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  1. So the 5700XT problem is only on 5.9+? If so, can vendor-reset be implemented on an older kernel version? I only need that fix and not anything else at the moment over the base kernel in Unraid 6.8.3.
  2. Hi, first of all thank you for this kernel. I was excited to use it because of the new AMD reset included. However, I seem to be having issues with it. I've included the line in /config/go however when booting into my previously working Windows 10 VM it kept rebooting. I've now done a fresh install of the VM and all is well until I try to install the Radeon drivers upon which the VM reboots and now it is back in a boot loop. I am using this on 6.8.3 with an AMD 5700xt and nothing else included regarding any AMD reset fixes. Any ideas? Edit: Looks like this i
  3. Just done that and rebooted, I'll keep an eye on it. Thank you!
  4. Still the same for me. I think it's a hardware fault. This motherboard is on its way out I think.
  5. Hey guys, please see attached. I see the "docker0" logs which seem to be the culprit but come up empty handed when I've been googling to find out what may be causing it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Hmm, you could try passing the vbios through as I've had issues before without doing that. I'm not sure past that as I've not had the best of luck myself with VM's.
  7. What exactly happens when you try to pass through the GPU? Try setting the machine type to Q35 if you haven't already as AMD drivers don't like i440fx. This patch isn't specific to AMD CPU's, it just has patches which help with CPU's that are based on Zen2.
  8. Bumping this as I'm still having the same issue, no Linux distro seems to reliably work with GPU passthrough without rebooting the server in between shutting down the VM. Whereas any Windows VM works fine. @Tonitram Are you still having the issue as well?
  9. Is anyone else having problems with this docker not autostarting? It will start fine if I start it manually. Please see log below where the first set is the docker not starting at boot and the next set is me manually starting it. Any ideas? ------------------------------------- _ () | | ___ _ __ | | / __| | | / \ | | \__ \ | | | () | |_| |___/ |_| \__/ Brought to you by We gratefully accept donations at: ------------------------------------- GID/UID ------------------------------------- User uid: 99 User gid: 100 ----
  10. I understand that, I more meant that I hope that there isn't too many issues encountered to be able to move to 5.8 relatively swiftly.
  11. Really hoping that the 5.8 kernel makes it into a release not too far down the line. As I understand it, the combination of the GPU reset patches which were submitted for 5.8 alongside the team working on amdgpu driver support should hopefully fix the Navi reset issue without a custom kernel being required.
  12. Anything I could provide for someone to maybe help me diagnose this?
  13. That's an unbelievably selfish view to have on this. We would all like a new release with new features, bugs fixed, etc. but it's not as simple as just flicking a switch and with the current world pandemic things are likely to take even longer. The fact that your only post on here is to bitch that it's been 3 months since a release speaks volumes about how little you know about development and thus aren't in the position to be able to judge.