I actually had this written in my GO file. md_write_method 1. This I assume turns on turbo mode, right? I did REM out that statement when I installed this plugin, but may just uninstall the plugin and put back the command since I never spin down any of my drives....ever. What would be my best most efficient method to keep turbo mode turned on? Keep this command "set md_write_method 1" in my GO file? And that would keep turbo mode on all the time, correct? Also the plugin is indicating I have 2 spun down drives, but all my drives spun up and none of them never spin down so I would rather uninstall the utility but want to make sure I have the correct syntax and placement of the command in the GO file. Thanks.
  5. opentoe

    Ghosts in the machine type question....

    I wish I can say that was it. That's ALWAYS the first thing I do. Power cycle everything, even the hubs, switches, everything that's in the loop. I have two identical DUNE media players. One in the living room and one in the bed room. The one in the living room has a straight line going right from my Asus router's 1Gbit ports right to the media player. Been like that since I installed the router. Now that's flowing at the speeds it should I'm happy about that. Now, just tested the one in my bed room. That still stuck at 12MB/sec. But it is going through a Netgear switch. In a little bit I will temporarily run an Ethernet line on the floor directly from the Asus router right into the media player and see the results there. If it picks up speed to its normal 30+ MB/sec then it could be that maybe the media players just do not like Netgear switches. Technically shouldn't make a difference at all since the workstations I have running are all going through switches and I get a constant 950 Mbit speed. Both media players are using the identical firmware. BTW, is there a plugin that shows the current bandwidth for each connection in real time? I do have the Nerd tools installed, but just have a couple utilities installed. Maybe something like that is in there. Preferably a nice looking GUI one. So many plugins. Not complaining, awesome to have so many!
  6. opentoe

    Ghosts in the machine type question....

    My entire network has been 1Gbit for a couple years now. Switches, hubs, cards, haven't used anything in the 100Mbit realm in a very long time. Basically my unraid box plugs into a consumer Netgear 1GB switch which that plugs into my Asus Router. That's all been the same for probably years. Updated to 6.6.7 and for the heck of it tried a read test before I started tearing things apart and was getting 30+ MB/sec tests which is what it is supposed to be. Right now I'm keeping hands off for a while, to see how long this bliss lasts.
  7. opentoe

    Ghosts in the machine type question....

    Well, this is a revelation. Whatever was done from V6.6.6 to V6.6.7 fixed the issue. Before I did anything I backed up my flash stick, updated the OS via the web gui, rebooted the server and tried a read test. Now I get 30+ MB/sec read tests on my main unraid system. Version 6.6.6 never went over 12MB/sec. Maybe SMB versions, tweaks or something that's just not mentioned? So right now I'm not fooling around with anything.
  8. opentoe

    Ghosts in the machine type question....

    I will do that. Since all my boxes have them built on I'll need to order one. I'll grab a popular Intel model. They shouldn't be that expensive. Thanks, let you know what happens from there.
  9. I threw together an all SSD unraid box. Just using 1 parity drive and 3 500GB SSD drives. I put a few movies on that system and did some read tests which came back at a very good rate of 30-50MB/sec with my media players built in read test. Now, when I do the same read test with my all mechanical hard drive unraid system I get 12MB/sec read test. And that's using the same Ethernet line. I know some people will say the decrease is because it is an all mechanical drive system BUT it is just a read test only. There isn't anything being written to the array or the parity drive. I even threw a couple movies on my cache drive ( don't use it as a cache drive ) which is an SSD drive and the speed tests were still 12MB/sec. Something, somewhere is really slowing down my system and I have no idea where to start with this one. I can see if I was doing write tests and other things were happening at the same time, but these are both controlled tests. I can barely watch any high bitrate movies anymore with my main unraid server, which is really a pain in the ass since it is holding 66 terabytes of data. I have 2 parity drives on that box and 15 mechanical drives and one 500GB SSD cache drive for misc use. Can anyone recommend a single place to start with this one? I have included the built in diagnostics log just in case someone wants to take a peek. I really can't afford to put together an entire box that can hold 66 TB of data or even find an available place to offload that data so I can reformat all my drives, etc. I did notice this I believe when my level of capacity started to approach over %75. Now it is %81. I really hope it is something really obvious, but it seems unraid is degrading speeds the longer I use it and the more capacity I load on it. Thanks. sun-diagnostics-20190310-1227.zip
  10. opentoe

    Intel Ethernet not supported?

    Well weird enough I just re-created the USB stick, copied my extra pro.key back on and it worked. Threw me an IP address right away. Now it is doing a parity check. I'll let that finish and start doing some some tests I had in mind. So happens my original unraid box is getting slower and slower. My media player read tests use to get 80MB/sec easily all day. Now they max out at 12MB/sec. So something is wrong somewhere and I have yet to make any changes in the last year or so except upgrade. Can't even watch a small 2GB MKV file without it pausing and stopping. The box is %81 full, so that should not be a problem. It is one of those ghosts in the computer issues. No errors, but poor performance. I'm fairly confident it has something to do with unraid since my media player is a static player and there aren't many settings in there to change except cosmetic looking screen changes like backgrounds, screen savers, etc. When I do a Windows copy from the unraid server I'll get a nice 80-100MB/sec until the copy is done. Are there any settings I can put in my GO file or anything to make this server wake up a little? 12MB/sec barely holds down a high bitrate movie.
  11. I'm trying to setup a quick test machine for unraid and it has a built in Intel I12xx/825xx Gigabit Controller but it seems that unraid does not support this. The USB stick I am using has unraid 6.0.0 on it, since I never used it. Is there a way I can get unraid to recognize this card so I can get the box up and running? I can ping the gateway of course but if I try to ping my main unraid machine by using it's IP address it just comes back as unreachable. Am I stuck here or is there a way I can update the USB stick to incorporate the drivers for this NIC?
  12. opentoe

    [Support] binhex - Sonarr

    Why not search for it manually and see what the list looks like from your indexers? I have to do that all the time to see if I can find missing shows. The more indexers you have, the better off you’ll be. How many indexers are you using?
  13. opentoe

    [Support] binhex - Sonarr

    Ah, ok, now I got it. I was not going all the way back up and hitting the check mark. Thanks!
  14. opentoe

    [Support] binhex - Sonarr

    When I scroll all the way to the bottom of where the listing of TV Shows are, there just two options. OK and CLOSE. If I click OK, nothing happens. I want to import them all, as you said. So I'm in the folder itself where all the shows are, scroll to the bottom and then click OK. I would think it would start to import them at this point. I think this is why I always ran Sonarr and SabNZB on a Windows desktop, which was a lot more easier to manage and control. When you only have two options of OK and CLOSE not much to do there. This is what a screen shot of the bottom looks like. Thanks!
  15. opentoe

    66TB and %77 used

    I did order the HGST drive from Ebay brand new for $165. 8TB. I have to log in there and see where the heck it is. Been a nightmare receiving packages because of these two holidays being at the beginning of the week. USPS is SLOW as heck and has like a 2-3 day delay. I'll drop a USPS priority off lets say last week on Wednesday and it won't indicate anything on tracking until Friday. A whole 2 days late or behind.