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  1. how many drives are connected per line back to the power supply, and how many on each connector
  2. Make sure you have enough power going to the drives, and that you're not using too many splitters
  3. What kind of throughput are you getting between the machines over the network
  4. What's the CPU utilization when you're trying to play the video
  5. It just puts the drives into a low powered sleep mode, which stops the spindle motor - hence the spin down. Any activity directed towards the drive wakes them up and starts the spindle spinning once again - hence the spin up. It's normal for the temperature to not be displayed, as the drives are effectively turned off.
  6. Disk 5 and 7 should be replaced, those are pre-fail indicators You should look into improving cooling/airflow to the drives, hitting above 60 is not-good™️
  7. What I did was make an image back up of my Windows machine, then restored it into the VM
  8. Exposing the OS to the internet is a Bad Idea™️ Unraid is not a hardened OS and will likely be pwned within minutes, see the security forum for examples. If you need access to the OS remotely, VPN is the only safe way to go. https://forums.unraid.net/forum/27-security/
  9. First things first, don't expose unraid to the internet. Only expose the ports needed for services you want to access, or you're in for a bad time. If you want to access unraid remotely, use a vpn. 1- DNS entries in your firewall/router for each FQDN, or local hosts file if you like it dirty - should also solve question 2
  10. I'd look at moving into IPMI in your situation, that way the server can shut down safely and conserve battery, then you can remotely power it back up again when power is restored. Also, running the batteries down regularly will shorten their lifespan dramatically. Lead acid batteries don't actually like being used - unless you're using deep cycle batteries, in which case carry on.
  11. On the shares page, click folder icon for the corresponding share in the view column - locations used are listed there
  12. If it's only dropping during high stress loads, I'd start with power. Even a slight sag will reset the drive
  13. Check the cables/connections, and make sure you don't have too many drives attached to one power line back to the power supply
  14. try occ files:scan --all from within the nextcloud docker's console