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  1. No, it will "error" out if you try to install that release on 6.8 as it checks the version now. For 6.8, follow this post.
  2. Few things. There might be a hidden ^M character in your exclusion file if you created/edited it in windows. Either remove inside vi editor, try dos2unix (may not work in unraid), or sed -e "s/^M//" filename > newfilename Try just the find command on it's own from the console and see what it returns. (It should not have the files in the exclude file in the output). find "/mnt/cache/Backup/" -depth | grep -vFf '/boot/moverignore.txt'
  3. I believe you can, based on other users experiences. (page 12 and 13) You may want to move them to a temporary directory just in case they may be needed.
  4. Do you still have a Photos share? ls -ltr /boot/config/shares Seems an upgrade to RC2 may have left some orphan share config files. I will add some checks in the next release.
  5. How big do you need? I fear not moving large files will make it very easy for the cache to fill up quickly and cause problems.
  6. It should be 1024M not kb. if you have 1024 selected the find will add a -size +1024M
  7. Not sure why it doesn't show up. I was not able to find it on a search either. I'll reach out to Squid on the next release. if you want install the 6.9rc2 version, you can use this URL.
  8. You Can. From the Plugin's tab, then "install plugin" put this URL into the textbox Then hit install.
  9. Mtime you probably know from,on when they were modified. Yes, you would have to list all other directories you don't want to move. Maybe put the directory you don't want on cache on it's own share and disable cache so it writes directly to the array.
  10. Yes it will still work correctly. since you are on the version from may and in in raid 6.8.3. The warning is because the latest install log file has a minimum requirement of 6.9.0-rc2. But because you are on the older version you are fine. The “fix” will happen once 6.9 is out of beta.
  11. We can't do read time because of the way unraid mounts the shares (Look back a few pages as the details are discussed). I go off of "mtime". The majority of what this plugin does, is change the "find" string to send to the mover binary. The stock mover script looks something like "find /mnt/usr/ | /usr/local/sbin/move" and I will change it to look something like "find /mnt/usr/ -mtime +30 | /usr/local/sbin/move" Yes you could use the "Ignore files listed inside of a text file:" setting, and put all the directories in that file you don't want moved off cache. As it adds a 'gr
  12. Ignore for now. If you have the old one from the archive raw link posted earlier.. you should be fine. (Which it looks like you do.)
  13. That's odd. This file (/boot/config/shares/Share1.cfg) should of had the entry of shareUseCache="yes" inside of it. As I check to see if the share has a cache. for SHARECFG in /boot/config/shares/* ; do if grep -qs 'shareUseCache="yes"' "$SHARECFG" ; then echo "Share Config: $SHARECFG"
  14. Can you post a pic of your schedule page or let me know what you have in the file ignore box so I can try and reproduce on my end.
  15. Try now... I updated the install script.