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  1. Dunno if this is expected behavior or not, but I was running 6.8.0-rc9 and after logging in and shutting down both my WHS 2011 and Windows 10 VMs, via RDP, and then trying to log into the web interface for the unraid server so I could do the update to 6.8.0 stable, the server crashed and rebooted. When it came back up it detected an unclean shutdown, as expected, and would have run a parity check if I started the array. I decided to just upgrade the server instead of bringing the array back online and waiting a day for the parity check. After upgrading and re-booting, the array showed parity is valid? I'm running a check anyway but I just thought it was weird.
  2. Unraid has a 30 drive limit for the array, so there's that. As for your risk tolerance, well, you need backups for anything you can't afford to lose. Every storage OS is similar in that regard. Parity, RAID, whatever, it's not a backup. If you can't afford to lose it, you can't afford not to back it up.
  3. Im pretty sure the OP was referring to the power draw not run time
  4. Yep, install it on whatever clients you have that you want to shut down when on UPS power
  5. Here's a good example, they're individually pinned https://www.amazon.com/Molex-Power-Dual-Serial-Adapter/dp/B00AAZ4P4C
  6. Don't use the molded style, make sure they're the punch down type
  7. It should have the LSI logo near the edge connector, email Broadcom
  8. I have a Norco 4224 and swapped the stock fans for Noctuas. The CPU fan is louder than the whole chassis.
  9. Check out this guys setup, pretty detailed example. He also has a couple YouTube videos detailing his setup. Should give you a pretty good idea of what's involved. http://jro.io/nas/
  10. This video should give you a good idea of what's involved
  11. I had a bunch of problems last year after setting up my server - but after I stopped assigning "unassigned devices" drives to my VMs the server completed monthly parity checks without any more problems. Until today that is. Over the weekend, I installed a 3TB WD Purple and assigned it to my Windows 10 VM for Blue Iris to use. No bubbles, no troubles. Today, immediately at the start of the monthly parity check, Unraid drops disk 2 with 4096 errors. Being the impatient hot-head that I am, I didn't grab diags before starting the rebuild, sorry. If the VM with the UA drive is stopped, the partiy check finishes no errors. If a VM is up with a UA drive attached, it will drop a disk. Every time. And it's a different drive every time. Tested with a WHS 2011 VM and now a W10 VM. Server runs fine if I'm not using unassigned devices, but I really would like to use a VM to run Blue Iris than build a machine just for it. Especially when the server is sitting close to idle all the time. Thoughts? Initial problems outlined in this thread
  12. It's the constant bit that's important. Set a nice long delay, I have mine set at 3 hours.
  13. 30 minutes to copy 122 files totaling 22MB is a bit maddening, is there a hot fix we can do in the meantime?