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  1. Sorry for the delay, that works fine for me. Thanks!
  2. That's exactly what I have done, didn't have a huge amount of trackers set up so didn't take long and appears to work well and seems faster than Jackett to me.
  3. I wonder if it's as simple as the "bluez-firmware: version 1.2" upgrade in 6.10.0-rc1 causing the issue as the NMBluezManager is a different version on the two logs you've attached?
  4. Great, just updated and all good. Thank you!
  5. Thanks a lot for this! Any chance of the container being updated to the version that came out 7th August? Thanks.
  6. I'm just passing it through within the VM Manager for each VM, it's not bound to VFIO or anything and yeah it worked fine previously with the Wifi 6 part disabled.
  7. That's not included either, thanks for the suggestion by the way!
  8. No, hciconfig doesn't seem to be included. That sounds like a logical explanation though,
  9. Hi, On 6.9.2 I was passing through my onboard Bluetooth Controller on my Asus B550 Strix-E which was working fine, however since updating to 6.10.0-RC1 I am no longer able to do. It works fine in BM on Windows 10 but throws up a Code 10 in a Windows 10 VM and doesn't let me enable Bluetooth in a PopOS VM. It's picked up as "Intel Corp. (8087:0029)" when trying to passthrough and is twinned with the onboard WiFi 6 (which I have disabled as I don't use it). All other settings are the same as they were before updating. Diagnostics attached.
  10. Upgraded fine apart from I now can't passthrough my onboard Bluetooth controller. It works fine in a BM Windows 10 install, but throws up a Code 10 error in the Windows 10 VM and doesn't even let me Enable Bluetooth in a PopOS VM. Edit:- Created a separate thread here.
  11. Nope, forgot I posted this to be honest. I've just learnt to ignore the false reading I guess.
  12. I'd be interested to know if anyone comes up with a good solution over ethernet or the like, as I'd love to do something like this myself in the future; but in the meantime, you can use Parsec on both machines and get pretty low latency (less than 10ms) with relatively minimal video compression artifacts especially if both the host and client are wired.
  13. Managed to get temps on my Strix B550-E with acpi_enforce_resources=lax in my boot options, otherwise I get nothing but CPU temps. But the SYSTIN temp that seems to relate to motherboard temps goes up to 80-90C and won't come down even at idle which I know is not correct as it goes back down after a restart and is okay for a while, it also isn't showing anywhere near that in the BIOS. Is this because of the boot argument?
  14. Not to discourage @thor2002ro's work, but as I only needed the Vendor Reset patch I moved to using this and compiling the kernel myself. You have to re-do this after every update, but at least you can do it (relatively) safely.
  15. Anyone else getting higher than should be idle cpu usage from this docker? It's not showing as being used much in the advanced view on the dockers tab, it's in the main cpu usage and when I look in top in a terminal it's the java service that it's using. As soon as I stop the docker, my cpu clocks back down again.