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  1. https://4kmedia.org/ultra-hd-hdr-samsung-4k-demo-wonderland/
  2. HP N40L with UnRaid (r7) und Docker Plex (both from Plex and Linux.io). In Plex i see the HW in transcoding, but the CPU ist 100% when i transcode and it is stuttering, so i think this is not work well. 1GB Lan to orbmedia (android box with Plex client) on beamer. 4k to HD transcoding (samsunf demo 4k)
  3. gt 710 seem to support NVENC for h.264 (AVCHD) YUV 4:2:0 and for NVDEC - AVCHD.
  4. when i click on the link in unraid, check your card is supported...
  5. well, i have also this: and Plex ist stuttering well. HP NHL40, unRaid nvidia Version 6.7.0-rc7.