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    We'll include QEMU 4.x in Unraid 6.8
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    just curious if this RC is going to be final.. as 6.7.0rc started in jan
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    ...here*s a thread with more users suffering from broken WOL feature after upgrading to 6.7; There is definitely a driver change from versions prior to 6.7 and the NIC appears to be shut-down when going to sleep.
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    Rebuilding a disk won't help with filesystem corruption, you need to check filesystem on disk17: https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems#Checking_and_fixing_drives_in_the_webGui or https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems#Drives_formatted_with_XFS Seems to be relatively common some xfs disks going unmountable after a kernel upgrade, it happened before and it's happening to some users now, likely newer kernel is detecting some previous undetected corruption.
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    You can have it disabled permanently via the Tips & Tweaks plugin
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    Right, interesting corner case: no encrypted disks exist, no new disks exist, and default file system type set to one of the encrypted forms - the fact it wants a passphrase is a bug. Providing one does no harm (one workaround), setting default file system type to an unencrypted form is another workaround. Thanks for reporting, we'll look into it.
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    Sounds like a duplicate IP conflict
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    Thank you for helping out. 👍
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    Prefer means try to move from array to cache, and is the exact opposite of Yes
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    Next release will have this patch.
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    It is very likely the problem! In which case it is not a change in behaviour, but merely that you have not encountered the exact circumstance before. In the case of any conflict about which disk to use then the Split Level setting takes precedence. What do you have set for the Split Level for the share, and what is the actual path name for the file? It is possible that the Split Level setting is forcing a particular drive regardless of the Minimum Free Space setting.
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    Split settings override minimum space, either change split level or delete the folder form disk4.
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    There is the share's minimum space (default is 0) setting and general cache minimum space setting, as long as the share setting is adequate for that particular share, and it can be very different for other shares, no need to change the cache setting, unless you copy directly to the cache share, but if either threshold is hit it will stop writing to cache (or any other disk used by that share when it's the share setting).
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    That is HP's "hpsa" driver: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cciss/files/hpsa-3.0-tarballs/ The version in Linux kernel 4.19 is "3.4.20-125". You can see from above link that there are newer hpsa versions, but those drivers are designed to be built/integrated into RedHat variation of the kernel and do not build with our kernel. Checking kernel 5.0 and 5.1, reveals they all also use hpsa driver "3.4.20-125". Why hardware vendors insist to maintain their own driver vs. the stock kernel driver is a mystery. Eventually someone who HP cares about will complain and they'll update the stock kernel driver.
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    along with multiple cache pools, right???!!!?!!? 🙏
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    Thanks for reporting, made a change to cut off long names.
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    Yeah we'll fix this for stable. Actually those coming from pre-6.7 Unraid will not see this issue. It's happening because of this change back in -rc6: fstab: mount USB flash boot device with 'flush' keyword
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    The code is not in place to fix this yet, just the packages required for a fix. I only have limited SAS h/w to test with and so far things not working correctly but I think it might be an issue with the enclosure I'm using.
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    I’m still seeing this as well. The “syncing—please wait” message doesn’t appear until after the sync has completed.
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    Sync on flash drives seems to happen before text is posted whilst doing the update so appears to hang, but then completes ok. Rebooted all running ok.
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    Something is preventing Unraid from unmounting the disks: Apr 30 01:27:07 Unraid-Server emhttpd: shcmd (416): umount /mnt/user Apr 30 01:27:07 Unraid-Server root: umount: /mnt/user: target is busy. Hence the unclean shutdowns.
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    Sorry, im not english speaking, so i didnt want to be rough, just tell the truth. I had it running with 4gb (2gb for VM) it was working "fine", even some plugins. So this must be on your end. - I just had to auto restart all dockers every day because of some random dockers filling up ram. Anyway, RAM prices are cheap, and it cost around 1-2 watt per stick, so usually doubling ram dont cost anything. Windows 10 You wouldnt install windows 10 on a 1ghz and 1gb ram machine, or? Its just the minimum it can run, nothing more, nothing less.
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    While it's up on the bench, can I make a small UI request please? Can the link to the Unraid site from the header logo open in a new tab/window? And/or could a link to the forum be made available from the interface again (unless I've lost it)? It's how I usually get here.