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  1. Ah good to know. So, 2021.1.2 is soon to come right?
  2. Is this project still active?
  3. ooooh... gotta say... counter intuitive thanks man
  4. Actually I don't even know WHAT button you need to click. I don't see how it updates even without scheduling. As for scheduling, of course it should be there, no need for manual cron as these is already the tasks tab...
  5. I asked in crafty discord but didn't get anything... Can someone help me on how Jar Update URL works? I have set it to: (which actually returns the latest download link) My Server Jar field is set to: paper-1.16.5-775.jar (which is one before the last today) ...but how can I make Crafty (if I can) follow the updates and schedule them? If I need to use the "tasks" (which would be where scheduling would be expected) I don't see anything related to updating the server. Help?
  6. NLS

    Backup failed?

    Erm... right. Confused this as core functionality.
  7. Tonight I got this message for the first time: Backup: backup-data Backup started at 2021-05-31 01:00:01 Pre backup scripts status: SUCCESS Attempt 1 failed. OSError: Attempt 2 failed. OSError: Attempt 3 failed. OSError: Attempt 4 failed. OSError: Giving up after 5 attempts. OSError: Duplicity backup failed Action 'backup-data-duplicity backup-data': FAIL Backup status: FAIL Log file: /var/log/backup/backup-backup-data-202105310100.log Going to see the log I find that in /var/log there is no backup folder at all
  8. Well I already use it like that. I made /backups point to my array backup path, so now crafty takes backups there fine. Very promising server.
  9. Was planning to ask the same thing! I guess if you add a path in container configuration, it will be able to be seen by the server.
  10. Very weird. When I first installed this, before reading this thread, I just changed the port (because it was occupied), started the container and it started fine, presenting me the login screen. I logged in (found the pass), then after the step that I needed to configure the server and clicked to proceed, it crashed (404!)... I went to initial page again, logged in again and now I was in dashboard, but with 0 servers defined (as my configure server step seemingly crashed). So before adding a server, I went through the other settings. I changed Admin password, made another admin e
  11. Yes. Doesn't detect any PWM. My motherboard is a pretty standard chipset Gigabyte Z87-HD3. I expected it would be an easy job.
  12. Fan Control doesn't seem to detect anything on my machine. No PWM controller detected. It is a Gigabyte Z87-HD3.
  13. I am saying it is urgent because I would like to see the status of my server that is remote and it is a bit dangerous to leave on if there is an issue. My wife hears what by the description seems like a fan "wrestling" to work and a BIOS alarm probably about this very thing. So, is there a way to monitor the fans of the system (obviously the ones that the system IS aware off, like CPU fan)?
  14. And do what with it? How will it handle actual user interaction (password) and using the encrypted volume?