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  1. 30 minutes to copy 122 files totaling 22MB is a bit maddening, is there a hot fix we can do in the meantime?
  2. I have WHS 2011 running in a VM and it archives all my recordings from my WMC box - files remain managed through WMC directly. I only keep a 500GB SSD in the WMC box for immediate recorder storage before it's shuffled off
  3. The one with the check mark is a splitter, but it's not molded connector. The problem with the molded connectors is how they're laid in the mold, the only way to QC them to ensure there isn't any strands touching or too close is to x-ray them as they come off the line - and at that price point they're not doing it. Google molded sata power splitter and you can read some horror stories. I had one in my desktop PC for years, one morning I noticed it had shut itself off overnight so I turn it back on - bright flash, smoke, unhappy noises and the splitter was on fire. I thought it was just a fluke, until I happened across a youtube video a couple days later (crazy coincidence) of a guy building a NAS who had the same thing happen to him, he made a video dissecting the connectors and showing the problem.
  4. FWIW- You shouldn't use the molded style splitters, they will fail and probably catch fire.
  5. As long as you're above 0c and under 70c (normal operating range for most SSDs), I wouldn't worry about it. You can check your devices product specifications to be sure (some can go to 100c, and -55 to 125+ is mil-spec).
  6. Search for 4 pin molex connector, MOQs don't mean much, send them an email with an RFQ for 10 samples and see what they say. They're pretty capitalistic for being communists lol. This looks good too https://m.alibaba.com/product/62181053161/ZPT-Custom-big-4-pin-molex.html?spm=a2706.7843299.1998817009.52.759a71e9ZquQqD They look pinned, tho, thought they were spade capped
  7. Looks promising https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Color-Choosable-molex-8981-Crimp-5_60836935725.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.178.76ee3775Qp44Iu
  8. Fair point, but 3 per connector is plenty safe for modern drives (reds are like 1.8 peak)- 4 if you like to play the odds :D. It is critically important that it's a quality connector, however. Ask me how I know (hint, it involves smoke).
  9. Why not just buy a quality SATA power splitter? As long as it's not the molded type connectors.. The StarTech 4x ones look good.
  10. Dunno about you folks, but both the dashboard and UPS pages update automatically as the load changes without refreshing...
  11. The UPS is communicating its status You need to verify you're getting Unraid's notifications (like the array status when you log in) Here's how I have mine:
  12. Are you getting the notifications in your browser?
  13. Well, you don't have any of the email notification boxes checked - I'd start there