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  1. Well solved while I write this message at the end after another reboot it started well and I was able to delete the mount points
  2. Good, I have a serious problem, it has two routes mounted by nfs of a server in an unraid, this nfs server is no longer on the network, and trying to remove those mounts does not remove them, they continue to appear as I could not authorize it and try to stop the raid and when trying to start The raid again stayed on mounting disks ... without finishing mounting so the next thing I have done has been to try to restart the server and now it does not load me or the web interface I can only access via ssh some help please
  3. I have a second server, unraid, with 24TB, 8 of them used, a couple virtual machines, with windows, one is my main computer with gtx graphics pass. Another is a windows with blue iris. Then I have quite a few containers. I am considering migrating to unraid 6.9 now because I use a Ryzen 3950x with x570 board and I cannot monitor the temperatures and I read that in the new version it already works well. What do you think about this update is it very hasty or is it stable enough to migrate?
  4. Sorry, I was referring to 20 hours ago and the parity check had finished. I'm going to do another parity check to see if the errors are corrected. Thanks for the help.
  5. Attached diagnosis, now it has been more than 20 hours without parity, it is finished and it has found 97 errors in addition and corrected an error that filled the log I do not know if that will hold.
  6. for 4 days every day the server is blocked and nothing new installed or changed in the hardware. I force the restart and it starts up perfectly and after a few hours it hangs again. step capture what I get on the screen
  7. Hello, first of all forgive my English, I have a problem with the contextual menus of docker, I cannot restart or delete or stop or do any of the options of these menus. I do not know if it will have to see that one day I tested the beta of 6.9 and then it returned to the stable one and tried to restart the server and from several browsers the menu comes out but when I give the options it simply does nothing.
  8. Thanks to the end I tried with another sai that I have salicru and with that I worked the first time I already have it working
  9. I am using a g4 datatraveler but it is already soucted I already have the whole installation again in a sandisk and support I have already authorized the new key and I was able to recover 100% of everything with a little work this time I already have a backup of the usb in case it happens again thanks to all
  10. Nothing in the end I have not achieved anything with that usb is protected against writing and all the data of the corrupted config. I decided to do a new installation on another USB and after a few hours of configuring everything, I was able to recover all my dockers and leave everything as it was with a trial license until they answer my support. Is there a way to have a copy of the usb in case it happens again?
  11. Nothing tells me write protected I can't repair or format or anything. The first usb was my fault it is connected outside and at a stroke I broke it so I had to change but in this I have no idea that the config folder has passed I can enter but there are all the corrupted files with strange characters I do not know what could have happened
  12. Ok it is true the usb is protected against reading I can not repair it with a windows tool and I could not read anything from the config folder but it is true I had not thought about formatting that unit and use it again so I can use the same key I am going to try now thank you very much !!!
  13. Hello, my usb has been completely corrupted and I could not read anything from the caprta config, I need to be able to register a new usb loe tried with, but since it is the second in a year because I can, please, I am urgently, without plex now with covid19
  14. Well, if that is because something strange happened to me, the plugin nut gave me a lump and the interface stopped responding, so I decided to restart the server and I find that the server does not start because it cannot find the USB, it had it connected to the internal USB port. (it is a hp gen8 ml310) then when not loading connect it to one of the rear ports and if it starts up but from what seems like something is happening the strange thing is that in the disk tab if it appears EDIT: Nothing definitely something happens to me with the usb and tried to make a backup of the fla