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  1. One of my friend's Unraid server showed the same error “ssl verification failure" when installing a plugin, and the server's ntp servers / date and time settings are all correct. Could you help with this? Version: 6.10 Thank you very much!
  2. 建议使用品质较好的 2.0 U盘,发热量相对于 3.0 U盘来说会小很多,更加稳定。至于读写速度,对于系统影响并不大,启动后系统是写入到内存中运行的。 引导方式的选择,二楼已经解释过了。
  3. @SpencerJHey Spencer, I haven't seen the latest activation introduction, so I have no idea about this problem. Can you help him? Thank you!
  4. Yes, your translation engine works really well! I shall apologize for his limited information. What he wants to know is in the container DirSyncPro , when Remote Type is set as "local", there should be a mountpoint to "/mnt/local", and he doesn't know what this is and where it should be. I think he may not read the info above the option. I'll help him with the problem in Chinese. @NAS123 local 模式需要配合插件 “Unassigned Devices Plugin” 使用。你需要使用该插件挂载一个未被挂载进入阵列池的存储设备,然后在 DirSyncPro 的容器安装界面中,手动增加一个挂载的目录,将上述的存储设备的地址挂载到 “/mnt/local” 目录中。 另外,按照你的理解,这个挂载到 /mnt/local 的目录应该是用于备份的目的地目录。
  5. 缓存选项设置为“首选”,就会优先写入缓存了,缓存满了再写入阵列。当然这并不是默认值,是有其他方面的考量的。
  6. 感谢 Spencer 以及 Lime Tech 团队为中文化支持做出的不懈努力!
  7. 十有八九是被你的路由器 V6 防火墙 block 了,设置一下规则吧,开放 Unraid 主机的端口
  8. 我曾经和他们讨论过这个问题,结论是因为 Unraid 暂时只支持在 PC 端购买 Key,因此应该无法支持微信支付。但是应该会考虑接入支付宝。不知道现在的进度如何了。 @SpencerJ Hey Spencer, are there any updated means of payment now? We've talked about Alipay and Wechat Pay previously,did anything come out?
  9. 6.8版本需要手动开启 trim,但是6.9版本就不需要对 btrfs 池进行任何手动 trim 设置了,因为使用了更新的 discard 功能。但对于 xfs 文件系统仍然需要手动开启。
  10. 看你的 Truenas 虚拟机的驱动器挂载在哪里,然后在 docker 中映射。