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  1. thanks for bringing this docker container to the Unraid app store. Works great!
  2. Latest update to Ghost pushes to v.4. It will break the container. Please see this thread for how to correct. You will need to remove the "migrations" and "migrations_lock" tables from your mariadb database. More here: https://forum.ghost.org/t/db-error-after-upgrading-to-v4/20921/6 And if you're not database saavy (like me), check this out for some step by step: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/mariadb/mariadb_drop_tables.htm
  3. Looks like Ghost 4 is out. Any plans to upgrade the container? It appears to be a major upgrade that requires a migration to the new version... Thanks for a great container!
  4. Answered my own question. The spectre-importer has the same issue. Changing the container port and WebUI port from 80 to 8080 fixed the issue. Cheers
  5. Hi. Trying to get the spectre-importer going. No errors in the docker log, but I can't even get to the WebUI. "connection refused". Tried changing ports, but nada. Any thoughts?
  6. I'm using Nextcloud stable through Swag with MariaDB running off SSD cache drive. Redis also running. Seeing the same issues as you guys. It's awesome in terms of use-cases, but it is SLOW. Slow to navigate to site page, slow going between apps. Things like Talk and OnlyOffice take many seconds to load. I run Ombi, wallabag, and freshrss also through Swag and they are LOADS faster. Plex is lightning fast. Is it worth migrating the database to PostgreSQL? This doesn't feel like a database issue... like that initial connection time is wild just getting to the dashboard.
  7. So, I am not understanding a few things. Why is this necessary? And what does it do? And Thanks, by the way!
  8. Looks like if you're on the Nextcloud stable channel, update to 20.0.4 is available. Also, the internal onlyoffice nextcloud app/plugin is updated to 6.2.0. Anyone know if this fixes the onlyoffice container issues? Going to take the plunge while on vacation next week.
  9. You've been running this exact same setup for years with no issues? But when you upgraded to the new beta unraid you started to experience issues? Is that correct? Just trying to piece together the timeline of when your issues began
  10. Speaking only from personal experience, if all your devices are connected to the same controller, one bad drive can introduce kernel conditions where the unraid kicks it and every drive out of the array. Sometimes you need to do a little trial and error with hardware issues like this. Pull a suspect drive, replace cables, run the array for a bit, check diagnostics, etc. If you've been running this setup for years without issue, it's likely a bad drive or cable. I'm not an unraid expert, but I believe the disabled drive will stay that way till you decide if/how you want to re-integrate it. I would try to diagnose the problem drive first.
  11. Maybe I am missing something... The logs end well before 21:19. No errors on anything I can see
  12. Hello. I had the OpenOfficeDocumentServer working well until the most recent update. Now I cannot connect. Not sure what changed. Using reverse proxy through SWAG. When I try to hit it via command-line, here's what I get: wget https://docserver.myserver.org --2020-12-05 11:55:55-- https://docserver.myserver.org/ Resolving docserver.myserver.org (docserver.myserver.org)... xxx.xxx.xx.xx Connecting to docserver.myserver.org (docserver.myserver.org)|xxx.xxx.xx.xx|:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 400 Bad Request 2020-12-05 11:55:55 ERROR 400: Bad Request. Been googling around. Tried reinstalling container. Copying over the key files again. Restarted SWAG. Same result. Document Server was working perfectly before the update and its error logs are empty. SWAG's error logs don't seem to show any problems with the document server access. Any ideas out there? UPDATE: Getting this error too, but unsure if its related... Not sure what this is referring to...
  13. Each one of those should be a separate command: su - archivebox cd /data archivebox init archivebox manage createsuperuser All done inside of docker console
  14. Love this docker!!! Precisely what I needed in life! For the life of me, I can't figure out how to make it sync a subfolder with a space in the filename. Grrr. I have tried quotes around the subfolder, and a "\" without quotes, but nothing works. Anyway, that's just a niggle. Thanks for this awesomeness!