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  1. No I can't. I deleted downgrade files.
  2. Hope it releases before the end of month, because last allowed Win11 install (non-TPM) expires 31 of Oct. I am not sure if I can risk going to RC2.
  3. OK this is weird. I don't know exactly when (and definitely not how or why), because we haven't used crafty server for a few days (but kept it running), but Crafty GUI is dead. No go. Connection refused. Locally and using the IP (not a DNS issue). Crafty itself seems to work (I restarted the container and the world I autostart, works fine), but I have no administration UI and I cannot do any work on the server. I haven't changed a thing in unRAID or Crafty (I do keep everything updated). Any ideas? EDIT: ...aaaaand I fixed it. Although I still don't understand what happened. I switched from bridge to host networking. This made the GUI return. I noticed the GUI used 8000 port instead of 8008 I used to use in the bridge (it bridged 8008 to/from 8000 IIRC). Then I switched back to bridge... and it works too! I noticed that now the bridge bridges 8008 to/from 8008... I am not sure why this change (I haven't touched the ports), but now it works. Still... any ideas? Because this looks very weird.
  4. First of all make sure you just go to the "clean" URL (the IP and the port, no sub-path). If it doesn't work re-start unbalance plugin. It probably is stuck doing something.
  5. I see no mention about TPM (passthrough or virtual) for use in VMs that (more and more) start to need TPM features enabled. According to this: is coming, but is it?
  6. Gotta check latest beta, as I am not sure how to interpret your statement. You know for a fact that they will implement those in the very next update?
  7. You mean you know for a fact that a fix is coming in 6.10? (haven't checked the beta threads)
  8. Yeap... waiting for any news, as my Win11 VM stopped updating and I have deleted the return to 10 option...
  9. I already have a VM Win11 that cannot update further because of this. (also cannot go back to 10 because I deleted the files) I really hope they add it soon. Else maybe help us do it with some guide... pls.
  10. Don't worry about it. Good that it is still on the "list" at least.
  11. About a BBS (any viable BBS). Did this project freeze also? We discussed about it a few months ago, not sure how this discussion concluded.
  12. Nice. So will you post something for us soon?
  13. I'll wait for that update then thanks.