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  1. Just a note to anyone noticing their docker image size growing leaps and bounds. Found this lovely thread featuring the Calibre developer and his flavor-full short-sightedness regarding an issue which is almost inevitable with Docker or image installs I had 335GB in my *\appdata\calibre\.local\share\Trash directory. Created a simple userscript to clean it out daily with a simple rm -rf
  2. root@PGVault:~# fdisk -l /dev/sdx Disk /dev/sdx: 9.1 TiB, 10000831348736 bytes, 19532873728 sectors Disk model: WDC WD100EMAZ-00 Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes Disklabel type: gpt Disk identifier: 8881A93C-7815-4B51-BB9C-B79A125EB4A8 I didn't include the other disk because it consisted of easily-replaceable "Linux ISOs", so I've been experimenting with its headers...and failing.
  3. Looking for assistance in recovering two of my data disks (all disks are xfs-encrypted) that have suddenly become "unmountable". I was moving a bunch of small files to the array in Krusader that caused the user mount to go away. I had seen this issue before, as this is a new server setup and I've been mass transferring files, so I made sure everything was stopped and restarted the machine. After entering the decryption key and starting the array, two array disks with content are showing as unmountable and persists through subsequent restarts. From looking at the diagnostics (attached), it appears it's related to: PGVault emhttpd: error: ckmbr, 2263: No such file or directory (2): open: /dev/sdj1 ... PGVault emhttpd: error: ckmbr, 2263: No such file or directory (2): open: /dev/sdx1 Now into my speculations: Somehow it appears these disks have lost their partition table? This is my 1st time dealing with issues on encrypted disks, but I've had to conduct a similar rescue in the past. Is it as simple as re-applying the partition table and viola, the data is accessible again? If so, anyone have a good reference for doing so? It's been awhile and I've got multiples of the same disk type to reference partition layout of. Unraid v6.9.2
  4. I'm still in the throws of massive transfers I don't want to bork up. I'll have to attempt again once things slow down.
  5. The config file looks exactly the same except an extra return between avatar and [upc] Regarding pages, I was unable to navigate to any other pages as the page was refreshing constantly and tossing me back to the "Main" tab any time I attempted navigation. Had to delete the .plg file to recover UI accessibility. Everything's back to normal without the plugin running.
  6. Just updated to the new update of My Servers and now my page is refreshing like a madman. So much so that I cannot click anything before it spins through another refresh. Attached the only thing I was able to grab as it flew by in the browser console. Now have to wait for a huge file to finish transferring so I can attempt to stop the madness.