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    Those following the 6.9-beta releases have been witness to an unfolding schism, entirely of my own making, between myself and certain key Community Developers. To wit: in the last release, I built in some functionality that supplants a feature provided by, and long supported with a great deal of effort by @CHBMB with assistance from @bass_rock and probably others. Not only did I release this functionality without acknowledging those developers previous contributions, I didn't even give them notification such functionality was forthcoming. To top it off, I worked with another talented developer who assisted with integration of this feature into Unraid OS, but who was not involved in the original functionality spearheaded by @CHBMB. Right, this was pretty egregious and unthinking of me to do this and for that I deeply apologize for the offense. The developers involved may or may not accept my apology, but in either case, I hope they believe me when I say this offense was unintentional on my part. I was excited to finally get a feature built into the core product with what I thought was a fairly eloquent solution. A classic case of leaping before looking. I have always said that the true utility and value of Unraid OS lies with our great Community. We have tried very hard over the years to keep this a friendly and helpful place where users of all technical ability can get help and add value to the product. There are many other places on the Internet where people can argue and fight and get belittled, we've always wanted our Community to be different. To the extent that I myself have betrayed this basic tenant of the Community, again, I apologize and commit to making every effort to ensure our Developers are kept in the loop regarding the future technical direction of Unraid OS. sincerely, Tom Mortensen, aka @limetech
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    All of us at Lime Technology are very excited to announce Larry Meaney as a new full-time hire. Larry has joined us as a Senior Developer/Project Lead. Here's a little more about Larry: Please help us give Larry aka @ljm42 a warm welcome!
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    I’ve been around a little while. I always follow the boards even though I have very little life time to give to being active in the community anymore. I felt the need to post to say I can completely appreciate how the guys at @linuxserver.io feel. I was lucky enough to be apart of the team @linuxserver.iofor a short while and I can personally attest to how much personal time and effort they put into development, stress testing and supporting their developments. While @limetech has developed a great base product i think it’s right to acknowledge that much of the popularity and success of the product is down as much to community development and support (which is head and shoulders above by comparison) as it is to the work of the company. As a now outsider looking in, my personal observation is that the use of unRAID exploded due to the availability of stable, regularly updated media apps like Plex (the officially supported one was just left to rot) and then exploded again with the emergence of the @linuxserver.ionVidia build and the support that came with it. Given the efforts of the community and groups like @linuxserver.io is even used in unRAID marketing I feel this is a show of poor form. I feel frustrated at Tom’s “I didn’t know I needed permission ....” comment as it isn’t about that. It’s about respect and communication. A quick “call” to the @linuxserver.io team to let them know of the plan (yes I know the official team don’t like sharing plans at risk of setting expectations they then won’t meet) to (even privately) acknowledge the work that has (and continues to) contribute to the success of unRAID and let them be a part of it would have cost Nothing but would have been worth so much. I know the guys would have been supporting too. I hope the two teams can work it out and that @limetech don’t forget what (and who) helped them get to where they are and perhaps looks at other companies who have alienated their community through poor decisions and communication. Don’t make this the start of a slippery slide.
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    New in this release: GPU Driver Integration Unraid OS now includes selected in-tree GPU drivers: ast (Aspeed), i915 (Intel), amdgpu and radeon (AMD). These drivers are blacklisted by default via 'conf' files in /etc/modprobe.d: /etc/modprobe.d/ast.conf /etc/modprobe.d/amdgpu.conf /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf Each of these files has a single line which blacklists the driver, preventing it from being loaded by the Linux kernel. However it is possible to override the settings in these files by creating the directory 'config/modprobe.d' on your USB flash boot device and then creating the same named-file in that directory. For example, to unblacklist amdgpu type these commands in a Terminal session: mkdir /boot/config/modprobe.d touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/amdgpu.conf When Unraid OS boots, before the Linux kernel executes device discovery, we copy any files from /boot/config/modprobe.d to /etc/modprobe.d. Since amdgpu.conf on the flash is an empty file, it will effectively cancel the driver from being blacklisted. This technique can be used to set boot-time options for any driver as well. Better Support for Third Party Drivers Recall that we distribute Linux modules and firmware in separate squashfs files which are read-only mounted at /lib/modules and /lib/firmware. We now set up an overlayfs on each of these mount points, making it possible to install 3rd party modules at boot time, provided those modules are built against the same kernel version. This technique may be used by Community Developers to provide an easier way to add modules not included in base Unraid OS: no need to build custom bzimage, bzmodules, bzfirmware and bzroot files. To go along with the other GPU drivers included in this release, we have created a separate installable Nvidia driver package. Since each new kernel version requires drivers to be rebuilt, we have set up a feed that enumerates each driver available with each kernel. The easiest way to install the Nvdia driver, if you require it, is to make use of a plugin provided by Community member @ich777. This plugin uses the feed to install the correct driver for the currently running kernel. A big thank you! to @ich777 for providing assistance and coding up the the plugin: Linux Kernel This release includes Linux kernel 5.8.18. We realize the 5.8 kernel has reached EOL and we are currently busy upgrading to 5.9. Version 6.9.0-beta35 2020-11-12 (vs -beta30) Base distro: aaa_elflibs: version 15.0 build 25 brotli: