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  1. Nope, forgot I posted this to be honest. I've just learnt to ignore the false reading I guess.
  2. I'd be interested to know if anyone comes up with a good solution over ethernet or the like, as I'd love to do something like this myself in the future; but in the meantime, you can use Parsec on both machines and get pretty low latency (less than 10ms) with relatively minimal video compression artifacts especially if both the host and client are wired.
  3. Managed to get temps on my Strix B550-E with acpi_enforce_resources=lax in my boot options, otherwise I get nothing but CPU temps. But the SYSTIN temp that seems to relate to motherboard temps goes up to 80-90C and won't come down even at idle which I know is not correct as it goes back down after a restart and is okay for a while, it also isn't showing anywhere near that in the BIOS. Is this because of the boot argument?
  4. Not to discourage @thor2002ro's work, but as I only needed the Vendor Reset patch I moved to using this and compiling the kernel myself. You have to re-do this after every update, but at least you can do it (relatively) safely.
  5. Anyone else getting higher than should be idle cpu usage from this docker? It's not showing as being used much in the advanced view on the dockers tab, it's in the main cpu usage and when I look in top in a terminal it's the java service that it's using. As soon as I stop the docker, my cpu clocks back down again.
  6. Did you try with just acpi_enforce_resources=lax in your boot options? That worked for me.
  7. Hi all, Wondered if someone might have any tips on getting my 5700xt to passthrough without having to use vfio bind? Without it I get a purple/corrupted screen and Windows 10 throws a code 43. It is the only GPU in the system, I'm running 6.9.1, legacy boot (UEFI stops any VM's getting past the Tianocore logo) and I'm passing through the GPU BIOS as otherwise I get a black screen. I would like to be able to get it working without the vfio bind so that I could use the card within dockers, etc. when the VM isn't running. Thanks.
  8. That makes sense and yes it works without the VFIO bind however without that I cannot pass through my GPU to my VM's, so it looks like I'll have to give both GPU Statistics and any hardware passthrough in dockers a miss. Thanks for your help anyway
  9. Please see attached. Apologies, I edited my previous post as the VM is now also showing 100% usage and also typing radeontop into the terminal also shows full usage. Maybe there's an issue with my particular card.
  10. No there isn't any VM's set to autostart, I did put that in the previous post but it was below the code block so might have been hard to see! Edit: Just rebooted and still the same and then I tried booting up the VM again and now it's also stuck at 100% usage after dropping back to 0% temporarily.
  11. Here you go:- Module Size Used by iptable_raw 16384 1 wireguard 86016 0 curve25519_x86_64 32768 1 wireguard libcurve25519_generic 49152 2 curve25519_x86_64,wireguard libchacha20poly1305 16384 1 wireguard chacha_x86_64 28672 1 libchacha20poly1305 poly1305_x86_64 28672 1 libchacha20poly1305 ip6_udp_tunnel 16384 1 wireguard udp_tunnel 20480 1 wireguard libblake2s 16384 1 wireguard blake2s_x86_64 20480 1 libblake2s libblake2s_generic 20480 1 blake2s_x86_64 libchacha
  12. I did also build the kernel with the vendor reset patch. I only really wanted to use RadeonTop for the GPU Statistics as it's nice to have showing on the main screen in the UI. Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing when the server is idle (GPU definitely not in use as the fans aren't spinning). Strangely, when I spin up a VM, the figures all drop back down and then appear to work correctly when the VM is running/under load.
  13. Just to double check is the RadeonTop module in the kernel helper the right one to use a Navi card with GPU Statistics? I've installed it but it's showing 100% usage when nothing is running. Wondered if I'd done something wrong or should report this in the GPU Statistics thread?
  14. Strangely, I get "unraid-api: command not found" when I run that command in a terminal. Is it something I need to install separately? It wasn't mentioned as a prerequisite on the wiki. Edit: Second reboot fixed it. All good now, thanks.
  15. Hi, I get the error "Graphql is offline" on my server using this plug-in, any ideas? Also I get an error during the flash backup, I guess this is because I'm using a custom kernel? Thanks.