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  1. The hourly schedule should be going off. Can you enable logging, post a screen shot of your settings and the mover entries in the syslog? For it to "automatically" move files based on percentage, you could setup a custom script that runs every minute and checks the size of the cache pool and then kicks off mover. you could take look at some of my code for examples of how to find the size.
  2. With recent changes I think this can be implemented. Just will take some extra loops and creating a rather large file list. Then sending the file list to the mover instead of the individual find commands. Will keep track of this thread to see when it comes out in beta. But.. Depends on how it's implemented... Will check back once the feature is released.
  3. Pretty much. I'm away from my server to check the code... but... if you have multiple cache pools, then it will also move those even if that other cache pool is not at 90% (Your setting). i.e. I call the original Mover bash script.
  4. 1.) Correct, the first thing mover does is check the percentage of the cache used. When it's run, if used space is >70% (your setting) it will then run through the rest of the filters and send the "find" string to the mover binary. 2.)Mover is only kicked off based on the schedule. Say you have Mover set to hourly, and the cache hit's 95% sometime in that hour, it won't move until the set schedule time. (i.e. hourly, or daily, etc)
  5. If you are using the Move Now button, you have it set to follow the original unRAID mover settings. (i.e. All files) Else, can you do a few things. 1.) Enable Logging 2.) Move Now button Follows plug-in Filters: Yes 3.) Set Test mode: Yes Then post the syslog output for all of the mover entries. The start will look something like this Jun 8 01:45:01 Tower root: Log Level: 1 Jun 8 01:45:01 Tower root: mvlogger: *********************************MOVER START******************************* Jun 8 01:45:01 Tower root: mvlogger: Age su
  6. If you can't mirror the drive, and still want the "write" benefits of having cache, I would suggest a few things. 1.) Set mover to run hourly. (might need Mover Tuning to do this) 2.) Setup Squid's CA Backup's to backup all your dockers/plug-in's etc. to a share that does not use cache.
  7. No, there is only 1 copy of the file. i.e. Cache Only File is not on the array until mover sends it there. If using cache-prefer it will copy files off the array to the cache drive. However, if doing this on "media" shares, it can quickly consume all the cache drive and cause problems. (Very common to have problems with this setting.) Best bet is to have your cache in a dual drive (raid 1) setup (i.e. mirror). Mirror provides a backup of the cache drive, and parity protection will come once moved. You can run mover every hour if needed. There are some advanced
  8. New Release 2020.06.03 - Added size of all files from find string per share to test mode output. - Added "Ignore Hidden Files" option. This adds -not -path '/.' to the end of the find command. Requested by slimjim181 to help with video editing folders.
  9. Updated. Please test and let me know if the Ignore Hidden Files setting is working how you expect. With my limited testing it appears to ignore anything with a . in the beginning of the name or file. 2020.06.03 Added size of all files from find string per share to test mode output. Added "Ignore Hidden Files" option. This adds -not -path '/.' to the end of the find command. Requested by slimjim181 to help with video editing folders.
  10. I think I can use the options in the find command like this. find /mnt/cache/TV/Processed\ TV/ -not -path '*/\.*' Can you please test a find command but with your path or paths to make sure it's pulling back the files you want, and does not have the hidden files/folders you want to stay?
  11. A week, maybe two. Depending on if I get some free time this week.
  12. oh wow! that a very specific use case. I think adding an "ignore hidden files" button would fit in the plug-in but not this. I have also only made one modification to the array -> cache code, as that is a very common problem of filling up cache and crashing dockers, etc. My modification allowed for a "test mode" to see what would be moved. You would be better off with a custom script that invokes the mover just for your case. (I have attached an example of code based on my plug-in, but it needs testing and the bugs worked out.) I added | grep -- to the find command.
  13. Looks like you are putting the directory into mover tuning. try the file. /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/SyncRaid50/script
  14. You are missing execute permissions on the file. chmod 775 on that file and it should help.
  15. I'll try and look more at this tomorrow mornings. But in the meantime... Whats the permissions of the script and owner? i.e. ls -ltr /boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/SyncRaid50 Can you put a few "echo" statements in your script. i.e. beginning and ending?