version 1.0.9 build 2 btrfs-progs: version 5.9 ca-certificates: version 20201016 curl: version 7.73.0 dmidecode: version 3.3 ethtool: version 5.9 freetype: version 2.10.4 fuse3: version 3.10.0 git: version 2.29.1 glib2: version 2.66.2 glibc-solibs: version 2.30 build 2 glibc-zoneinfo: version 2020d glibc: version 2.30 build 2 iproute2: version 5.9.0 jasper: version 2.0.22 less: version 563 libcap-ng: version 0.8 build 2 libevdev: version 1.10.0 libgcrypt: version 1.8.7 libnftnl: version 1.1.8 librsvg: version 2.50.1 libwebp: version 1.1.0 build 3 libxml2: version 2.9.10 build 3 lmdb: version 0.9.27 nano: version 5.3 ncurses: version 6.2_20201024 nginx: version 1.19.4 ntp: version 4.2.8p15 build 3 openssh: version 8.4p1 build 2 pam: version 1.4.0 build 2 rpcbind: version 1.2.5 build 2 samba: version 4.12.9 (CVE-2020-14318 CVE-2020-14318 CVE-2020-14318) talloc: version 2.3.1 build 4 tcp_wrappers: version 7.6 build 3 tdb: version 1.4.3 build 4 tevent: version 0.10.2 build 4 usbutils: version 013 util-linux: version 2.36 build 2 vsftpd: version 3.0.3 build 7 xfsprogs: version 5.9.0 xkeyboard-config: version 2.31 xterm: version 361 Linux kernel: version 5.8.18 added GPU drivers: CONFIG_DRM_RADEON: ATI Radeon CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_USERPTR: Always enable userptr support CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU: AMD GPU CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_SI: Enable amdgpu support for SI parts CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_CIK: Enable amdgpu support for CIK parts CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_USERPTR: Always enable userptr write support CONFIG_HSA_AMD: HSA kernel driver for AMD GPU devices kernel-firmware: version 20201005_58d41d0 md/unraid: version 2.9.16: correction recording disk info with array Stopped; remove 'superblock dirty' handling oot: Realtek r8152: version 2.14.0 Management: emhttpd: fix 'auto' setting where pools enabled for user shares should not be exported emhttpd: permit Erase of 'DISK_DSBL_NEW' replacement devices emhtptd: track clean/unclean shutdown using file 'config/forcesync' emhttpd: avoid unnecessarily removing mover.cron file modprobe: blacklist GPU drivers by default, config/modprobe.d/* can override at boot samba: disable aio by default startup: setup an overlayfs for /lib/modules and /lib/firmware webgui: pools not enabled for user shares should not be selectable for cache webgui: Add pools information to diagnostics webgui: vnc: add browser cache busting webgui: Multilanguage: Fix unable to delete / edit users webgui: Prevent "Add" reverting to English when adding a new user with an invalid username webgui: Fix Azure / Gray Switch Language being cut-off webgui: Fix unable to use top right icons if notifications present webgui: Changed: Consistency between dashboard and docker on accessing logs webgui: correct login form wrong default case icon displayed webgui: set 'mid-tower' default case icon webgui: fix: jGrowl covering buttons webgui: New Perms: Support multi-cache pools webgui: Remove WG from Dashboard if no tunnels defined webgui: dockerMan: Allow readmore in advanced view webgui: dockerMan: Only allow name compatible with docker
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    I've have been following this and the other thread with very mixed feelings and I feel the community is unjustly hard towards @limetech. Sure some things could have been handled better, yet I keep the feelings that the bigger injustice is not actually committed by him. In order to understand things better and to see things from a different perspective I personally like to make analogies. Sometimes it gives different insights into situations. And I cam up with the following for this one: We have 3 parties here, The parent (@limetech), the uncle (@CHBMB and the like) and the kid (the community). Now the situation is that the kid is asking the parent for this shiny new toy, but for whatever reason the parent is not buying the kid the toy. Maybe it is to expensive, maybe he is waiting for the birthday, whatever.. However, the uncle who hears the kid decided to get the kid this new toy, because he loved the kid and wants to please the kid. Fast forward and the parents sees that the kid really loved the toy but unfortunately the toy has some sharp edges and the parent is afraid the kid might hurt himself hence the parent decided to order a better and safer version of the toy. However, when the parent tells the kid it ordered this new toy the uncle hears the parent and flies into a rage because the parent did not tell the uncle that he/she was going to buy the new toy and the uncle thinks the parents is ungrateful because he/she did not even thank the uncle. In his rage therefore the uncle takes the toy away from the kid even before the new toy arrived (it is after all still in beta). Not only that but takes away the other toys he got the kid as well and says he is never going to give the kid any more toys. All this to punish the parent. Now with this analogy, ask yourself. Is the reaction of @CHBMB (the uncle) proportionate and justified? Does a parent (@limetech) need to inform the uncle of these kind of things? Sure it is nice, but is it really needed? Do you think it is right for the uncle to punish the kid? Should the parent even be grateful that the uncle presents the kid a toy with sharp edges (I know I wouldn't). The only one the uncle should expect thanks from i.m.o is the kid. The community is and was grateful. Yet @CHBMB is the one who decided to punish the community and take away their toy because of his hurt feelings. Yet the only one who gets shit is @limetech. If I where him I would be more than a little pissed and disappointment and I think it shows in his messages. Please read my analogy again and ask yourself who in the story did anything to hurt the kid? The parent or the uncle? And please also think about the fact that we have no way of knowing if @limetech was not going to thanks @CHBMB for the work in an official release note, which this wasn't. Now I do think the parent should have said something to the uncle. And I also am a bit disappointment to learn that even though UnRaid builds heavy on the community there is no special channel in place to facilitate communication with reliable community develops. Considering how well the development of both UnRaid and the community add-ons go together I kind of assumes something was already in place. However it seems this is something that is considered and worked on now. But in everything that happened, this simple miscommunication seems far the lesser evil here. And I do think it might be good that the community asks itself again who really is to blame for taking away it's shining toy with sharp edges and if it is reasonable to have this reaction. But that's just my 2 cents.
