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  1. Video in top slot HBA in the second NIC in the third
  2. Here's the nVidia GPU matrix, it shows the capabilities and limitations for their cards https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-and-decode-gpu-support-matrix-new
  3. All day, every day - especially for 4k. You're just limited by the number of streams locked on the card, as you already know
  4. Does the E5-2640 V2 even have an integrated GPU? The P1000 should run circles around it.
  5. Battery probably isn't really 100% - with a load on the UPS, trip the breaker, if the UPS shuts down then it's most likely the battery.
  6. This is a Bad Idea™️ UnRaid should not be exposed to the internet, only individual services/dockers/VMs should. Direct outside access should only be made available through a VPN.
  7. Opening 22 to the WAN is a Bad Idea™️ - better option would be to use a VPN
  8. If you're checking to see if it's open on the WAN side, doesn't matter what machine runs the check it'll still hit the WAN IP. If you see a response, it's open to the WAN.
  9. Post your diagnostics
  10. 50c is fine for an SSD, well within limits (70c is max operating temp) so don't worry about it
  11. Probably need a firewall rule to allow traffic between the networks
  12. Share your local printer in windows- Add a printer on the VM to connect to local computer's printer share using the IP address as the \\computername\
  13. Keep in mind that when you unplug it from the wall, any devices connected to it are no longer grounded unless you've attached a ground lead to the lug on the back of the UPS. Safer option (for you and the device) is to flip the breaker sending power to the outlet
  14. He's dead, Jim - after only 21 hours I'd return to the store you bought it from
  15. If the software is generating its own file names, it means the original file names are not (generally) recoverable - from the FAQ: Will UFS Explorer restore the original folder structure and file names? UFS Explorer is equipped with algorithms that allow it to restore the structure of the file system and the actual file names. Yet, in some cases, the original folder structure may undergo irreversible corruption becoming unrecoverable, and on top of that, some types of file systems tend to erase the original file names after certain operations (deletion, formatting, etc.). Unde
  16. That'd do it, glad you got it figured out
  17. Your log is too fresh for me to see anything that jumps out
  18. Only if something is listening on that port
  19. and you don't have any other ports directly exposed, and you haven't set a reverse proxy to your admin panel?
  20. And that's the rule you have set in your firewall/router, too? As in: WAN 80 to LAN
  21. If you have port 80 open to the internet, you're doing it wrong™️
  22. FWIW I'm running a couple of these EDAZ drives now, temperatures have been on par with my other drives and I haven't noticed a heat issue with 'em, they also perform fine and cleared in ~14 hours. (knock on wood)