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  1. AFAIK this function doesn't exist but it should.... Basically I have an Unraid server that is running for a church. They have a metric ton of users and folders. Is there a way to see which user is assigned to which shares and vica versa which share is assigned to which users. I don't care if I need to install a plugin, docker or run a ssh command but right now it looks like I'll be making a huge excel table and I'm really not looking forward to it. Cheers
  2. Probably from https://github.com/jippi/docker-pritunl But these commands don't work here.
  3. Yeah the error is something that bugged me. That's why I've changed from host mode to br0 hoping it would be solved. Maybe they changed something as I've also seen port 80 as being in use as well.
  4. Sorry I was under the assumption that it was abandoned and that it doesn't work for everyone. The screenshot is for br0. I get the same errors in other modes as well. Log.txt
  5. Hey Could you take a look at Pritunl when you find the time? I have tried installing it and it keeps throwing all kinds of errors about ports being in use although I tried the docker in br0 as well as other modes and ports are 100% not in use.
  6. It would probably be better if both options were shown. It's a little confusing now (it's simple once you know how to set it but it took me 15 minutes of searching and one forum post to find this awesome function).
  7. Yeah just wanted to type that I can't see the option. I guess it's a little buggy. It works now that I have set the text color as ffffff and aplied the settings.
  8. Oh. I have seen that option but I was under the assumption that you can actually change the background and not just text. Thanks anyway
  9. webgui: Added customizable header background color Hey I don't see that option anywhere under Settings (or under display settings). Could anyone point me to it?
  10. Yeah that would work for a small company with folders they don't need every day. Not so much with multiple users and lots of folders (they do video production). Seems that my way is the only way apart from AD. Thanks for the help.
  11. Hey I'm about to move a large organization to unRaid and since they have a whole but load of departments I would like for them to only see the folders to reduce the clutter and confusion. Below parameter seem to do the trick when adding to Samba extra configuration but it would be nice for someone to confirm it before I muck something up. access based share enum = Yes Is this the way to go or is there another way? Just to add... I have found an old post saying that setting the share to no access hides them but that never worked for me. Cheers
  12. Hey I have a question. I have just removed a docker that was linked to another docker (they shared one common folder). Now the script lists the other dockers folder. How can I exclude it. I did restart the docker in the hopes that it would leave it alone but it doesn't do that. Cheers
  13. Ok. Thanks. I'll just leave it be then because it's not really needed for the moment as long as the certificates are working. Thanks for the help CHBMB