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  1. So using HOOB/Homebridge I’ve got the ability to turn on my VMs by asking Siri using my Apple Watch! Feels quite cool but I would still like to sleep/wake cleanly with macOS
  2. I had the same, i could change the container port value, I had to delete the old mapping completely and create a new one like in the image. It then worked on :8282 for me
  3. Thanks for your script @naughty beatle it has given me some ideas. I have some iOS Shortcuts on my daughter and wife's phones which simply make an SSH call with virsh but I don't like it because they have to have my root password in there. I wanted something a bit easier like a button but Alexa and voice control might work too... Did you get to the bottom of clean shutdown of MacOS? I haven't ben able to find a way to get it to respond to the qemu shutdown. I suppose you might need to have something listening inside the VM which initiates the shutdown but that feels very messy
  4. Okay great thanks, I have managed to switch out the clover EFI folder for opencore and it boots at least, although my VNC keyboard doesn't work yet...I'll spend some time reading up around it and how to configure stuff like serial numbers etc. Thanks.
  5. I have a working MacOS VM running with unRAID being used as a desktop and it is great. I have iMessage, full iCloud, Radeon RX570 passsthrough all working thanks to SpaceInvader's brilliant Macinabox docker to get things going. Reading around as I haven't looked at Mac VMs for some time there seems to be a move away from Clover to Opencore these days. I am not sure what advantages that brings though - is it worth moving to it, what would I gain? One thing I am interested in is making sure that the VM is using all the latest CPU capabilities to the full. I am currently in Penryn mode in my XML and as I understand there are a lot of potential performance gains to be had by implementing something newer. At this point though I don't know if I can simply pass through my 8th gen i5 and it should work seamlessly or I need to do something else? and whether this has to do with opencore or not?!
  6. So I have an RX570 and a Samsung PM951 SSD. I have Windows installed to the NVME drive with VNC just fine. It boots, no issues. If I passthrough the AMD card - nothing. I also have a Windows VM based on an image file - I can pass the AMD card to that just fine. Both VMs are the same Q35 chipset and Seabios set on them. I just can’t get the graphics passthrough to work at the same time as the NVME. Both devices are completely separate in terms of IOMMU groupings in system devices. Host machine is set to UEFI (not sure if this matters) Any ideas?
  7. Did you ever get this working? I have the same issue, I have a Win 10 install running on an NVMe passed through to the VM. With VNC it works fine, with my Radeon RX570 passed through I just get a UEFI shell. My unraid is running in UEFI mode.
  8. Okay I feel pretty stupid now. Checking the key values I can see I never managed to generate a prehared key. Once I did that it all started working. I tried with NAT off and it worked for a few secods then stopped even though I have a static route in place. With Nat on it just works so I'll just stick with that as I haveno dockers with custom IPs running anyway.
  9. No I am experiencing the same issue on a Mac and on an iPhone as well. Are there any route settings I need to set within unRaid as well or just on my router?
  10. I can ping the unraid box and I can ping the router/DNS address. I have tried setting on the client and that doesn't work either.
  11. I am struggling with this. I am trying to get a tunnel so all of my traffic goes through Wireguard. I am connecting okay and can access my unRaid server and other servers on the main LAN just fine. I can't access any internet sites though. It feels like a DNS issue but I think I have it all setup as I should. uNRAID IP: Router/DNS : Wireguard config:- Router static route:-
  12. I am finding that unless I open up the shares so they are secure as opposed to private - i.e. guest has read only then the Mac won't connect to them? I get the dreaded "The operation can't be completed because the original item for 'myfolder' can't be found" Anyone got any ideas how to get SMB working correctly on Macs. I've got a few smart devices in the home now and would like to tighten up security on my shares so you can't read what is on them without username and password.
  13. I have a super powerful CPU, mobo and RAM bundle here that would make a great home server, I have used it as an unRAID server for about 18 months or so but am downsizing. I have used this rig for running unRAID with dockers and VMs. When running VMs you can do GPU pass-through and I've had really powerful multi-core Mac Pro desktop running as well as a gaming VM with a GTX 1060 passed through. It's an absolute beast. Great for running multiple VMs as a home lab. ASRock X99 Extreme 6 ATX motherboard Intel Xeon E5-2695 v3 14 core/28 thread CPU 80GB !! (5 x 16GB, 4 Crucial and 1 SKHynix) of ECC DDR4 2133 memory Motherboard specs:- On-board dual LAN Supports up to 128GB RAM Ultra M.2 slot 8 RAM Slots Intel Xeon E5-2695 v3 14 core/28 thread CPU. This is a late stepping engineering sample indistinguishable from retail. The v3 Xeons had a "bug" from Intel where using patched Microcode you can bypass the usual turbo boost restrictions to have all the cores running at single core boost speeds. In this case you can have all 14 cores running at 3.3GHz. The ASRock motherboard already has the patched BIOS in place so all you have to do it plug and play. If you wish to go back to stock, simply update the motherboard with the latest BIOS from ASRock from within the BIOS itself. I will supply the patched BIOS anyway so you can always go back. As long as you have a decent CPU cooler then it is fine. even at full tilt my CPU never went over 60 deg. Although I did this for interest sake, my server sat idling 99% of the time anyway so a bit of a waste for me Here is the Anandtech thread where it was all discovered and people built the mods:- Page 3 - What controls Turbo Core in Xeons? Also here is an explanation of all core vs single core boosts : Actual CPU Speeds - What You See Is Not Always What You Get I am after £500 - looking at current prices on ebay especially RAM which is crazy right now, this lot is worth about £800 or so, so I think this is a good price.