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  1. 1 other side question. i was planning on upgrading my 1x 500gb ssd cache too 2x 1tb ssd in raid. would you recommend this as i know the current ssd is getting older and I wanted to get you thoughts on this as well as that was planed for next month any way if not i can always use the ssds for other things
  2. stargate-diagnostics-20210420-1243.zip yup somethings not right the drive 14 is a 12tb less then half full
  3. stargate-diagnostics-20210420-1043.zip now its showing logs had to reboot system again to purge memory had some work to do this morning was not able to replay as fast as i wanted to and thank you for your time and help so far @hugenbdd
  4. @hugenbdd those are the setting before copying the 1's @Maticks posted in the pic answer to q 1) I forgot to include the updated download from after installing the updated version of the mover. answer to q 2) As for logs i had them turned off for the better part of 3 years when it comes to the mover as it has been working with out issue for all that time. I did turn them on and will get an updated set of the diagnostics as soon an it done trying to run the current mover with the new settings. answer to q 3) these were the settings i was running before hand in pics 1 and 2 stargate-diagnostics-20210419-2156.zip
  5. I just Mirrored the settings listed and am letting it run to see if that works now
  6. I am having a small problem My cache drive will not move the contents I included the diagnostic report to make it easer for people with more experience then me to help figure out what needs fixed. At current I have updated the CA Mover Tuning to version 2021.04.16 as seen in the pic. that I read in 1 of the other posts about cache problems. no help OS Version: 6.9.1 I have also turned off the Docker tab and rebooted the server and this has had no affect. So I come to the Forum for the help. thank you in advance stargate-diagnostics-20210418-2045.zip
  7. thats the results of the Preclear of one of the 10TB drives
  8. Hello All I am looking for a suggestion's on what app, docker, plugin to use to do a load balance if my server. so all the data is across all the drives and not stuffed in to the small 4TB drives. it am ok with using the cml but i would prefer i gui since I make directions in what i do for the other 2x people to access the server when i am away and it would need done. i am using the most current OS thats not beta 6.5.
  9. will this still work if i use 2 step Verification? and yes i have the turning on less secure turned on and a dedicated gmail acc for the server emails. and thank you all for the info it was very helpful in setting up the server
  10. i was thinking of getting a extra 8TB before i do the migration anyway after more reading i have been doing. and yes they have to be the same size dorm what i was reading. just for the backup and in the end i would have an extra 18TB to the total and a setup of 2x 10TB parity drives and a array of 4x 10TB + 2x 8TB drives + 6x 4TB drives and 1x 2TB drive with a total of 40+16+24+2= 82TB with 2x 10TB parity drives aka 12+2 and thank you again for the info @Benson
  11. thats the current systems my old Nas an RN516 I am dumping all the data to the unRaid server then adding 4x of these drives to the array and using the other 2x as the dual parity setup.
  12. question will it make much difference i am planing to go from 1 parity disk to 2x 10tb drives as parity. using the steps @Benson listed before. i am running unRaid OS Version 6.5 any idea how long it will take to do this to get 2x 10 tb drives done. 22h 30 min to go from a 4 tb single parity to a single 8 tb parity drive with only 500gb of data the new setup is going to have 26 tb of space before i move over plex with 24.21 tb of data then i am taking 2x of the ironwolf 10 tb drives and making them the new parity drives then adding the remaining 4x 10tb drives to the array giving me 36 tb more storage. a total of 62 tb of storage in the end. Sync the arrary once before change then Stop the array Shut down the server Swap the current parity disks with the new ones Boot up server Re-assign parity slots to the new drives Turn on the array in maintenance mode and just let it rebuild thank you in advance for all the helpful info in this post.
  13. this is how i have them set up just with each container having a dedicated drive, ip address and 2x of the container with different appdata folders. as seen in the pic and thank you for the fast reply @Djoss
  14. what settings do in need to change so that i can have 2x movies ripping at the same time with the 2x different drives i have? also thank you for making the docker it is working great with the 1 drive all set up cd/dvd PIONEER BD-RW BDR-XD05 3.01 /dev/sr1 cd/dvd PIONEER BD-RW BDR-XD05 3.10 /dev/sr0