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  1. Since 6.12 is coming, is there some "brief" on the current state of this and any guide on how to PROPERLY set it up?
  2. I hope 6.11 to 6.12 transparently migrates everything like always. With all these fundamental changes, I wonder if 6.12 is the correct versioning. I can easily be named 6.20. I am still confused on a few things: 1) Functionality of UNRAID WITHOUT using the new ZFS features. We are not loosing anything or getting forced to re-create anything? 2) Functionality of UNRAID WITH new ZFS features AND ability to migrate easily (we need extra disks?). 3) Primary/Secondary storage vs. Array and Cache... I am still confused which is which and if anything really changes aside of the names (AND things really migrating the old to new).
  3. So I have this installed on my UNRAID since late 2022 and was working fine, did a few tests ok. I wanted to try it out today, it is updated already to latest version 0.11.12... When I click to queue a test, immediately get 500 error. Any ideas?
  4. Me? I don't have anything to do with the thread being what it is and you attacking it and not accepting what it is. I am not even taking sides, I gave you more right than most, but you cannot accept something not done the way you want it. Damn... you construct your own imaginary world around you. At least the posts are there for people to read. Do it alone, not going to be dragged down by your toxic waste, I am off, I have better things to do - go talk with the OP of the thread to make it the way you like it or do whetever tf you want. (unclicking follow topic - at least you had it your way, more people will probably unsubscribe this thread - not because of morse code after all, but because if your sh*t)
  5. @Lolight you are steadily but surely losing any kind of point you originally had. Being an *ss never helps. Even when talking to *sses (as you seemingly believe).
  6. First of all, it is Morse code, not Moore's Code, not Moore's Law. Second, "that other thread" is this thread apparently. So, you are in the wrong place, not them. So you can create a new thread for non-morse content and 6.12 (that you populate yourself, since I don't think you can do much without actual content), or wait for an official 6.12 thread. That's what I got from reading the whole thing. "Making them a thread" (" keep playing") was not too polite btw. Do I like the morse code thing myself? No. Do I care about such a thread existing (or bother me)? No. Is "since 6.10" a long time? No, but anyway. When we will be in version 8.22, they will brag about this being "since 6.10" I guess.
  7. Just a note to everybody. I believe the very rough statistic of 4 likes against morse and 1 like fore, is an indicator. Just saying. Sometimes our own creation (the thread in this context) does not "belong" to us any more when it grows. Yes "whoever likes it stays, whoever doesn't, bye bye" but, just saying. That said I don't care too much. if there was an official thread about the betas, less people would react.
  8. I also suggest Crafty 4 for EVERYBODY. Way way better experience.
  9. Ah, a reason that I won't be able to use it. I just have 32GB and with VM etc. I can hardly "afford" this. BTW I don't really understand how someone has 126GB RAM (and not 128GB).
  10. I am not. And this is getting tiresome.
  11. I prefer to wait for the release this time around.
  12. I hope for detailed guides with the new release. (which should probably NOT be named 6.12)
  13. I am here just to follow the thread - my only post in this thread will probably be this one. I wanted ZFS for a long time, although just to be an "option", a "feature of the system" (as not having ZFS actually has left unRAID out of many discussions of NAS systems - which is unfair to unRAID and I am sure Tom is aware of this happening). The only thing I really care about as a long time user and customer is - ...deduplication (because by the nature of the data I keep - emulation data - I do have many duplicates), - ...transparent compression-decompression officially supported (not "under-the-hood" tricks), - ...have a "self-healing" FS on my data disks, not just the cache, and all these WITHOUT losing - ...the ability to have various size disks, - to replace one by one disk with larger size, - ...easy recovery even when I go OVER the limits of RAID4 that unRAID practically is (i.e. I want to be able to recover the files from the healthy disks even if two disks die with a single parity). Can I have those things when ZFS is incorporated to unRAID? (or some other way?) I don't really care if the underlying FS is ZFS or whateverFS, as long as I get those and not lose the current benefits of unRAID. Keep evolving!
  14. good to see the cogs moving