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  1. Also the mover didn't move all files to the cache drive once the cache share was set to use only the cache, all worked fine once I disabled docker and moved all appdata folders into the cache drive.
  2. I can't find any of those options in the UI, but they are in share.cfg and they do work if manually edited.
  3. Yep, I could just not use the mover, the appdata share was set to cache only but that didn't enable the use of the cache in share.cfg, doing that manually fixed all my issues.
  4. That was it, the value was set to "no": After changing that and rebooting I can use the mover: And the cache drive is not empty anymore: Thanks @johnnie.black
  5. I have it enabled there for appdata, then why the mover doesn't it enabled? also, how does one move all the existing data to the cache drive without the mover? Hopefully not manually...
  6. I can't enable cache, there are no options under global share settings: Tried a new config, etc. See no cache options. Also attached diagnostics. mammuth-diagnostics-20200721-1644.zip
  7. Just to provide an update, been almost 4 hours now and my temps have been back to what I am used to: The only change made was to set the spin down time from default to 15 mins, I guess I could probably go for something less aggressive, but will wait couple of days. Thanks @bonienl for the help.
  8. @bonienl temps are going down, but temps didn't update in the UI since boot 25 minutes ago. For example I can see both SDH and SDI have much lower temps than reported in the UI. EDIT: took 40 mins for the UI to update, is that normal? EDIT2: not sure what is going on, they updated again 20 mins later Not sure how setting spin down to 15 mins made temps lower so fast. Never had temps issues before as I said, not even during parity check they got so hot.
  9. No, it's set to default, should I manually set it?
  10. I would agree, but why they stay max 42C during the parity sync, with all the disks active.
  11. Is it possible that some process is keeping them spinning? If I spin them down they do cool off. This actually never happened on 6.8.3, i may try downgrade, would avoid as is probably gonna be a pain with the VMs, but if there's no other choice...
  12. @bonienl this is not a new machine, has been running for months, no change has been made to it apart upgrading unraid and all fans are spinning 100%. It will be fine for days running everything, even parity checks and then suddenly disks get hot when the machine is basically idling. This is not my first rodeo, been working on servers for 25 years and can't explain what's happening, even the disk i/o is low.
  13. If the issue was the cooling that would be an easy fix, fans look fine both in software and from inspection. I just can't explain this. Even ramping fans at 100% changes nothing, they are getting hot, but I just don't know why. Maybe for some reason they are never spinning down? P.S. i mistakenly reported johnnie's reply, sorry!
  14. I have been having this issue sporadically since upgrading to beta22, my disks are usually between 39 and 42C even during a parity check, but somehow sometimes they start to get really hot and there's no activity or change in the system to justify that. The only way to "fix" this is to shutdown the machine and let it rest for 15 minutes, then after the next boot everything is fine for days. I can't explain it as the machine is basically idle at the moment, fans are spinning as usual. Attached my diagnostic here. mammuth-diagnostics-20200713-1002.zip