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  1. I will be out for a few days and won't be able to look at the issues until Wed. evening at the earliest. The best way to get the settings you want is to set the plug-in to test mode and enable logging. Then review the syslog for the cache entries.
  2. Plug-in still works. however... It's easy to set enough stringent configs that the cache does fill up. I agree, cache - prefer is the most common issue. Best way to check to see why a cache is filling up outside of cache-prefer is to run in test mode and review the logs.
  3. I think you want to remove the "Force move of all files on a schedule:" (Set to no) And keep the settings for "Move All from Cache-Yes shares when disk is above a certain percentage:" Yes, your %. This checks to see if the cache is above your set threshold. If it is, it will move everything. Based on the scheduler. Looking back at your original question.. The plug-in just check's based on the schedule not based on the % used. Best way to follow this would be to.. 1.) Mover Schedul: Hourly 2.) Set your percentage to move files. (Only move at this threshold of used cache space: 20%) 3.) Set % to move all file if greater than your percentage. You will still have an "hour" delay between checking. But usually a large enough hard drive and combination of low enough threshold make this workable.
  4. Yes There are two - Move All files. One that runs based on the cron entry in the configs that calls the original mover (from the original plug-in way back...). And another that is based off percentage used. Two different sections of code....
  5. Looks right.. Can you enable logging and post the log entries? Then I can track down the issue.
  6. @Squid What's the minor change you are asking for? (Just want to be prepaired for the plug-in if needed...)
  7. Dooph! I'm still living in 2020 don't ruin my reality and don't tell me what happens in 2021.... Fixed...
  8. New Release to fix this issue.
  9. Great! In normal Linux dos2unix will take care of this. There is a "end of line" character difference between Windows & Unix. Sometimes they show ^M if you print the file from the command line.
  10. Make sure logging is on. Move Now button follows plug-in filters (Yes) Turn on test mode (Very bottom) Test each directory one at a time in your file. It's possible there are control characters for the end of line if you created the file in windows. If you created it with vi editor or from the command line this should not be the case.
  11. I think you will be okay... but make a backup of the file just in case.
  12. Probably doesn't survive reboot. I'll work on a release in the next few days.
  13. Please post in here. A Screen shot of your mover settings, set mover logging to enabled, and the diagnostics zip file mentioned above after mover has run. This should let me track down any issues.
  14. There was an Echo in there for that statement. Next release will have it updated to follow the logging settings. (But that may be a while...) If you want to fix it now. Line 396 of /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.mover.tuning/age_mover Change echo "mover not Needed." to mvlogger "Mover not Needed."
  15. Make sure the file matches in here. /boot/config/shares