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    I do not use any of these unofficial builds, nor do i know what they are about and what features they provide that are not included in stock unraid. That being said, i still feel that devs that release them have a point. I think the main issue are these statements by @limetech : "Finally, we want to discourage "unofficial" builds of the bz* files." which are corroborated by the account of the 2019 pm exchange: "concern regarding the 'proliferation of non-stock Unraid kernels, in particular people reporting bugs against non-stock builds.'" Yes technically its true that bug reports based on unofficial builds complicate matters. Also its maybe frustrating that people are reluctant to go the extra mile to go back to stock unraid and try to reproduce the error there. Especially since they might be convinced (correctly or not) it has nothing to do with the unoffial build. Granted from an engineers point of view that might be seen as a nuisance. But from a customer driven business point of view its a self destructive perspective. Obviously these builds fill a need that unraid could not, or else they would not exist and there wouldn't be enough people using them to be a "bug hunting" problem in the first place. They expand unraids capabilities, bring new customers to unraid, demonstrate a lively and active community and basically everything i love about unraid. I think @limetech did not mean it in that way, but i can fully see how people who poured a lot of energy and heart into the unraid ecosystem might perceive it that way. I think if you would have said instead: "Finally we incorporated these new features x,y, and z formerly only available in the builds by A, B and C. Thanks again for your great work A,B and C have being doing for a long while now and for showing us in what way we can enhance unraid for our customers. I took a long time, but now its here. It should also make finding bugs more easy, as many people can now use the official builds." then everybody would have been happy. I think its probably a misunderstanding. I can't really imagine you really wanting to discourage the community from making unraid reach out to more user.
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    Nvidia-Driver (only Unraid 6.9.0beta35 and up) This Plugin is only necessary if you are planning to make use of your Nvidia graphics card inside Docker Containers. If you only want to use your Nvidia graphics card for a VM then don't install this Plugin! Discussions about modifications and/or patches that violates the EULA of the driver are not supported by me or anyone here, this could also lead to a take down of the plugin itself! Please remember that this also violates the forum rules and will be removed! Installation of the Nvidia Drivers (this is only necessary for the first installation of the plugin) : Go to the Community Applications App and search for 'Nvidia-Drivers' and click on the Download button (you have to be at least on Unraid 6.9.0beta35 to see the Plugin in the CA App) : Or download it directly from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ich777/unraid-nvidia-driver/master/nvidia-driver.plg After that wait for the plugin to successfully install (don't close the window with the , wait for the 'DONE' button to appear, the installation can take some time depending on your internet connection, the plugin downloads the Nvidia-Driver-Package ~150MB and installs it afterwards to your Unraid server) : Click on 'DONE' and continue with Step 4 (don't close this window for now) : Check if everything is installed correctly and recognized to do this go to the plugin itself if everything shows up PLUGINS -> Nvidia-Driver (if you don't see a driver version at 'Nvidia Driver Version' or another error please scroll down to the Troubleshooting section) : If everything shows up correctly click on the red alert notification from Step 3 (not on the 'X'), this will bring you to the Docker settings. At the Docker page change 'Enable Docker' from 'Yes' to 'No' and hit 'Apply' (you can now close the message from Step 2) : Then again change 'Enable Docker' from 'No' to 'Yes' and hit again 'Apply' (that step is only necessary for the first plugin installation, you can skip that step if you are going to reboot the server - the background to this is that when the Nvidia-Driver-Package is installed also a file is installed that interacts directly with the Docker Daemon itself and the Docker Daemon needs to be reloaded in order to load that file) : After that, you should now be able to utilize your Nvidia graphics card in your Docker containers how to do that see Post 2 in this thread. IMPORTANT: If you don't plan or want to use acceleration within Docker containers through your Nvidia graphics card then don't install this plugin! Please be sure to never use one card for a VM and also in docker containers (your server will hard lock if it's used in a VM and then something want's to use it in a Container). You can use one card for more than one Container at the same time - depending on the capabilities of your card. Troubleshooting: (This section will be updated as soon as more someone reports an issue and will grow over time) NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.: This means that the installed driver can't find a supported Nvidia graphics card in your server (it may also be that there is a problem with your hardware - riser cables,...). Check if you accidentally bound all your cards to VFIO, you need at least one card that is supported by the installed driver (you can find a list of all drivers here, click on the corresponding driver at 'Linux x86_64/AMD64/EM64T' and click on the next page on 'Supported products' there you will find all cards that are supported by the driver. If you bound accidentally all cards to VFIO unbind the card you want to use for the Docker container(s) and reboot the server (TOOLS -> System devices -> unselect the card -> BIND SELECTED TO VFIO AT BOOT -> restart your server). docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused "process_linux.go:449: container init caused "process_linux.go:432: running prestart hook 0 caused \"error running hook: exit status 1, stdout: , stderr: nvidia-container-cli: device error: GPU-9cfdd18c-2b41-b158-f67b-720279bc77fd: unknown device\\n\""": unknown.: Please check the 'NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES' inside your Docker template it may be that you accitentally have what looks like a space at the end or in front of your UUID like: ' GPU-9cfdd18c-2b41-b158-f67b-720279bc77fd' (it's hard to see that in this example but it's there) Reporting Problems: Please be sure if you have a problem to always include a screenshot from the Plugin page, a screenshot of the output of the command 'nvidia-smi' (simply open up a Unraid terminal with the button on the top right of Unraid and type in 'nvidia-smi' without quotes) and the error from the startup of the Container/App if there is any.
