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  1. Hey I have a question and searching doesn't find anything. It's probably just me typing in a wrong search term so I'll just ask. We are considering migrating our company from Synology to Unraid and have over 100 users. I love Unraid and have two servers on my own but they have just a few users. The problem now is that there is (or I can't find) any option to make groups. I was considering creating one user with specific permissions and use that one as a template but I found out that I can only copy permissions from folders (there's a lot of them) but I can't copy permissions from users. Is there a way to do it? Cheers
  2. Because the local endpoint is your internal IP and not external? Just a guess. Recheck that and test for open ports to see if it's the firewall.
  3. That is normal as it happens on all my servers. What happens only on this one server is that it does stop but then doesn't restart back. The funny thing is that it's a barebones server so there is no reason for it to not work. What I did notice (half an hour ago) and will check if it matters is that I have bonding enabled and one of my links is not working due to faulty cables or bad router (one port is down and another is working with 100mbs). I wonder if that is the cause. I have ordered them to change the cables and I'll see if it's a weird combination of bonding and wiring problems.
  4. The screenshot is from after the reboot. But I have found out that the no tunnels showing problem is because of a VM not showing it so it's not a bug with Wireguard. Only one user is active (me) and the rest were just created. Even if I change just the Peer name the software disables itself. I have changed the IP address to another subnet and I'll see if it helps although this subnet should be perfectly fine.
  5. Hey I have a problem... Wireguard randomly stops working (disables itself) and I have to manually enable it. And one additional problem is that when adding multiple (8 users) seems to crash the VPN itself. I just get a blank screen. And this screen doesn't change as well as the tunnel which doesn't ever start again. I can connect but handshake fails and keeps failing. I have attached a screenshot. kodeljevo-diagnostics-20200108-0910.zip
  6. I like it's simplicity and ease of use and yet lots of powerful features that enable me to my job. I would like to see 2 step verification (we're close now with the new way of logging in).
  7. There are no errors. It's working fine. The text could be somewhat smaller but I guess that it's for people that ignore the big yellow sign up top. Although come to think of it if they ignore the yellow sign even a big allcaps words won't discourage them.
  8. Same here. I have reinstalled docker and it's ok but it's a pain to reinstall since I'm afraid I'll experience provisioning problems or something similar. I'm kind of afraid to reboot my USG now. Although I was surprised to see that my custom jsons transfered over. Edit: Oh thank god! At least the restore function works like a miracle. Created a new docker, restored the backup and everything is back up without any problems. Now onto setting up Wireguard (which is why I have noticed that Unifi is dead).
  9. AFAIK this function doesn't exist but it should.... Basically I have an Unraid server that is running for a church. They have a metric ton of users and folders. Is there a way to see which user is assigned to which shares and vica versa which share is assigned to which users. I don't care if I need to install a plugin, docker or run a ssh command but right now it looks like I'll be making a huge excel table and I'm really not looking forward to it. Cheers
  10. Probably from https://github.com/jippi/docker-pritunl But these commands don't work here.
  11. Yeah the error is something that bugged me. That's why I've changed from host mode to br0 hoping it would be solved. Maybe they changed something as I've also seen port 80 as being in use as well.
  12. Sorry I was under the assumption that it was abandoned and that it doesn't work for everyone. The screenshot is for br0. I get the same errors in other modes as well. Log.txt
  13. Hey Could you take a look at Pritunl when you find the time? I have tried installing it and it keeps throwing all kinds of errors about ports being in use although I tried the docker in br0 as well as other modes and ports are 100% not in use.