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  1. Version: - Added file size monitor to show file size before/after processing Version: - Fixed issue with newly created directories having wrong permissions on them - Fixed issue with Audio Normalization in Video_H265_AC3 node not working - Fixed issue with library files showing as successful when the flow failed Version: - Attempting to fix an issue when a file is still being moved/copied to location and its picked up by the library worker. - Attempting to fix new directory permissions issue Version: - Made it work in a "Demo" mode. Which is now available on website. - Fixed Safari browser issue (hopefully, havent had time to test this, was a minor bug) Version: - Fixed issue with new Flows not having default "File Input" - Added InputKeyValue type to editor - BasicNodes: Added Pattern Replacer node which lets you do string/regular expression replacements in the filename
  2. This is the first docker app I've ever done, so I'm really no expert at it. I used the first thing that I got working which was that jrottenberg base. I don't think the vaapi has nvidia hw support (correct me if I'm wrong). So I'll have to figure out how to make a docker container that has nvidia/intel/amd? support.
  3. Version: - Fixed issue with new Flows not having default "File Input" - Added InputKeyValue type to editor - BasicNodes: Added Pattern Replacer node which lets you do string/regular expression replacements in the filename This adds the renamer you requested in 1) can be regular expressions, or just simple string replacements. Executed in the order given. so this example replace Something.s03e05.mkv to Something.03x05.mkv then Something.3x05.mkv then to Something 3x05.mkv then Something - 3x05.mkv
  4. Version: - added variables to inputfile - fixed issue wwith filebrowser using wasm directory instead of server - added support for backspace to remove node from flow page - styled scrollbar in firefox - standardized file/folder variables - updated library worker to ignore resulting files after being processed - filebrowser now sorts items by name - filebrowser will default to /media if not on windows and if that directory will exist if no path is set Version: - Added "Renamer" node - Added "Pattern Match" node, this is a regular expression match node - Added "Variables" to flows. Can be used in renamer with { character and in the Function node with the Variable object - Added "Movie Lookup" node to a new MetaNode plugin - Fixed issue with output connections were not being deleted - added validation to editor - increased hot zone of the input/output nodes to make them easier to connect - change cursor of input/outputs so easier to tell when the connection will be succesful - made some files use no cache to make upgrades easier - made input-array add the value (if valid) to the list on blur. eg "Extensions" if you dont press enter after entering one, it will now auto add it to list New version: - fixed issue with file extension node not working - fixed issue with Code not working - added "Pattern" node which lets you test against a regular expression - started adding unit tests to plugins
  5. 2) I'm already doing. posted a demo in the discord server. 1) good idea.... ill have a think how to best do this.
  6. I originally built it as an alternative to unmaniac and tdarr. But realised it could do much more, just need the plugins to be created for it. Eg fixing id3 tags on audio files. sending an email when a file is found, or when something happens to a file. Sending a message to a alexa to play something when something with a file happens eg "New episode of Doctor Who ready to play". Calling into node-red and using those plugins to do even more. But what I'm primarily using it for now is to just monitor a downloads directory and ensure all videos downloaded are in h265 with AC3 audio, english as main language, and cropping black bars if detected, then moving the file into a converted folder that sonarr/radarr will pickup. So I'm using it as a middle man, sonarr/radarr sends request to sabnzbd -> sabnzdb downloads file -> fileflows converts files moves file to folder -> sonarr/radarr see new file in folder and renames it/moves it -> they tell plex
  7. do a force update on the docker. this may have been a bad build.. also what browser are you using? if not chrome, try chrome. and can you post the version number of the app. shown in the bottom left corner of the menu bar.
  8. MB, Ill update the UI to show this very shortly.
  9. try again now. There was an issue with the database create script I missed in testing. I was experiementing with using mysql for better perfomance vs sqlite, but went back to sqlite but forgot to update the create script. but long story short, update the docker, should be good to go now. I'm going to work on a youtube video showing how to use it. But I covered most things on the wiki on github.
  10. support thread for FileFlows docker app. wiki discord
  11. Tried that, no effect. I was trying to prepare for a clean install and keep all my settings by using a different USB and testing with that. But not even a trial license was available after I migrated some of the data. However I was able to install community application on that USB, then copy the community applications app to the original USB and that has been updated. So I do have what I originally wanted working. However, I still would like to fix this issue so I can easily upgrade and not run into this issue again
  12. Also I thought I was on the latest unraid as whenever I do a check it doesn't say theres a new version. However I'm on 6.6.1 so the unRAID upgrade isnt even working. I suspect its the same SSL issue, but nothing in he log to show an error I can see. Tried manually upgrading to 6.7.2, upgrade seemed to work fine (replacing all the bz* friles and the syslinux directory). But same issue. Downgrade in the GUI to 6.5.3, rebooted, same issue SSL error. I have too many apps/vms setup on my server to do a complete new install and loose everything.
  13. I know this has been reported before, but I've tried - changing my clock (its correct, its using, tried it manually, trying setting TimeZone to UTC+0, my tz (+12:00, auckland/wellington), hawaii, no change - manually set the DNS on unraid to point to instead of my routers DNS - rebooted - tried updating the certificates (not sure if this actually did anything, the instructions were kinda out of date and reported on a beta build of 6). but, this is the error I'm getting when trying to install community applications plugin: installing: plugin: downloading plugin: downloading: ... failed (SSL verification failure) plugin: wget: download failure (SSL verification failure) I tried doing a wget manually from the terminal wget --2019-12-07 02:16:22-- Resolving ( Connecting to (||:443... connected. ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by ‘CN=DigiCert SHA2 High Assurance Server CA,,O=DigiCert Inc,C=US’: Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority. To connect to insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'. I tried manually downloading the plg file and replacing all the https with http, and installing from the local plg, but even with http it complains about SSL. I had community applications installed but it was over a year old and wouldnt update, so I removed it and tried installing it again, when I ran into this issue. I see this in the log, but the time is right.... and I'm not sure why thats happening, one post suggests its normal and just because NTP daemon is starting up? Dec 7 02:27:30 Oracle ntpd[15285]: kernel reports TIME_ERROR: 0x2041: Clock Unsynchronized Whats my next step? anyone know how to fix this?
  14. ok, did a new config, set the drives as mentioned with disk8 becoming disk6, everything else was the same. my VM is still there on the dashboard and I can VNC into it, so thats good news. But all my apps are still gone. EDIT: looks like my docker.img file must have been trashed when I was trying to fix it. So guessing all my apps settings are lost and Ill have to reconfigure/install them
  15. telneting into the unraid box, i get the input/output error trying to do a ls on the /mnt/disk6 (other disks work fine) using the webgui and clicking the browse button, shows 0 objects, 0 directories, 0 files. lets assume, i dont care about the contents of that disk. my vm is on disk7 thats what i really care about. the rest are just movies/tv shows that I can rerip if really needed. if i go to a new config. Will I lose or my apps or will they come back? Will my vm reappear, or will I have to readd it? Should I put disk8 in the disk6 location and then keep the rest in their previous order?