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    This post represents my own personal musings and opinion. This thread (and the broader situation) interests me on a number of levels. We (Royal we) bang on (quite rightly) about our community and how supportive, inclusive, helpful and respectful it is. Values really that any organisation in the world would be lucky for its members to behave consistent with. Saying that, this situation has shown that there is an undercurrent of what I can only call bitterness and to some extent entitlement in some community members. I don’t feel that this is across the board by any means. However, for some, there seems to be a propensity to believe the worst of every (almost like we are waiting to jump on any poorly, Ill-considered or rushed post) word posted by default rather than the positive - which given how together we are supposed to be is very surprising. There could be any number of reasons for this, whether it be the whole keyboard warrior thing, immaturity, mixture of ages of people talking to each other I just don’t know. I think we also have to acknowledge that we are all living in unprecedented times. We are very geographically spread and some are copping it harder than others for sure but we are all in a very in normal place. I have also observed that some (whether that be due to their contribution to this forum or their development work etc.) individuals appear to think that they should be subject to a treatment different to others. I always felt that when doing something in the open source / community space the only reasonable expectation was that there was appreciation from the community for that work and that was enough. It’s volunteer work that plays second fiddle to real life (a fact that many are rightly quick to throw out when the demands of the community get to high). Irrespective of how much those developments have added value to the core product I don’t think those expectations could or should change. Saying that, the community includes the company too and those expectations of appreciation for work done (especially where commercial gain is attained from that work) carries to them too. The thing that surprised me the most though (and again this could be due to the reasons above - or others) is how quick some have been to react negatively (or even just walk) but how slow some have been to react in a more positive way. Perhaps that’s human nature. As I write this I am drawing to a conclusion that we as a community perhaps need to manage our own expectations of what is reasonably expected as a community, developer or company member. This might help (or it might not) help situations like this moving forward.
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    Everyone please take a look here: I want to request that any further discussion on this to please take place in that topic.
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    So there is actually a credits page in the Unraid webGui, but right now we only list the people who've directly contributed to code that lives inside the OS itself, not plugins, containers, or other 3rd party modifications. But having a place on either the website or another spot that can showcase our community and the developers that participate here isn't a bad idea!
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    I know this likely won't matter to anyone but I've been using unraid for just over ten years now and I'm very sad to see how the nvidia driver situation has been handled. While I am very glad that custom builds are no longer needed to add the nvidia driver, I am very disappointed in the apparent lack of communication and appreciation from Limetech to the community members that have provided us with a solution for all the time Limetech would not. If this kind of corporate-esque "we don't care" attitude is going to be adopted then that removes an important differentiating factor between Unraid and Synology, etc. For some of us, cost isn't a barrier. Unraid has an indie appeal with good leaders and a strong community. Please understand how important the unraid community is and appreciate those in the community that put in the time to make unraid better for all of us.
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    @trurl Please lock this thread. Due to an unexpected announcement from @limetech this is no longer required. I'm quitting Unraid work.
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    As a user of Unraid I am very scared about the current trends. Unraid as a base it is a very good server operating system but what makes it special are the community applications. I would be very sad if this breaks apart because of maybe wrong or misunderstandable communication. I hope that everyone will get together again. For us users you would make us all a pleasure. I have 33 docker containers and 8 VM running on my system and I hope that my system will continue to be as usable as before. I have many containers from linuxserver.io. I am grateful for the support from limetech & the whole community and hope it will be continued. sorry for my english i hope you could understand me.
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    You know you could have discussed this with me right? Remember me, the original dev, along with @bass_rock! The one you tasked @jonp to discuss how we achieved the Nvidia builds back in December last year? That I never heard anything more about. I'm the one that spend 6 months f**king around with Unraid to get the GPU drivers working in docker containers. The one that's been hosting literally 100s of custom Unraid builds for the community to use for nearly five years. With all due respect to @ich777 he wasn't the one who did the bulk of the work here. Remember? You'll be pleased to know I will no longer be producing any custom "unofficial" builds for all the things you've not wanted to pick up and support for the last 10 years. A bit like unassigned devices and @dlandon, hell that should have been incorporated half a decade ago. In fact, I won't be doing anything here from this point on. Nearly 5 years of DVB and nearly 2 years of Nvidia. You're welcome to them. DVB is all yours now as well. Good Luck.
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    Next release of 6.9 will be on Linux 5.9 kernel, hopefully that will be it before we can go to 'stable' (because Linux 5.8 kernel was recently marked EOL).
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    Before anyone else beats me to it: Soon™
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    Just a little feedback on upgrading from Unraid Nvidia beta30 to beta35 with Nvidia drivers plugin. The process was smooth and I see no stability or performance issue after 48h, following these steps : - Disable auto-start on "nvidia aware" containers (Plex and F@H for me) - Stop all containers - Disable Docker engine - Stop all VMs (none of them had a GPU passthrough) - Disable VM Manager - Remove Unraid-Nvidia plugin - Upgrade to 6.9.0-beta35 with Tools>Update OS - Reboot - Install Nvidia Drivers plugin from CA (be patient and wait for the "Done" button) - Check the driver installation (Settings>Nvidia Drivers, should be 455.38, run nvidia-smi under CLI). Verify the GpuID is unchanged, which was the case for me, otherwise the "NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES" variable should be changed accordingly for the relevant containers - Reboot - Enable VM Manager, restart VMs and check them - Enable Docker engine, start Plex and F@H - Re-enable autostart for Plex and F@H All this is perhaps a bit over-cautious, but at least I can confirm I got the expected result, i.e. an upgraded server with all functionalities up and running under 6.9.0-beta35 !
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    This is true. Unfortunately communicating development plans like this (ad hoc, not centralized) is probably not the best way to go about it. Rest assured that Tom's post here was only the first step. Him and I have been having conversations about how we can better engage with the community beyond just this issue. Expect to see another post from me sometime this week with more details on this. At the end of the day we all realize how vital our community is to our continued success. I just hope that everyone can appreciate how big this community really is now, because managing expectations for such a large audience is a far more daunting task than it was for us back in 2014 (when I started with Lime Technology).
