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  1. I hadn't, but it looks like perhaps it was just premature. I saw it did mount when I was making some changes today. Sorry for muddying the thread!!
  2. I think this is obvious, but wanted to check - should I just create a duplicate version of the script and set it to run on array start, and then also have a second one to run every say 10 min like your git outlines? Reason I'm asking, restarted the server earlier today - current script is set with a run every 10 min cron setup like your example, but after having restarted earlier today the server doesn't have anything mounted and appears it hasn't for most of the day. Just curious if I'm missing something, or if I'm facing a different issue.
  3. Ok, so after some consolidated and focused testing - I think I'm ok. I think I had a mixup of signals, way too much chaos at work, and extreme late nights trying to play with tech and not remembering what I did. The short of my issue I believe - and to help in case others do similar - is that I was switching between rclone variants, and testing the new shortcuts function, and shifting between running the script in the UR UI vs running in background. The initial tests I think had an issue because of the rclone vs rclone-beta because I was testing the new shortcuts. Then I tried shifting to the beta, and tried simply running the script - a few times I left the window open, but after time I eventually closed the window. This is what I believe led to the "miraculous disappearance" scenario I was left with. I had originally been doing it with the background, but when I hit an issue initially, it was annoying finding the process to kill so I just ran it via the GUI And left it there. That switch is where I believe I messed it up. Right now, I've got it up and running using rclone-beta with shortcuts enabled (that 1a_mediaz is a pool from multiple TD locations under one mount). Next I'll venture into the territory with the merger_fs stuff, but at the moment that's not a requirement for me. I just want to be sure I've got a solid mount/unmount for my core rclone location. I'll adjust the script for my need to add other mounts beyond the one. This is awesome, thank you for the work and effort. Sorry for the firedrill over nothing!!
  4. Yes, correct. That's just one mount, I have some others I'll work on and/or work on adjusting to point at crypt volume - but for now yes that's the example I'm working with to make sure its working as expected first. Did I miss something about this being reliant on crypt mount? I figured it should work either way as long as the destination is my intended destination.
  5. [1a_mediaz] type = drive scope = drive team_drive = ~~REDACTED~~ service_account_file = /boot/config/plugins/rclone-beta/sa/1.json server_side_across_configs = TRUE Sorry for the lack of details. So I mean as in after I mount it, I can LS and see the contents. A few moments will pass, then if I try and LS on the directory - the folders are gone and hence the "disappear". rclone_mount.sh
  6. hey @DZMM finally got around to testing out your script, but I seem to be hitting a wall. I've gotten the script to run successfully, and it seems at first glance to be working. Problem is, as soon as I try to touch any of the data - aka mount anything, move anything, copy anything, etc - the mouths disconnect and are going away. Any tips on where I can start to look to debug? I know not a lot of detail, hoping to start with debug so I can see what I can find first before bogging you down with lots of info to troubleshoot. I'll add an edit - I thought it might be relative to the whole mapping scenario you highlighted, but another issue I've noticed before I could even get to that - after a short while the mounts actually disappear. So whether I do anything or not, they seem to disappear after a short time as well. I'm really scratching my head.
  7. I think I was thrown off by his post though, as under the changelog it says: 3/1/20 - switched from mergerfs to unionfs Though it looks like in the script and GitHub page he mentions MergerFS, so I'm not sure. Perhaps I'll DM him.
  8. Sorry to necro a slightly outdated thread, but wanted to add that you can also use the unRAID Go file in the config to achieve this and would likely be the best option. You could (depending on the size) simply store this somewhere on the UR USB boot drive, and set the go file to copy this into the bin folder. I’ll be checking this out as well since I’d like to also use mergerfs along with some rclone magic. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Ok, thanks for the indication. In the meantime, I might actually swap out the NVMe for the 2x 500GB SSDs I was using previously. If these prove to work fine, then I'll assume the NVMe is the problem. There have just been too many random halts and 2 corruptions of the file system lately for me to ignore this as just pure coincidence. Appreciate the guidance - crossing my fingers it's just a bum NVMe drive and I can get it swapped by Intel under warranty.
  10. So I had posted this issue a few weeks ago: - and now, it seems it's happened again. Was there something in those logs or the new logs attached here that would lead you in a specific hardware issue direction? This is now the second time this seems to have happened on me. Though it does appear this time that it says the file system is unmountable, not mounted RO. I'm thinking I've got something hardware related that is broken or somehow not working as intended, but I'm not the best at being able to diagnose hardware in this sense. atlantis-diagnostics-20200306-1852.zip
  11. This is a screenshot as well that I grabbed from the KVM interface. Unfortunately I'm running issues trying to run the damn IPMI software so I can actually see the screen, but the screenshot at least shows some of the details. I was actually just on the system now via ssh and it happened again. Was just sitting there not even doing anything in particular, then it kicked out the kernel panic message. user@atlantis:/mnt/user/downloads$ Message from syslogd@atlantis at Mar 1 15:34:54 ... kernel:Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt packet_write_wait: Connection to UNKNOWN port 65535: Broken pipe Also including the latest diagnostics output from right now after it came back up. atlantis-diagnostics-20200301-1556.zip
  12. Ok, so I finally got a change to dig through the logs after it happened again recently while I was away. I believe I've got a pinpoint of the time though, and I grabbed the relevant logs prior to the manual restart by me at the IPMI interface. Attaching the log here in hopes someone can tell me if there is something known issue or that looks to be a cause? I don't see anything that jumped out other than what looks like some error messages that I don't fully understand - never been great on the hardware side. unraid-failure.log
  13. Hmm, that's a nice touch. I'll try that out with a local log. I am guessing something will give me a hint if it happens again. If not, then I'll have to look at remote logging it. Thanks for the tip, hopefully I can isolate this bugger.
  14. I've run into an issue lately where I'm having somewhat frequent random halts of my server. It's headless so I can't really see the screen output, but I'd imagine there must be some sort of a dump or something available? It's still on and running, but the system stops responding to network communication or anything. I'm attaching the latest diagnostics after restarting the system in hopes there might be something. Any information on how I could best diagnose this? atlantis-diagnostics-20200222-1250.zip
  15. @Squid The only thing I’m confused about though, is that my custom macvlan network survived, but the custom bridge did not. So that inconsistency threw me. As for recreating, I did go that route - prob is the custom bridge wasn’t there and thus many of the containers didn’t have the right setup. So consequently the easiest option was Removing them all (manual work) and then re-create again with previous after I brought over backups of my container xml templates from a backup. Just lot of steps to get it right. Appreciate the guidance though, thank you!