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  1. Dunno about Snapraid, but Wendell got ZFS going on Unraid, if you're hell bent on serving the bit rot bogeyman https://forum.level1techs.com/t/zfs-on-unraid-lets-do-it-bonus-shadowcopy-setup-guide-project/148764
  2. You don't "own" Unraid, you own a non-transferrable license to use Unraid according to the terms you agreed to when you purchased your license.
  3. Second vote for bulk rename utitlity, it has so many options
  4. Could be, but the OP mentioned assigning it to a Plex container, I was curious as to why - I have a few of those 1030s laying around so if there's a good reason to use them, I'm all ears
  5. I'm curious, the 1030 doesn't have NVENC so why bother?
  6. Your drives are pretty warm, do you have enough airflow for the HBA?
  7. Use something like UrBackup to make incremental backups regularly to the array
  8. Video in top slot HBA in the second NIC in the third
  9. Here's the nVidia GPU matrix, it shows the capabilities and limitations for their cards https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-and-decode-gpu-support-matrix-new
  10. All day, every day - especially for 4k. You're just limited by the number of streams locked on the card, as you already know
  11. Does the E5-2640 V2 even have an integrated GPU? The P1000 should run circles around it.
  12. Battery probably isn't really 100% - with a load on the UPS, trip the breaker, if the UPS shuts down then it's most likely the battery.
  13. This is a Bad Idea™️ UnRaid should not be exposed to the internet, only individual services/dockers/VMs should. Direct outside access should only be made available through a VPN.
  14. Opening 22 to the WAN is a Bad Idea™️ - better option would be to use a VPN
  15. If you're checking to see if it's open on the WAN side, doesn't matter what machine runs the check it'll still hit the WAN IP. If you see a response, it's open to the WAN.