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  1. SpencerJ's post in CHANGE PROFILE NAME was marked as the answer   
    For display name change requests, please contact support.
  2. SpencerJ's post in usb trial to purchase? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for trying out Unraid!
  3. SpencerJ's post in Pro License Upgrade Cost using 30% discount Downsides? was marked as the answer   
    Hey there, 
    You would need to purchase and upgrade to Pro before the window closes. You can’t purchase an upgrade and activate later. 
    This promo was aimed at current users, hence the Pro upgrades only being a part of it but this does not preclude new users from taking part. 
    I can’t see any other downsides other than potential other sales down the road. 
    Thanks very much for trying us out and welcome to the community. 
  4. SpencerJ's post in Cannot redeem licence with activation code was marked as the answer   
    Putting this here for posterity's sake:
    Video instructions:
  5. SpencerJ's post in Impressed after 10 days, may I ask three questions before jumping in. was marked as the answer   
    Hey @DarthKegRaider,
    Thanks for trying us out!
    I personally have never seen any GUID issues with Samsung USBs.
    Yes, you can do this. Easily upgrading to new hardware is a key feature that we strive to maintain.
    No. The same functionality exists across each tier other than HD limits. Your trial license acts exactly like a Pro license save for the internet connection requirement which goes away with a license purchase.
    Have a nice day!
  6. SpencerJ's post in 为什么支付宝支付不支持了? was marked as the answer   
  7. SpencerJ's post in So my bank told me unraid.net have not updated their purchasing security, which is why my card keeps getting declined... was marked as the answer   
    You shouldn't need broadband to initiate a trial so I think there might be another issue going on. Can you contact us at unraid.net/contact so that we can further assist?
  8. SpencerJ's post in Bought a Basic licence but now I can't use it? was marked as the answer   
    Yes- cache drives do count towards the license limit. 
  9. SpencerJ's post in 我的U盘坏了,申请更换key要多久才有回复呢?谢谢。 was marked as the answer   
    ^我们需要您的新旧 USB 闪存驱动器 GUID 来转移您的许可证。
  10. SpencerJ's post in Username change request was marked as the answer   
    Oops- my bad. This one did slip through the cracks. All set!
  11. SpencerJ's post in Username change request please was marked as the answer   
    All set Moussa
  12. SpencerJ's post in Username Change Request Please was marked as the answer   
    All set!