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    This sums up my stance too. I can understand LimeTechs view as to why they didnt feel the need to communicate this to the other parties involved (as they never officially asked them to develop the solution they'd developed and put in place). But on the flip side the appeal of UnRaid is the community spirit and drive to implement things which make the platform more useful. It wouldnt have taken a lot to give certain members in community a heads up that this was coming, and to give credit where credit is due in the release notes. Something along the lines of: "After seeing the appeal and demand around 3rd party driver integration with unraid as its matured over recent years we've introduced a mechanism to bring this into the core OS distribution. We want to thank specific members of the community such as @CHBMB and @bass_rock who've unofficially supported this in recent times and which drove the need to implement this in a way which allows better support for the OS as a whole for the entire community, and remove the need for users to use unofficial builds." Also for them to be given a heads up and at least involved in the implementation stages at an advisory or review level as well... Anyway, I hope this communication mishap can be resolved. It was obviously not intentional, and 2020 as a whole has meant we're all stressed and overworked (I am anyway!), so it makes situations like this a lot easier to trigger. Hopefully lessons can be learned here and changes similar to this can be managed with a little more community involvement going forward.
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    Just wanted to share a quick success story. Previously (and for the past few releases now) I was using @ich777's Kernel Docker container to compile with latest Nvidia. Excited now to see this be brought in natively, it worked out of the box for me. I use the regular Plex docker container for HW transcoding (adding --runtime=nvidia in the extra parameters and setting properly the two container variables NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES and NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES). To prepare for this upgrade, while still on beta 30: - disabled docker service - upgraded to beta 35 - uninstalled Kernel Helper Plugin - uninstalled Kernel Helper Docker - rebooted - Installed Nvidia Drivers from CA - rebooted - reenabled docker So far all is working fine on my Quadro P2200 Install Nvidia Drivers Docker Settings: Validate in Settings (P2200 and drivers detected fine) HW transcoding working fine
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    Normal humans often can't see all the ways messaging can be interpreted (this is why we have comms people) The most offensive sounding things are often not intended in that fashion at all. Written text makes communication harder because there are no facial or audio cues to support the language I expected our community developers (being that they've clearly communicated in text behind screens for many years) would understand that things aren't always intended as they sound. In this regard, I support @limetech wholeheartedly. Nevertheless the only way to fix this is probably for @limetech to privately offer an apology and discuss as a group how to fix, then publish back together that it's resolved. (30 years managing technical teams - seen this a few times and it's usually sorted out with an apology and a conversation).
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    @limetech Not wanting to dogpile on to you, but you would do well to go above and beyond in rectifying the situation with any communality developers that have issues. The community plugins and features that supply so much usability and functionality to unraid that are lacking in the base product actually make unraid worth paying for. if you start loosing community support, you will start to loose it all. with that I am sure I and others will not recommend people to purchase and use your software. @CHBMB @aptalca @linuxserver.io Maybe a cool down period is needed, but don't just pack up your things and go home, it's all too common for companies to ignore users and communities, a large part of the community is often invisible to them hidden behind keeping the business running and profits. it makes it easy for customer facing employees to make statements that might be taken as insensitive.
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    Install the referenced plugin. It will install the Nvidia driver and tools needed for transcoding in Docker containers. If you don't care about this, no need to deal with it. The plugin is more of a "work in process" right now and will mature over time, including being added to Community Apps. We didn't include the Nvidia vendor driver built-in to the release for several reasons: The package is very large, over 200MB and no need for everyone to download this thing if they don't need it. Including the driver "taints" the Linux kernel. There is something of a longstanding war between the Linux community and Nvidia because large parts of the Nvidia are not open source. Due to how the driver has to integrate into the kernel, this "taints" the kernel. For us it means if we have an kernel-related issues, no developer will help out if they see the kernel is tainted. Also don't want that message appearing in syslog by default The Nvidia driver might change faster than we want to update Linux kernel. In this case we can build and publish a new driver independent of Unraid OS release.
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    Tom has done all he could be expected to do in this situation. Unfortunately, the genie is out of the bottle and cannot be put back. He has acknowledged that the rift was entirely of his making and has outlined every misstep he made which caused the situation. Some of the LSIO guys impacted by this are probably taking a break to let things simmer down and consider what, if anything, should be their public response post-apology. It may in fact be best to let it alone publicly for a while. If the schism is repaired behind the scenes and (and as alluded to by Jon P.) steps are taken to "better engage with the community beyond just this issue" then I think that will be at least one silver lining in this rather large storm cloud and perhaps some of the additional steps mentioned by @danioj can be taken. EDIT: BTW, I support the sentiment expressed by danioj but I suspect those impacted most might also be taking some time to measure their response.
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    I've been saddened and disheartened today to see what was supposed to be a momentous occasion for us in releasing a substantial improvement to our OS being turned into something else. I have nothing but respect for all of our community developers (@CHBMB included) and the effort they put into supporting extended functionality for Unraid OS. Its sad to see that something we intended to improve the quality of the product for everyone be viewed as disrespectful to the very people we were trying to help. It honestly feels like a slap in the face to hear that some folks believe we were seeking to intentionally slight anyone. It really makes me sad that anyone could think that little of us. And while I'm not interested in engaging in the rest of the back-and-forth on this topic, I do have to address a specific comment where my name was brought into the mix: @CHBMB, unless I'm mistaken, you're referring to the PM thread that we had back in December of 2019, yes? If so, I re-read that exchange today. I never asked you how you created those builds. I never asked you for build instructions or any code. And in that same thread, I expressed our concern regarding the "proliferation of non-stock Unraid kernels, in particular people reporting bugs against non-stock builds." That was the entire purpose of me reaching out to you at the time: to find out what you were talking about in the post about NVIDIA and legal concerns, to make you aware of our concern about having non-official Unraid builds in the wild, and to see what ideas you had to assuage those concerns. I would not describe that as us discussing how you achieved the Nvidia builds. If I'm misremembering and there was another conversation we had over another platform (email, chat, etc.), please remind me, because like everyone here, I'm only human. At the end of the day, I really hope that calmer heads prevail here and we can all get along again. As Tom has already stated, no disrespect was intended. If some folks here feel that we've done something unforgiveable and need to leave our community, I'll be sorry to see that.
