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  1. Splitting power to too many drives can cause power to sag, and cause the issues you describe when all drives are under load. The wattage of the PSU is plenty sufficient, but power handing per connector may not be (4 drives per connector is pushing it, for example). Eliminate the splitters and see if it solves your problem.
  2. Condescension aside, some of us value having the choice for "air gapping", if simply for maintaining the illusion of control over our own gear 🙂
  3. Then why the ginormous sign-in icon in the header? I'm already signed in to the server. It smacks of future intentions, and us tin-foil hat wearers default to nefarious, unfounded or not. Just rubs me the wrong way. Same with M$ - I have a Microsoft account, personally and professionally. They already have my "data". But still, requiring an unrelated account and nagging me when I don't want to associate them just to login to MY MACHINE to use software I PAY FOR, just annoys me - especially when it provides absolutely no benefit to me. Seriously, the sign-in nag in the header is huge. If it's not necessary, it should be smaller or better yet, on the admin page.
  4. I'm against it, too. I don't want a forum account tied to my server, just 'cause (reasonable or not, rubs me the wrong way). Won't give in to M$, either. Seems unnecessary, so I'll just stick on 6.8.3, I suppose.
  5. Here's my rig: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/86712-compact-rack-setup/ - more hard drives, and some of the smaller ones upgraded to 8TBs but more or less the same. Almost all movies, tv shows, concerts et al - I have a digital hoarding problem for sure lol. Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself, too lol
  6. Yeah, I feel your pain Hoarding, amirite
  7. Oracle, and in regards to this question Unraid, has no obligation to the 3rd party purchaser to provide replacement keys (or anything else) - doubly so if they don't have operations in the EU (who would you sue?). Oracle let the cat out of that particular bag by taking action against a company within the jurisdiction of the EU court, here you'd just be pissin' up a rope.
  8. No https://unraid.net/policies No Key Transfers Lime Technology does not support the transfer of an Unraid Server OS Registration Key to a 3rd party for any reason whatsoever.
  9. You should also update the firmware on the HBA, is really old
  10. Same here, as soon as I restarted the container this morning, won't finish connecting to https://privateinternetaccess.com/gtoken/generateToken
  11. Looks like the same issue this person has with their 980