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  1. No. Using the Oculus Quest with wireless instead.
  2. Precisely. The version of Java inside the current container is 16. We need an updated container.
  3. In case it helps anyone... I ran sudo fs_usage -w | grep Volumes.Backups to see what was accessing my backups volume, besides my backup software. (I'm using Carbon Copy Cloner instead of Time Machine.) It turns out that Finder was updating every time the directory was being written, because I had a window open to the directory. After closing that window, speeds shot up. Hopefully that helps someone...
  4. Does anyone know how things change for USB Type C ports? I see the device under usb1, but after I pass that through, the VM doesn't recognize the device on that port. (An Oculus Quest.) I'm ordering a Type C -> USB A cable in the meantime to try a USB3 port.
  5. This container stopped working a bit ago due to an API change. In updating it, I realized that FileBot went to a paid model, and that there's another better supported container available. I'm removing this container. Please use the other one. Personally, I'm switching to Sonarr.
  6. I also just stumbled across this thread. I have /etc/resolv.conf.avahi, where my static DNS entries are. Oddly, my resolv.conf has, which is my gateway. I'm going to disable avahi, which I expect will fix my problem.
  7. How about if I added a bash script to the config dir, and you could put any command you want in there, including "yum install comskip"?
  8. I reverted the Alpine Linux changes late last night, so things should be back to how they were.
  9. Are you saying that where it prints: Configuration: USERNAME=foo PASSWORD=<hidden> DOMAINS=bar INTERVAL=baz DEBUG=zap It displays your password in the USERNAME line? A couple of thoughts: Make sure that your password is within single-quotes like: PASSWORD='your password goes in here' However, if your password contains a single quote, then you have to escape it. LMK if that's the case. Second, make sure that you aren't defining environment variables for the container that are overriding the config file.
  10. Moved to Alpine linux, reducing the image size from 232MB to 90MB Also: Make the change monitors more like services that restart if they crash. Added a feature to use polling, so that Windows shares can be monitored too.
  11. Does the client connect and complain about the version? Or does it not connect at all to the port? Are you remapping 10090 or 8090, or both?
  12. I moved the image to Alpine linux, which drops the size from 229MB to 64MB. I also added the ability to configure it using env vars instead of the config file. This is a pretty big change, so let me know if you guys see any issues.
  13. I switched the container from the phusion base image to Alpine linux. The size dropped from about 250MB to about 16MB. It also handles options set using environment variables rather than the config file better. This is a pretty big change, so let me know if you guys see any issues.
  14. New update is out. I moved from the phusion (Ubuntu-based) base image to Alpine. The image is 5x smaller. Also, you can now specify all the settings using only environment variables. In this case you don't need the config file. Env vars take precedence over the config file values.