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    @aptalca You also know that I had to test things and do also much trail and error but I also got a lot of help from klueska on Github. One side note about that, I tried asking and getting help from you because I don't know nothing about Kernel building and all this stuff but no one ever answered or did anything to help me. I completely understand that @CHBMB is working at healthcare and doesn't have that much time in times like this... @aptalca, @CHBMB & @bass_rock Something about my Unraid-Kernel-Helper container, I know the initial plugin came from you (in terms of the Nvidia driver) but I also wanted to make the build of this some more open and needed a way to integrate DVB drivers with the Nvidia driver to my Unraid system. My work was manly inspired by you guys and I also gave it credit for that but I also want to share it with the community in general if someone want's to integrate anything other than the Nvidia or DVB drivers like now I have support for the Mellanox Firmware Tools or iSCSI... I will also keep updating my Unraid-Kernel-Helper plugin if someone wants a all in one solution and build the bz* images on their own. If you want to blame anyone about this then you have to blame me, when I read about that @limetech is going to integrate the Nvidia drivers into one of the next Unraid beta builds, I wrote a PM to @limetech and offered my help. And that's all what I have to say about that, I think Unraid is one of the best Server OS's out there in my opinion and I simply want to push it forward...
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    Yes Tom, that's how I viewed it when we developed the Nvidia stuff originally, it was improving the product. The thread has been running since February 2019, it's a big niche. 99 pages and 2468 posts.
  28. 7 points
    Great news. Crazy how they constantly focus on features benefiting more than 1% of the maximum userbase, right. 🤪
  29. 7 points
    Mit Hilfe von @ich777 und @zspearmint freue ich mich, unraid.net auf Deutsch zu enthüllen. 😀
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    As you might now, DockerHub will be doing HUGE changes that affects users, read more HERE. The TL;DR is that each ip is only allowed to do 100 unauthenticated pulls in a span of 6 hours. FYI checking for updates counts as a pull. Logging in to a dockerhub account only doubles that. So for the request: Currently dockerMan only works well with images from dockerhub. Once you use another registry, it looses the aspect of being "up to date". This is troublesome for people and organizations that has, will or is currently migrating to other registries (Personally I now push to GitHubs Container Registry). I herby ask for dockerMan to also have the same integration for other registries (or a documented selected few), to satisfy users. This migration will also see "new images" in CA. (pings @Squid)
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    I come here to see what's new in development and find that there is a big uproar. Hate to say it, but I've been here a long time and community developers come and go and that's just the way it is. This unRAID product opens the door to personalizations, both private and shared. Community developers do leave because they feel that unRAID isn't going in the direction they want it to go or that the unRAID developers aren't listening to them even though there is no obligation to do so. Some leave in a bigger fuss than others. The unRAID developers do the best they can at trying to create a product that will do what the users want. They also do their best to support the product and the community development. The product is strong and the community support is strong and new people willing to put in time supporting it will continue to appear. Maybe some hint of what was coming might have eased tensions, but I just can't get behind users taking their ball and going home because unRAID development included something they used to personally support. That evolution has happened many times over the years, both incrementally and in large steps. That's the nature of this unRAID appliance type OS as it gets developed. There is no place for lingering bad feelings and continuing resentful posts. Hopefully, the people upset can realize that the unRAID developers are simply trying to create a better product, that they let you update for free, without any intent to purposely stomp on community developers.
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    Issue appears to be that if you have any VM running that used VNC, then starting it would mess up the displays on the dashboard. Either way, this issue is fixed next rev
  33. 6 points
    Let's work together to repair this relationship. I love this community and what unRAID has become. Seeing it evolve over a decade shows the strength of this one united large family. Let's fix this, we are better than that. I have re-read the comments and although they are good points, this does not help us re-unite. @limetech, came through and did the initial steps with a public apology attempting to repair the relationship and yes, wounds do not heal overnight, but it is a two-way street. I cannot repair it, but from a community member perspective, it hurts to see it fall apart - let's stay united and kind. Again, we are better than this.
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    In a world where most of the people are even unable to admit mistakes and never apologize for anything I highly appreciate @limetech statement. Everybody doing mistakes on a daily basis and nobody is protected against that - PERIOD! IMHO -- True stature shows itself in small things and an apologize was stated. Now its time that the devs show true greatness and accept Toms apologize.
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    As others have mentioned, we are actually growing as a company. When I started out early last year, I was the 4th FTE. We are now almost double that and I can assure you we are all working very hard to get this Stable release out. We also have some exciting things in store so please stay tuned! This has been a tough year for a variety of reasons. Even in the best of times, it's not easy growing as an all remote company but rest assured, we aren't going anywhere and have big plans for the future!
