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  1. Thanks for RC4. If I can "cast a vote", I am against the new # links to menu items (that hide the proper URL path), because I can no longer use middle-buttun to add a new tab to another unRAID dashboard page. (for example allow it to scan for plugin updates in a patch, but still see the main dashboard in another tab)
  2. Not sure why RC cycle takes sooooo long this time around. Wonder if they are waiting for something specific, or there is an issue that cannot yet be resolved (or reverted)...
  3. No so I stopped trying to use this, long ago.
  4. Why RC3 is not "open" for so long that is available? In fact 6.10 should have probably be released already. Is there some serious issue pending?
  5. Just a note. With last ddns container update, nothing changed. Still "starts and stops" immediately.
  6. Are you on RC2? Maybe you could try RC3c? It could be some backbone update that conflicts with the container. In that case I am sure the devs would be interested to know.
  7. Man thanks for your effort. You don't have to apologize!
  8. It pulled 2.4.0 fine... but same reaction. Start and immediately exit. Note: - This container worked fine before and I didn't touch it. - I have many more containers that work fine. - This is probably important (oups): I am on 6.10.0-rc3c.
  9. Error response from daemon: No such container: gluetun I assume you meant: docker start ddns-updater ...which producted this: ddns-updater ...and then back to command prompt. And no, the container doesn't actually start. How can I try an older version maybe?
  10. I know about NGINX, but I haven't yet found time to deal with that. It CAN happen to fill the logs (I have deleted them manually twice). No the system normally has more RAM free. It is not a RAM issue. docker run gluetun? Exactly like that? Unable to find image 'gluetun:latest' locally docker run ddns-updater Unable to find image 'ddns-updater:latest' locally ...I am sure I do something wrong.
  11. I *think* there is no mention about ddns-updater container anywhere - but I can assure you I have it in my list of installed containers, I even removed it and re-added it 3 times.
  12. Just change the name? No, I will try. I cannot see the logs (through the menu at least), as since the container is off, the log window just pops and closes. Is there another way to find logs for it?
  13. HELP!? ddns-updater stopped working. When I start the container, it just immediately stops. No errors pop up. I removed (and the image) and reinstalled from user template (that worked fine from months). Same thing. Any ideas? How can I debug this? I need this functionality.