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  1. Yes i know. I want only secure for disk faluiure
  2. Ok i understand Tehn i add second SSD to my pool and set to RAID 1 then in share i see green dot ? * shares with keylock is on SSD pool
  3. I want 1 array for data and second for dockers snd vms. I think about backup/protect dockers and vms on second array by parity. I know about plugins to backup dockers and vms but i must shutdown dockers and vms to create backups. Its not good for me. I like protect dockers and vms by array parity
  4. I think about two array... 1 array HDD with parity for data and media 2 array SSD with parity for docker and vm and cache (cache is downloades files or trash files) Or someone have better way to protect dockers and vms without shutdown ?
  5. This command dont work in unRaid terminal. Someone have a way to use unRaid com ports under terminal or some docker instance ?
  6. I have SPAM in systemlog: I dont know why have this in log. How i can find recipe for this. octopus-syslog-20220405-0705.zip
  7. It is with logs that I am waiting for something to appear in the Observium. I set docker back to bridge from host even though the host mode takes less ram. I discovered a conflict when the Observium was as the host that port 514 was using. I changed to bridge and set it to 515 because Observium is on the same IP as unRaid. Another problem seems that rsyslog was unable to save logs after overflow (i think) on local share or sent to syslog. Then was frezze. I must waiting for next frezz :(
  8. I added logs in my post right after the crash. I also turned on the sending of logs to the observium and I'm waiting. So far, I haven't found anything in the logs. I had a thought whether the change from bridge to host in docker may cause some confusion that may affect the frezzing of unRaid.
  9. Hi i have problem with my unraid. Console and ping dont response. I must reset server. Please help me for find problem. octopus-diagnostics-20220207-2218.zip
  10. After auto update my icon for docker was lost and set default ;/ You can fix this ?
  11. How to change: I have created file /usr/bin/distro for check OS type.
  12. I try this but the same efect.. I dont have dates in labels Purchased and Warranty Okey
  13. I cant see Purchased and Warranty on my disk list https://prnt.sc/uxeze3 https://prnt.sc/uxezjn Screen with set date: https://prnt.sc/uxezt7