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    Ever since I started using unraid (2010, v4.7), the community is what has been the leader in adding enhancements/value/features to unraid. Initially unraid didn't do much more than being a NAS, which was exactly what it was designed to do. But the community was the ones who started to build plugins and guides on how to use them to add way more functionally then the core function of just a NAS. That's not to say limetech was lacking really. They did and do build a rock solid NAS and that was the motto for the longest time. But a lot of user, and definitely myself wanted to keep utilizing the hardware more and more, way beyond just a NAS. The community really thrived at that. I've been able to add much more functionality to my system, learn and use more and more programs thanks to unraid/limetech and the community. I've really enjoyed the community here, it has felt small and personable and while its growing it still has the small tight knit feeling. A place where people give great support and never makes anyone feel like they have asked a stupid question. Unraid is where I've learned a lot of things about linux dockers etc. Again thanks to the community. I'm sure I'm just stating the obvious here at this point. Not to say unraid is worthless without the community but it is what helps or maybe even the cause to why it thrives. On a somewhat selfish note, I have very much benefited from the work of all the community devs especially @CHBMB and @bass_rock with their work on the nvidia plugin. For the people that use it, it was a huge breath of fresh air for older systems running plex. And it is definitely not exclusive to older systems. I also used the DVB drivers that was built by them. Unraid/limetech really didn't seem interested, at the time in providing support for the nvidia drivers and @CHBMB and the @linuxserver.io team saw how much the "niche" (I honestly don't think it's that niche) of people really wanted and would really benefit from it. I was ecstatic when it as finally released. I'm not sure where the notion came that the "third party" kernel was unstable as @CHBMB and the @linuxserver.io team work really hard at releasing good dockers/plugins etc. With very good support and documentation. It's such a no brainer when going into CA Apps and seeing something maybe by @linuxserver.io, it's always what I'll install given the choice. I had mentioned this in the request thread for GPU drivers in the kernel to @limetech that having the ability for hardware acceleration in plex via nvidia cards would attract users. I'm sure it did and likely attracted users for other reasons once @CHBMB and @bass_rock got it working. Limetech didn't ever comment in that thread and from what I remember was not at all interested at the time in pursuing it, at least from what I could tell from public information. Yet @CHBMB and @bass_rock worked hard to make it happen and as I mentioned I'm sure that created revenue for limetech and I know made many people happy. I'm glad limetech has decided to build in the feature and support it at the company level. And really this should be a big win for both @limetech and @CHBMB. For limetech because it's a great added feature and for CHBMB to give him a break from having to support that plugin which was clearly a lot of work. Maybe even freeing up his time to work on other great things for the community. While I'm glad he is finally getting a break. I do hope he and any other developers that may have decided to leave come back, as I do really appreciate their work. I also hope that this situation actually ends up being more positive then negative. It looks like limetech as learned more now, then they I'm sure already knew, how valuable their community developers are. And hopefully more communication will help build a stronger better relationship with the community and its developers, because the combination of the limetech team and the community developers has created a ever evolving fastastice product. Thank you to both the limetech team, the community and all the community developers.
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    This is sad, very sad only. unRAID is a unique product, but it's the community what really makes it shines. As a ordinary user, what really makes me feel safe is not that i'm running a perfect piece of software(it's not, no software will ever be), but having a reliable community always have my back when I'm in trouble, and constantly making things better. I'm not in a place to judge, but I do see some utterly poor communications. This could have been a happy day yet we are seeing the beginning of a crack. Guess who gets hurt? LOYAL USERS! Guess who gets hurt after users are hurt? Please, look at the bigger picture, fix it when it's not too late. Don't bury what together you have archived just for miscommunication. It's not worthy.
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    Hi all It's not often I write in forums or express my opinions. But today is a day I feel I must. I have been using unraid for quite a few years now. I believe it's been over 5 years. But for the life of me cannot find the email from when I bought my licence. When I embarked on the journey of wanting raid like features but without actually using a traditional raid. I looked over loads of options and even bought and tried FlexRAID and thought it was working well until I had a drive failure that it did not warn me of and data lost because it refused to recover. Plus a few other issues but I do not like to badmouth other products. So I started looking again and saw the various offerings but none of them was really user friendly for a noob like me. Then I happened to stumble onto unraid and thought I would give the limited (I believe it was 3 hdd) trial a go. Oh it was everything I ever needed in a storage solution simple to use, can upgrade hdds down the line without a painful process etc. A short while later disaster hit and and I suffered a failed 3TB seagate hdd (I know plenty of us have suffered losses due to seagate). But I still had access to all my data until a new drive came. Popped in the new drive and it rebuilt and away I went again. Then one day I thought I really want to upgrade my array to handle 6TB drives and was not looking forward to it. Found it was just easy to do again. rebuilds happened and once again Unraid is just working, Last week another seagate 3tb failed (surprised it lasted so long) And as I am writing this a 6TB hdd has replaced it and is 1.5% into the rebuild. So really thank you Lime Technology for actually selling a product that really works well and kept active development adding items. (also adding more drives to the plus licence). Well done Kevin EDIT Just found my reg date Sat 04 Oct 2014 09:10:13 PM BST
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    We do have a special forum board called "The Lab" which is available to Community Dev's and Moderators where we can and do talk about development, though we (Lime Tech, Inc) need to do a better job at posting roadmaps in there (working on it). There is another board called "The Bar" where Moderators can hang out and discuss forum issues. Finally @SpencerJ servers role of "Community Manager", though in this particular case I thought it best to address the Community directly myself.
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    I'm not ephigenie, but I liked the idea, so I'll give my two cents on it, for what it's worth: Maybe something like a broad strokes roadmap. Nothing too concrete, but even a post with headings like: Features being worked on for the next major/minor release (multiple cache pools) Bugs being squashed for the next major/minor release (SSD write amplification) Future possibilities currently under investigation (ZFS) You could make the forum visible to community developers only. Or if you're feeling particularly transparent, forum members with enough posts that they've at least been semi-active, and around for a while. The understanding would be that anything mentioned is subject to change or reprioritisation, and that obviously certain things can't be talked about for market/competitive reasons or whatever. (or just because you don't like spilling all the beans on shiny new things) This would allow you to gauge community interest (at least, the portion of the community active on the forums) around given features which might factor into prioritization. As well, it gives us members a peak at the direction unRAID is heading, and an appreciation for why so-and-so wasn't added to the latest patch, or why such-and-such a bug is still around.
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    Unhelpful, inflammatory, provoking and downright unnecessary. Also, if I was to define the set of values that makes this community group so strong I would say there isn’t a word in your post that would align with them.
