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  1. To which container are you usually connecting through Telnet? The Valheim container has no Telnet port you can connect to... This is just normal since Valheim uses a non standard UDP connection protocol or better speaking a proprietary protocol that Port scanners can not detect since it get's no answer from the Valheim server. What is the main problem? Are you not able to connect to the container? Can you please provide a little bit more information on this, what have you changed in the container template (a screenshot from the template would be hel
  2. I found this message in the logs: unRAID kernel: NVRM: The system BIOS may have misconfigured your GPU. and after that message the Nvidia driver fails to initialize. Have you a option in the BIOS for Resizable BAR support or anything related to BAR support? Can you also try to boot with Legacy instead of UEFI?
  3. I booting always to legacy because Linux, Nvidia & UEFI is not the most fun at least it isn't for me... Also my experience with VM's and passed through graphics cards is also better.
  4. What is the same issue then? Have you read the second recommended post in this thread at the top?
  5. Exactly, but it is strange that the Backup stopped working because my Backup runs now flawlessly since I have set up the server.
  6. I don't think so since if you set the boot order in your BIOS you are won't be able to do that. Also most new motherboards doesn't allow CSM or Legacy boot by default, you have to explicitly set that in the BIOS.
  7. Can you do "ls /dev/dri" and post the output here? This looks all good and the driver is loaded, are you on Unraid 6.9.0? Are you sure that you set the iGPU to be the first boot device or better speaking have you installed also a dedicated GPU in your system?
  8. Yes, but you do this with the Variable in the 'Show More Settings' section of the Template. I keep this in mind for every container and the Game Port itself has to be set in the GAME_PORT variable that available like mentioned above. This is the way you would do it (this is tested and working btw):
  9. Actualy no, because this is related to the game and not the container but read the next answer. Do you move the folder where the valheim directory is off of the Cache drive onto the array? If this is the case then this is the answer to both questions. Please check if your share that holds the valheim folder is set to Use Cache 'Only' or 'Prefered'.
  10. Can you give me the output of "lsmod". Have you rebooted after that, if not you have to do a "modprobe amdgpu" manually from the terminal to activate the GPU. But keep in mind that the HD4850 doesn't support HEVC if I remember correctly.
  11. Hast vollkommen recht da funktioniert was nicht richtig, das sollte so nicht möglich sein... Ich muss mir das mit den CAP's nochmal ansehen die ich da mitsende, bitte gib mir ein paar Tage zeit.
  12. Hast du die Karte schon im Server? Mich würde zuerst interessieren ob der Treiber funktioniert und dann verschieb ichs in mein Github Repo.
  13. Nein, ich hab nur das Plugin gemacht mit den Mellanox Firmware Tools (ich mach viele Plugins... ). Wegen was?
  14. Main -> click on the blue 'Flash' text -> scroll down and at the bottom you see the 'Server Boot Mode'
  15. Please try it in a desktop PC and install the drivers... Also look at this post please (it was a similar problem like yours): The P2000 was released 2017 I think. Eventually it's some kind of hardware combination that won't work. Have you looked also at your C-States in your BIOS? I have something in my head that there where problems with the "older" Ryzen and the C-States.
  16. Dann handelt es sich aber um einen Fehler in Unraid, ich werde das auch schnell mal testen.
  17. Are you booting with UEFI or Legacy? Is the Card assigned to a VM? Can you post your diagnostics here Tools -> Diagnostics -> Download No, the driver is downloaded/upgraded at boot, so the boot will take a little longer than usual about 130MB for the driver and about 20 to 30 seconds for the driver installation. The Plugin should handle all on it's own.
  18. You have to enable the AMD drivers first like described in the second post. What CPU do you have?
  19. Genau, das hab ich nur zum Schutz eingestellt, wenn du willst kannst du das auch ändern damit du lesen und schreiben kannst. Das kann nicht sein, bitte kontrolliere nochmal deine Einstellungen, wenn im Template nur lesen eingestellt ist dann kann auch der container nur lesen und nicht schreiben, hast du evtl die Verzeichnisse vertauscht?
  20. Ich weiß es ist off topic aber dein Treiber wäre fertig, Anleitung und DL link wo hin? Keine Garantie das es funktioniert aber es sollte
  21. Simply delete the old Plugin, go to Tools -> Upgrade OS and update to 6.9.0 stable, reboot, go to the CA App and install the Nvidia-Driver Plugin (then you have two options one is to disable and enable the Docker service again, option 2 is to reboot, that is what I recommend).
  22. That wouldn't work because of two things: You have to restart the container to check for updates You can't update a game that is running since it replaces files The best thing is to restart the container and it will check for updates and install them. If you want a auto update you have to talk to the game developers (Discord/Forums/Steam Community Hub).
  23. @JoergHH das ist was ich auf die schnelle gefunden hab: https://www.deskmodder.de/blog/2020/12/30/telekom-problem-mit-github-und-aws-s3-downloads-auch-nach-mehreren-wochen-nicht-geloest/
  24. Die daten liegen auf AWS ja. Die Telekom hat probleme mit langsamen Downloads zB von Github und speziell AWS und rate mal wo die Update Daten von Unraid liegen... AWS