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  1. good to see the cogs moving
  2. Thank you! Very interesting. So it is probably a viable solution to get more space. Hope it gets evaluated by UNRAID team and gets actual GUI support.
  3. I was actually going to "attack" @lackingdev that in his first post questioned the people that actually maintain the "well being" of UNRAID plugin crowd. BUT he is right. Seems that @jonp actually did make an update 16 days ago supposedly FOR 6.11. Maybe the plugin need to be re-evaluated? And why didn't the author of this plugin himself comment?
  4. OK will do what I ask in the next update it "hits" the container. I don't quite understood the reasoning behind not letting the container run if an update fails. I am talking if an update DOWNLOAD fails (then the "old" version is untouched and working) - then why not let it just run? If a download is broken and there is no mechanism to just (re)try to finish the download, then don't extract (there is a test for gz to check if the archive is ok), so it won't break the existing install. In my case the download was there (and downloaded by the system, not by me) and it was complete. But for some reason the update system never used it and reported the error. Anyway, I guess we'll see what happens next time.
  5. Yes I restarted the container several times. Always same message (and no GUI coming up). In fact, this container (and several others) are usually stopped and I only start them when I need them. When I found that .16 was already there, I extracted it manually over the other files and this updated it. No errors in the extraction. Next container restart it verified I am running latest version, so the container worked fine. BTW... keeping the container offline because it (thought it) failed to update to latest version, is bad practice by itself. Its should allow the container to run, even if it failed to update it.
  6. But I already showed you my folder contents and .16.tar.gz was in there... I didn't put it there. The system did. I used that one to extract (so it wasn't a broken download). So the report that it fails to download was wrong. (is there no check that it is already downloaded?)
  7. After the last update (or last few? Not sure), the web GUI changed (nicer icons) but I have this issue (broken icons): ...any ideas?
  8. like that EDIT: Note that I used to use this container. It did work in the past. I didn't touch it, except possible updates. EDIT #2: What if I manually extract 0.18.16 and drop it over the existing? EDIT #3: I did what I say above and it worked. Wonder what will happen in next update though. "Something went wrong" is not very informative, as it seems to BE able to download .16, but doesn't extract it. Could it be a security issue?
  9. I have an issue with UnMiNeD... It reports: ---Version Check--- ---Version missmatch, installed v0.18.14 0.18.16, downloading and installing latest v0.18.16...--- ---Something went wrong, can't download uNmINeD-GUI, putting container in sleep mode--- ...and doesn't work. I guess it needs an update?
  10. Well obviously something is wrong... (I now set it to "no", saved and then back to "yes" and saved again in case something got "stuck"?) EDIT: Tried the above and rebooted. AGAIN server started with the array offline and just needed me to click "start array". This is weird and serious. One change I did a couple of days ago was this. I edited my syslinux config (using UNRAID GUI), and modified two entries: label Unraid OS kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 label Unraid OS GUI Mode menu default kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 ...because of a firmware issue with my M.2 cache. (I added nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0) But I don't see how this could be related... EDIT #2: HOLD THE PRESS! Cancel the above edit. The "turn setting off and then on and reboot" actually fixed the hiccup. The problem right above was because some disk cable was needed reseating. In less words: System somehow mixed up the array auto start setting, after my last updates and edits. It displayed "auto start yes" but did not autostart. I switched to "auto start no", "apply", then back to "auto start yes" and "apply" and this seems to have reset the setting fine.
  11. No encrypted drives.
  12. After server reboot, the array does not autostart! It is set to auto-start in settings/disk settings. Array has no issue, pressing to start it, starts it fine (no parity re-check or anything). This is very important because someone has to login the server either from its own console or using IP (and not FQDN as DNS etc. are in containers and VMs) to just press "start array"! Array worked fine (and auto-started) for years.
  13. Yes I know. Problem is how we fight it from within UNRAID. A functionality to ignore brief spikes before reporting... EDIT: Found this and will try the solution proposed...
  14. So I got a new M.2 to replace my previous cache and I noticed that from time to time it just (at idle) "spike" to exactly 84 degrees celcius. But this happens briefly and then it is back to its real idle temp of around 36 degrees. As a result, I get repeated pop-ups and even repeated email reports. Now I can raise the warning level for this disk to be 85 degrees (as 85 is not-perfect-but-survivable for an IC) and be done with it, but is there any other way to resolve this? Like not reporting anything unless it remains for a set time? Help?
  15. No I haven't left it on, on any Android devices. Only two Windows devices (also probably on server's own desktop). A reboot solved it, but still, rebooting for such a thing a production server (esp. with the other issue of huge time-outs during boot for devices with unavailable DNS), is not the best...