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    Acting uncharacteristically extreme sometimes when we get hurt is very human and understandable and my personal opinion is that is what a few of the fellas at @linuxserver.iodid after the exchanges on the previous thread. I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of this post by @limetech and therefore was hoping there would be some return comms from @linuxserver.io to do their part in repairing this bridge. It might be nice if those who “retired” or decided they were now “out” or were “quitting unRAID work” came back. It might also be nice that if some of the support threads that were locked are now unlocked, some links reinstated where appropriate, edited posts that now read “Depreciated” are replaced with more helpful information and we can start a joint and peaceful transition to the new official unRAID build with appropriate guidance for the community members that might have missed the recent exchanges. Personally, at very least I’d like to see an acknowledgment of this post from the team if they are just not quite ready to move on yet - which is also understandable - wounds don’t often heal overnight. Paraphrasing @aptalca, no one likes a one way street. If virtual hands could be shaken here ... in an ideal world (for me) publicly then the symbiotic unRAID centric relationship between a big community contributor and the company can continue and we all move on together! 🙂
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    Still running unRAID on my 1GB Kingston DataTraveler from 2008.
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    See the post above yours. It gets loaded directly into ram. Speaking as someone who doesn't have a nvidia card, I personally don't want my ram used up for something I don't have.
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    Thanks for the release. On the docker tab I can't seem to access the docker logs with either basic or advanced view. I thought it may have neen because I am using the docker folder plugin. But having removed it the problem still persists. ........ Edit -- ha found where to get to the logs now!! Its accessed by clicking the docker icon. Thats much better there. Was always annoying when in the advanced view having to switch back to basic to see the logs
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    @trurl Please lock this thread. Due to an unexpected announcement from @limetech about Nvidia, I have since made the decision to do no further development work on Unraid. I'm quitting Unraid work. Anyone who wants to use DVB on Unraid, you have two options. 1. Ask LimeTech to include it as they should have years ago 2. Compile it yourselves using the available docker container. LS.io will no longer be hosting any custom Unraid builds.
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    I had the same problem with the downgrade on the database. This is how I solved it. 1. make a backup of the file in your appdata/gitea/gitea.db 2. copy the file appdata/gitea/gitea.db to your local computer 3. download a sqlite application that can view and edit. I used "DB Browser for SQLite" 4. open the local file gitea.db and look for where you can execute the command UPDATE version SET version=158 WHERE id=1; 5. save the changes 6. copy the file back to appdata/gitea/gitea.db 7. restart the docker container This worked for me. Just make sure you have a backup just in case.
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    I'll caveat this post by saying that I've had a few interactions with @limetech over the last 10+ years, and he's always been kind, gracious and understanding. The kind of guy you would enjoy going for a drink with and shooting the shit. That said, @limetech you've now made two missteps in your posts in the last week. It may be a consideration to either a) have a third party review your posts prior to posting (at least the non-technical ones) or b) get a community manager. This isn't a criticism, but rather an obervation. I sincerely believe you when you say that you meant no disrespect with your posts, but something is getting lost in translation. Your expertise is creating this awesome OS. Get someone whose expertise is being the conduit for this awesome community. ~Spritz
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    To utilize your Nvidia graphics card in your Docker container(s) the basic steps are: Add '--runtime=nvidia' in your Docker template in 'Extra Parameters' (you have to enable 'Advanced view' in the template to see this option) Add a variable to your Docker template with the Key: 'NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES' and as Value: 'YOURGPUUUID' (like 'GPU-9cfdd18c-2b41-b158-f67b-720279bc77fd') Add a variable to your Docker template with the Key: 'NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES' and as Value: 'all' Make sure to enable hardware transcoding in the application/container itself See the detailed instructions below for Emby, Jellyfin & Plex (alphabetical order). UUID: You can get the UUID of you graphics card in the Nvidia-Driver Plugin itself PLUGINS -> Nvidia-Driver (please make sure if there is no leading space!) : NOTE: You can use one card for more than one Container at the same time - depending on the capabilities of your card. Emby: Note: To enable Hardware Encoding you need a valid Premium Subscription otherwise Hardwar Encoding will not work! Add '--runtime=nvidia' to the 'Extra Parameters': Add a variable to your Docker template with the Key: 'NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES' and as Value: 'YOURGPUUUID': Add a variable to your Docker template with the Key: 'NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES' and as Value: 'all': Make sure to enable hardware transcoding in the application/container itself After starting the container and playing some movie that needs to be transcoded that your graphics card is capable of you should see that you can now successfully transcode using your Nvidia graphics card (the text NVENC/DEC is indicating exactly that) : Jellyfin: Add '--runtime=nvidia' to the 'Extra Parameters': Add a variable to your Docker template with the Key: 'NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES' and as Value: 'YOURGPUUUID': Add a variable to your Docker template with the Key: 'NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES' and as Value: 'all': Make sure to enable hardware transcoding in the application/container itself After starting the container and playing some movie that needs to be transcoded that your graphics card is capable of you should see that you can now successfully transcode using your Nvidia graphics card (Jellyfin doesn't display if it's actually transcoding with the graphics card at time of writing but you can also open up a Unraid terminal and type in 'watch nvidia-smi' then you will see at the bottom that Jellyfin is using your card) : PLEX: (thanks to @cybrnook & @satchafunkilus that granted permission to use their screenshots) Note: To enable Hardware Encoding you need a valid Plex Pass otherwise Hardwar Encoding will not work! Add '--runtime=nvidia' to the 'Extra Parameters': Add a variable to your Docker template with the Key: 'NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES' and as Value: 'YOURGPUUUID': Add a variable to your Docker template with the Key: 'NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES' and as Value: 'all': Make sure to enable hardware transcoding in the application/container itself: After starting the container and playing some movie that needs to be transcoded that your graphics card is capable of you should see that you can now successfully transcode using your Nvidia graphics card (the text '(hw)' at Video is indicating exactly that):