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  1. Hi @ich777, Thank you first of all for all your application containers. RapidPhotoDownloader seems to be broken. I have tried wiping container completely and then redownloading with both the latest url (version 24) and also the default url that you have published the docker with being (version 17) and both seem to be getting the below error over and over again.
  2. very interesting. I'm wondering if this is an older version thing or something because at default compression levels pigz is better for speed of both compression and massively faster at decompression however actual size is not so good. I do believe that this plugin could use some work on the descriptions of each setting for example doing away with gzip and just referencing pigz to avoid confusion as to wether its using multithread or not. This is an awesome comparison of may different compression methods. Compression Comparison just scroll down.
  3. hmm if its munching cpu hard is it trying to move something that is actually running like vm's or docker containers or anything. cpu would spike hard if you where to try move something that is actively processing data. you may also have downloads trying to feed your cache i you have set it up that way and when the mover runs its trying to move active files ? What are your share settings per share that use the cache? There are many possibilities here and given to the amount of variables that can be associated with using cache and thus the mover its just a process of narrowing t
  4. Hey Mate, yeah just suggestions I think option one would also be the easiest as well. The second option was is such a rare case situation that it can be stored in the archive for later use if you ever need or there is demand for it later maybe. Oh also I think the spelling mistake may still be there fyi as I could see it even after updating the plugin. Hint For The Masses: We need keep in mind that exclusion file types or locations should always come before criteria to move based on ages/ last accessed/ space or what ever else as exclusions are for sub-director
  5. A Small Guide For those that want to use the new features but are a little lost or perhaps this will save you some time. Open Unraid CMD. cd /boot/config/plugins/ca.mover.tuning sudo nano skiplist.txt In the nano editor you can list your locations to skip like the following: Ctl + o Ctl +x Note: The list of locations may include or not include /mnt/cache/ as this is already catered for withing the mover script Find Specific files of a name or kind you may find for example all
  6. Hello @guythnick and @hugenbdd I also though of this but I tough one thing at a time. Option 1 This is the change I was thinking removing yes and adding in bigger and smaller as the on options which change the functionality of the size in the next line. Option 2 The option that has just been introduced to filter files on extension would also solve this same issue if it was ONLY used in relation to your locations you stipulate in the path skiplist.txt file, however this is not the case as the extension option covers all files with s
  7. You should not have to rename it. The strings in the file should be being passed through this plugin with any paths being encased in double quote. @hugenbdd I think I also mentioned this to you in my notes from first testings with you as well, All file Paths need to be encased in "" otherwise the script language thinks its a new parameter or command. Also form one terrible speller too probably someone how made a mistake, you have a spelling error I'm setting up for some testing tonight.
  8. hahahah I tried to explain it much simpler so others reading this could understand as well, that is exactly the same thing was talking about. I did not know about this thread though. I'm still working out some other kinks from my side with some other features I'm working on and will try to test the Sparsness if i understand it correctly when I get some more time.
  9. ok cool that is what i was trying to convey with the mtime parameters, maybe i did not correctly convoy correctly. From my testing for you i have deduced: mtime: mtime 0 [Younger than 24hrs and Older] mtime +0 [Older than 24hrs] mtime +1 [Older than 48hrs] mtime +2 [Older than 72hrs] if you "skip" from the statement mtime completely based on == 0 or == +0 then this only allowing for 48hrs or older in your script. I'm only going off what i have seen so far. Looking at the schedular options for mover I was just w
  10. Hi @hugenbdd Please find attached your script containing my notes and recommendations for things and why I recommend them. I hope that was ok. I am not sure as some people get iffy editing their files so I only added some notes if you would like to make some minor tweaks and test with a new script. I have explained as best I can as to why you may have been getting inconsistent results using the find command in the past but let me know if you need more. @LeoFender I am not sure if you have had a chance to test as well yet but please feel free
  11. Apologies my work has been very busy as of late. Agreed! functionality first always. I'm happy to give this some testing over the week after I finish work each day however the real progress will be made on the weekend most likely. Ill get back at you with my results, HOWEVER if anyone else in the forum is interested by all means jump in as well and giver the script a test as well. @hugenbdd Ill get back at you asap.
  12. I might have to take a quick shortcut here and give props to bergware/dynamix for his folder caching plugin. This plugin has done most of the heavy lifting for us in a way. Its not exactly what we need as unfortunately ram is more expansive than SSD or NVME. However to list the check boxes this git provides for a start (with minor tweaking to meet our needs). GUI & PLAN This picture below shows the kind of option menu that would be perfect although ideally we would
  13. Nice! ill have a gander around internet and try some testing now to see if I can get something together.
  14. Hi Guys, I know this is a little long but please hear me out and let me know if you thing this is something we should be chasing as a community stuck at home. Pretty Pretty Please with a cherry on top can we have an option that allows for exclude files and or folders from the mover via perhaps name xyz or within a regex range (self configured regex string) this would allow a long standing issue to be at least half addressed. Issue: some config folders allow for faster loading or web pages and also when running dockers usually a seperate data share is created but
  15. Excellent news. I however still seem to be having issues with shucked easystore WD100EMAZ drives waiting for yet another rebuild then once its done ill probably roll back to 6.7 to see if that helps