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  1. Hi there, Saw your request into support. We honestly have no idea what exactly happened here and given that so much time has passed since the issue first occurred, we really don't have any way to reproduce this issue at this point. The best advice I can give you is to manually delete the hidden folder via command line and recopy the data without using a proprietary program like Robocopy. I think that is the source of your issue. If Robocopy is creating directories that don't show up when browsing over SMB, but copying files regularly over SMB works fine, then the issue is with Robocopy and I would suggest opening a support ticket with them to get additional help.
  2. Correct. Server should be discoverable or you can go to All the best, Jon
  3. Hi there, Please reboot using safe mode. This is likely an issue caused by plugin incompatibility. Also, please refrain from posting in general support for assistance with issues on RC or beta releases. The pre release bug report forum is the right place to post issues like this.
  4. This system has two physical socketed CPUs though, yes? And did you have to do anything special to align the GPU and memory allocations on the previous versions of Unraid?
  5. @agarkauskas really hoping to hear back from you on these questions. In addition, we're starting to wonder if this might be due to the dual CPUs you're using in your setup. Did you perhaps change any of your configurations with CPU assignments or isolations? Did you ever align your memory allocation for your VMs to the right NUMA nodes in alignment with your GPUs?
  6. Have you tried loading any other containers or just that one?
  7. If you remove the new memory module you added, does the system return to normal function?
  8. Thank you for reporting. I am making the dev team aware.
  9. Hi @Mirai Misaka, if you try to install a new Windows VM from scratch, do you still get the Code 43 error? We need to isolate whether this is an issue within the guest OS or something to do with the host configuration. @bigbangus had a similar issue after updating to 6.10, but found the problem was that the NVIDIA driver needed updating there. Another possible issue is whether or not this system features an integrated graphics device and whether that device is enabled or not. Generally speaking when you want to pass through a GPU, you need one GPU per guest and one for the host. In your setup, you seem to only have the two GPUs. I know that some users have found workarounds to making the primary GPU pass through, but NVIDIA does not officially support that configuration as an FYI:
  10. And are both of your VMs experiencing this same issue with each GPU? If you're having bad performance in Windows outside of games as well, this is unlikely a bug with GPU pass through, but rather, something amiss with CPU virtualization/pinning. Can you confirm both of those Windows VMs you have experience the same issue and that the issue persists even with only one VM running at a time?
  11. Please show screenshot of the actual errors you are seeing when trying to install an OS in a VM. The errors in libvirt are not "errors" but just notices that are completely expected.
  12. @nickp85 and @JesterEE please attach your system diagnostics when you have a moment so I can review those. Again, I have been unable to recreate the issue in the lab, so we're going to need more help from you guys to figure out what's going on.
  13. Hi there, For those having this issue, please report back with a copy of your system diagnostics, and any relevant A/B testing you've done comparing 6.9-series VM performance to 6.10. For game-specific testing, please list the games you've tried. We're actively trying to recreate these issues in the lab, but so far, no dice.
  14. Hi there, I've been trying to recreate these reported performance issues, but in my own testing, I'm not able to. Can you confirm this performance drop is occurring with other games as well or just Cyberpunk?
  15. Hi there, One issue could be that if you're loading the GPU driver to use the GPU with a Docker container, then you can't also use that GPU with a virtual machine. GPUs need to have their driver stubbed in order to be used in a VM. When you use the NVIDIA plugin, it installs the driver for the card which prevents you from using it in a VM. This is not a bug.
  16. Hi there, A few things to keep in mind. First and foremost is that AMD GPUs are notoriously more difficult to pass through to VMs than NVIDIA, so keep that in the back of your mind. The second thing worth noting is that the host OS needs a GPU and you'll need one for the guest. If the motherboard has integrated graphics, you need to ensure those are enabled in the BIOS and set as the primary graphics there so that when Unraid boots, it utilizes that iGPU and then you can use your discrete GPU for the VM. If you don't have an iGPU on that system, you can try some more advanced guides to passing through the GPU:
  17. Just want you guys to know that we're tracking all of these VM issues and I'm looking into them this week. Thank you for the reports!
  18. I'm confused. The issue has resolved itself? The game is performing fine now? If so, there's no way that those clock speeds could be accurate while you're getting good in-game performance. Its likely a reporting error in the VM.
  19. Thanks for the feedback guys! I first noticed the anti-cheat problem when my favorite game, Escape from Tarkov, decided to prevent VM users from playing. Fortunately it wasn't a ban, but rather, just insta-kick from the game servers. Still very annoying but at least it wasn't a permaban. The hard truth is that eventually, game developers won't be able to ignore VM gaming users. This is a growing market segment that I only see continuing to grow over time. And with the ability to hide/mask things getting better and better, eventually it won't even be an option for them to ban based on VM detection.
  20. Curious if you try a different game if you have the same or different results.
  21. Please try to recreate the issue without the use of tdarr.
  22. Unfortunately we do not have any 30-series GPUs for testing here, but we do see other users reporting success with this combination. I don't think your issue is the GPU. I think it is more likely tied to your Ryzen CPU. AMD CPUs have been notorious for causing weird performance oddities on random setups. Some users report everything working great, others have issues like you've described. The big things you need to try: 1) Disable all dockers, plugins, or any other custom 3rd party add-ons you have installed on your system and retest. 2) Did you properly isolate your CPUs for your VM? You can do this from Settings -> CPU Pinning page. If you've already done those exact things and are still having poor performance, I'm not sure what else to suggest other than changing the CPU/mobo.