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  1. Couldn't get it to do it until again until leaving a VM downloading a game and ended up with a strange gap in the log between the last thing I did with re-attaching a USB device and then the system restarting. Any ideas as to why that would happen?
  2. That was already enabled but I've also enabled the option to mirror to flash which I presume will allow me to see what it logs?
  3. Hi all, I suspect I have some failing hardware as recently I don't seem to be able to leave the server on overnight idling without me not being able to access it at all when I come to do anything with it in the morning. Temps when using it are low so I doubt it's overheating. Specs are:- Motherboard - MSI Z170A Carbon Pro Gaming RAM - 4x8gb Corsair Vengeance 2400mhz CPU - 6700k @ Stock Cooling - Noctua NH-D15 GPU - Powercolor Red Devil 5700 XT I've attached my diagnostics zip from when I had to power down and back on again this morning which I know isn't ideal but maybe someone can find something in there. How do I go about getting a log as it freezes that doesn't get overwritten when I turn it off and back on again? What's my best bet for testing? Memtest? I installed a second kit of ram a few months back but the problem started more recently than that and I've had corruption on the output of the iGPU which leads me to think motherboard or CPU. I recently went back to 6.7.2 from 6.8 because of stability and VM issues. Any help would be appreciated and any thing you want me to run/do to troubleshoot please let me know. tower-diagnostics-20191130-0925.zip
  4. Closing this as I think I now have hardware problems unrelated to the GPU.
  5. Ah, that makes sense. Guess you'll have to set it up with a monitor plugged in, then remove it.
  6. I'm guessing it's not defaulting to the correct HDMI audio out once you disconnect the RDP session as you should get audio through your headset. Can you try choosing a different HDMI audio out in Windows while in the RDP session to see if any of those plays sound through the VR headset? If so, then see what happens when you disconnect the RDP. I don't think this is impossible to do, just needs a bit of tweaking!
  7. Went ahead and reverted to rc5 with this kernel and everything is working great. I initially had issues with restarting and shutting down VM's, much more than what I was aware of with the Navi reset bug. This fixed everything for me, so thanks!
  8. Maybe so, Wendell from Level1Techs seemed to have information that AMD were looking into a firmware update for it. https://level1techs.com/video/radeon-5700-xt-vfio-reset-bug-fixed Amended, apologies.
  9. No, and I should have tried that first but I've gone back to rc5 with @Leoyzen's kernel and it's working how I would expect. I will try and make some time to revert back to stable to see if just the known reset bug appears without the issues I've been having and hopefully the reset bug can be fixed for good eventually.
  10. Hi all, Fitted a 5700XT in place of a 980ti on Friday and all was fine using my existing VM on 6.8.0rc6 but I decided to reinstall the VM due to the new GPU and a few other things I wanted to sort out. As part of this I also upgraded to rc7 but I've just tried rolling back to rc6 and it still appears to be the same. I'm now having issues where I can't restart the VM from Windows or else it shuts down and then just stays on a black screen and then I have to restart the server due to the Navi reset bug. I can't shut down the VM from Windows as then I get the Navi reset bug and as a result of this any Windows updates seem to get stuck in a loop at 100% upon starting the VM again. The card is secondary as such due to the iGPU on my 6700k which I use GUI mode with. I've tried both with and without a vbios (both my own rip and from TechPowerUp and using a vbios seems to make my TV/receiver freak out and either display nothing or else take numerous minutes before displaying anything and still suffers the same fate. I've also tried a few older Q35 versions and nothing seems to help (using Q35 or else AMD drivers won't install). I don't know how tied to the Navi reset bug all this is but it seems strange it was fine on a previously working VM (barring the main issues reported with these cards and VM's). Any ideas would be appreciated, I didn't think I'd have this many issues with this card. tower-diagnostics-20191124-1947.zip
  11. Why are you running something so critical to yourself on pre-release software? Seems a little reckless to me...
  12. VM's work fine for me, they did on RC1-RC6 and did last night when I updated to RC7. If you have issues with them you need to post diagnostics...
  13. Scored a really good deal on a 5700XT and had already updated to 6.8.0rc6. I need to downgrade to rc5 before using this kernel right?
  14. Does anyone know how to get Aria2 to parse a URL for links to then download?