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    As explained here there was a pretty significant flaw introduced way back during Linux kernel 4.19 development having to do with page caching. The most obvious effect with Unraid was to cause spin-up of drives not involved in large transfers due to cached device top-level directory i-nodes getting reallocated prematurely. The latest kernel patch release (4.19.24) fixes this issue. More webGUI refinements are also included. Version 6.7.0-rc5 2019-02-22 Linux kernel: version: 4.19.24 Management: update smartmontools drivedb and hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt} webgui: Syslog: sort logs webgui: Dashboard: replace inline style statements for style section webgui: Dashboard: added control buttons webgui: Updated icons and cases webgui: Suppress PHP warnings from corrupted XML files
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    It was working with 6.6.6, but RC2, RC3 and now RC4 (I didn't try RC1) are prompting me from a domain-joined Windows workstation. I cannot access my array via Active Directory SMB at all. EDIT: I tried safe mode as well - same issue. let me know if any further information/troubleshooting steps are required. unraid-diagnostics-20190216-1744.zip
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    I noticed this back on RC3 but since RC5 came out, I updated and waited to see if it happened again. Back on RC3, it happened to CPU 0 which was assigned to UNRAID. Now it's showing up with CPU 14 which is the last core assigned to a Win10 VM. Task manager in Win10 shows no activity. Remoting into the server, htop does not show 100% utilization. I see it updating at the same rate as the other CPUs. nas-diagnostics-20190302-0815.zip
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    Hi team I've tried upgrading to 6.6.x a couple of times now with both times having random lock ups as if none of the AMD teams had been done. Both times were able to switch back to 6.5.7 without a problem.
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    It's easy for us to get overwhelmed by new issues, especially coinciding with new features and new kernel releases. Our lack of immediate reply does not mean your report is being ignored. We very much appreciate all hints, testing results, etc. Remember, for very odd issues, please reboot in "Safe Mode" to ensure no strange interaction with a plugin.