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  1. Since I have the habit of sanitizing my shares from time to time (either with unbalance or manually), I do look into distinct disks and see the shares and subfolders. I have noticed that since 6.9.X, more empty folders seem to be created in other disks where a share normally doesn't belong (but IS an expansion candidate). In other words I am not talking about erroneous behavior (the folders are created in disks where they CAN based on my settings expand a share), just weird behavior. I don't see content in them (i.e. it is not that a share needed the space and expanded there), just
  2. @ich777 yeap, you fixed it - plugin fixes the issue thanks!
  3. So can someone spell out the instructions? Do I need the trailing slash? EDIT: Well I found how... I don't remember the choice "directory" before... Is it a 6.9.1 thing?
  4. @ich777 yeap... the edit fixed the problem. Something for 6.9.2, probably for people with intel gfx and not having installed any 6.9 beta. Thank you, appreciate the help.
  5. This is what I said. OK will try later. (made the file and folder, just waiting for reboot) I did not run any beta (for this beta cycle) - my server was too busy these last few months.
  6. I don't remember, I suspect no. (because IIRC I followed the rough instructions I googled) Stupid thing is that I deleted the docker file, although I should probably have just renamed it - I was too sure it would work.
  7. OK will do this in an hour or so. If I can read this correctly, I make this folder if it doesn't exist and then update the date attribute of i915.conf? (does this also make a null file if it doesn't exist?)
  8. I already did something like that and it didn't work. When I pointed to a folder instead of the img file, it just turned red (that it doesn't exist).
  9. modprobe i915 and /etc/rc.d/rc.4 WORKED! I have local GUI now. @limetech maybe something for 6.9.2? @ich777 intel GPU top didn't work at all (actually made things work as I couldn't call console with ctrl-alt-f1)
  10. OK I have news. I installed intel GPU Top plugin before reboot. I rebooted, I still get a blank screen, BUT I think it is a different screen mode. I have a smaller (bigger res?) cursor that DOES NOT blink. CTRL-ALT-F1 does nothing. I will remove the plugin and reboot again.
  11. @ich777 So for me to test... Press CTRL+ALT+F1 Log in with your root user and password Then type in 'modprobe i915' (without quotes) Then type in '/etc/rc.d/rc.4' (without quotes) OR install ich777 Intel-GPU-TOP plugin?
  12. GREAT news. Unfortunately I cannot test before tomorrow if it also works for me.
  13. @ich777 about the test process described above (for our case without nvidia) - can I also do this when I have booted in console mode? Or I need to reboot in GUI mode, get the "blinking cursor" and then try the steps? (because server is still busy and I want to see if I can try this now or I need to wait to reboot)