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  1. Yes, but isn't is really easier to do everything from inside the container and it just works instead of copying the command and the create a User Script that runs the cron job from "outside" the container?
  2. Yes this was already discussed in the Sourceforge issue and there is nothing I can do about this since I simply can't shut down the GUI when a cron job is starting.
  3. If possible please try to start over, maybe this is the "solution". Don't forget to switch on console mode and also to run the job once from the GUI first to be on the save side.
  4. Sorry for the inconvenience, actually I had an error in my start script that was left over from the switch from x11-vnc to TurboVNC. Please force a update of the container on your Docker page and try it again. Tested it now and it is working.
  5. Please read the post one above yours from @DuckBrained, seems like in his case it works just fine. Eventually try to completely remove the container and also the directory in your appdata for the container and start over again. Are you sure that you have clicked console mode? Have you also made sure to update the container again? I pushed a update 2 days ago. Maybe @DuckBrained can take a few screenshots from his settings and post it here.
  6. Can you try to ping unRAID from the container Console and see if it actually can reach it?
  7. No it doesn't have to go further. Fir eup the game, open up the in game console and enter: 'c_connect("IP", 10890, "Password")' (without single quotes eg: 'c_connect("", 10890, "Docker")'. Are you sure that you have forwarded the ports correctly?
  8. Can you post your Diagnostics? Can't help without anything. EDIT: Now tested with a RTX3070: EDIT2: Tested also with a RTX3080:
  9. DontStarveTogether is now fixed and working as expected to the exact steps please to keep it going: Stop the container Go to your .../appdata/dontstarve/token/Cluster_1 and backup your "cluster_token" to your local computer Go one folder back and delete the directory "Cluster_1" Force an update from the container on your Docker page within unRAID Start the container After it has fully started move the backed up token from Step 2 in your .../appdata/dontstarve/token/Cluster_1 again Restart the container Enjoy Of course the si
  10. igorek:xxxxx@tcp(
  11. Brauchst dich nicht zu entschuldigen... Halb so wild, nur manchmal posten hier auch user aus dem englischen Bereich, deshalb die Frage.
  12. Do it that way again. When you reboot the next time and the Nvidia-Driver isn't showing up again then please download the Diagnostics and post them here. I can only guess that something is wrong with the installation on boot, but you are the only one that has this "issue". What USB Boot device are you using? If it's a 3.0 or 3.1 try to use a 2.0 instead and/or try to put the USB Boot device in a USB 2.0 port or a different USB port on your motherboard (eventually you got onboard 2.0 USB pin headers).
  13. Wenn du sonst einen günstigen Router kennst der mit 25Gbit umgehen kann, nur her damit. Das Problem sehe ich eher darin das nicht viele Router 25Gbit können und du wärst mit MikroTik auch wirklich gut beraten da du wirklich viel damit machen kannst und das wäre nur eine Idee gewesen damit du auch Internet hast wenn der Server down ist und somit unabhängig bist. Der Router ist eben dafür gemacht das er das Internet bei dir zu Hause verteilt und ist auch wesentlich Effizienter als dein Vorhaben mit dem NIC (um Effizienz gehts hier auch wie man aus den ersten paar Posts rauselsen kann)
  14. Turn off the whole docker service in the settings after installing the plugin and then turn it on again and after that check if the Dockers are working.
  15. Something is really weird on your system. Can you try to remove the plugin, reboot, install the plugin, stop and start the docjer service and see if it is working again?
  16. Without the Diagnostocs I can't do anything. Something seems wrong on your system... Can you try to do a 'ls -la /boot/config/nvidia-driver/packages' What have you done so that it isn't working anymore? Updated to the newer driver version?
  17. I'm currently using Emby and Jellyfin... I never liked Plex because you data is strictly speaking in the "Cloud" and searched for an alternative and that's where I found Emby. Jellyfin is just a Fork from Emby because the devs split up a while ago. Yes, you have to use my version because I use the latest Media Drivers and as I'm aware of my container is the only that works with AMD, Intel and Nvidia.
  18. Nice, I also tried it but it won't run on my system, can keep an eye on this and please tell me if everything works as expected after a few days here? @REllU Please take a look at the above post, can you test this too?
  19. CPU Graphics should be the way to go for you. PEG = PCIe Graphics (sorry for explaining that wrong, actually my bad, I should learn to read...) PCIe = PCIe Slot (means that you installed the graphics card in another slot than the first that is meant for the graphics card) If you have a dGPU (dedicated GPU = NVIDIA GPU in a PCIe slot) installed and enabled the iGPU some systems will not enable the iGPU if no Monitor or dummy plug is installed to the iGPU. Bind the PCIe Graphics Card to VFIO, that should do the triclockquote widget
  20. Wie gesagt, soweit ich weiß ist Infiniband nicht geplant und auch ein ganz anderes Kapitel, vergiss nicht unRAID war ursprünglich für den Consumer bereich gedacht. High Availability ist was geplant aber kein ETA (sprich irgendwann mal...), jetzt liegt der Fokus mal auf Sicherheit. Gib auf jeden Fall bescheid ob und wie du von Infiniband auf Ethernet umgestellt hast, nehm ich dann gern in den Guide von den Mellanox Firmware Tools auf.
  21. You have not answered the question, what CPU are you using? Without answering the questions no one can help you... PEG = integrated graphics PCIe = dedicated GPU You don't have to enable this. This can cause problems on some systems if you use a dGPU. The easiest way to enable the iGPU is to install the Intel GPU TOP plugin from the CA App and also the GPU Statistics plugin from the CA App to see your iGPU utilisation. (That only applies of you have a Intel system) I also would recommend to bind you dGPU that
  22. @Ponder experienced the same thing and we narrowed it down that the Plex container itself (something is missing or too old in the cintainer I think). @Ponder tried it with my Jellyfin container and it works flawlessly without any artifacts.