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  1. I use Nextcloud to sync my mobile devices to the server, UrBackup for the desktops, and rsync for server to server along with a cold grab n go HDD for the can't lose data.
  2. You can* mount it in Windows, just Google it and follow one of the many guides to 'Mount a Linux disk in Windows'
  3. It's the bashing it'll take if you have to rebuild any other drive in the array that would be the killer. My experience with Seagate drives hasn't been good, they typically keel over rather quickly once they start failing. If you don't have your "can't lose" data backed up, now's a good time
  4. Depends on your tolerance for risk - if another drive happens to fail you'll need it and the rest to stay healthy enough to rebuild
  5. They're looking for an outbound VPN to mask downloading Linux ISOs I've had pretty good luck with PIA and binhex's deluge-vpn docker container
  6. If it's a single parity system, personally I'd do a new config if rebuilding on top of the same drive is your only option. Losing another disk during the rebuild would suck twice as much
  7. SMART fail is a drive fail - no point in ignoring SMART, that's its only job
  8. rsync - it won't encrypt the data for you but you can send to an encrypted volume
  9. Rapid updates isn't usually a good thing
  10. If it happens at the same time of day, it's probably Plex choking during its scheduled maintenance, limit the memory to the plex docker (advanced view), set as needed for your setup
  11. Depends on if you will need to transcode video to devices that won't be able to direct stream
  12. Your docker image file is stored on your 'docker' share in /mnt/user/docker/ If your docker image file is getting filled, you have a container that's writing to that file instead of a disk share - you need to verify that whatever folders (downloads, temp and such) are configured in your docker containers point to a folder in one of your shares or disks.
  13. It's not x4, it's x2 in x4 clothes. Will you notice a performance difference, depends on if you ever need to do more than 1 or 2 things at once on any of the drives, and more so for drives slung off of the multiplier.
  14. Every time I upgrade/replace a drive, all 24 are used to re-build it - and it already takes over 30 hours
  15. Your board supports up to 64G, you only have 32G installed You have a docker that's writing to the docker image instead of a disk share
  16. This isn't accurate, you can use whatever SATA ports are available
  17. Run it from the docker's console Hint: ignore the dot slash and just run occ preview:generate-all -vvv
  18. Why can't I put 10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag? Not enough room.
  19. Edit the script for whatever you need, examples are provide in the script near the beginning marked ##Settings##. Add the script via the user scripts plugin and from there you can set triggers (array start, on specific unassigned device plugged in, etc.) Dunno about the others you mentioned or whether they're bettor or not, you asked if it was possible and it is
  20. Yes, but it would be better just to not use the cache drive for the share while you're doing your copy