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  1. no it was already plugged in. i just assigned it. and by moving the power is i removed put hard drives on the actual power lines of the psu that are not in use. since its 2 rails with 3 sata on each im trying to buy 2 to 1 sata power cables.
  2. oops my bad server-diagnostics-20200129-1142.zip
  3. ive changed it up to only split unload as much as i can from each actual sata ports coming from the power supply. it only has a total of 2x. was able to do a parity 1 rebuild with no issues then added parity 2 and errors again on parity 1. server-diagnostics-20200127-1745.zip
  4. after removing the gpu from pci1 and moving up hba1 to pci1 and hba2 to pci2, i have a cheaper regular pci card that requires no power connection and put that on pci3 and so far its reading 5 disks and rebuilding parity 1 without errors. if i am able to rebuild parity 2 ill be happy with that. bonus if i can add at least 1 more drive. 🤞pray for me 🙏
  5. i got a 5x hdd splitter that connects to the hdd power on the psu. so got 3 of them but only 6 in actual use although i once had a total of 11 hdd's powered up. i had them all connected as unassigned devices in order to slowly transfer the data from those drives and adding them to the array after preclearing them. had no issues then but i did have issues with hard 2 drives that appeared to be bad. or maybe it was related to power i dunno. i pulled 2 drives out, started the array, and thats when it all went bad.
  6. no sir, dont have another PSU. this is actually a brand new PSU. its 600W so i thought it would be enough for 16gb of ram and so far only like 8 disks and a low end 950gtx. the gtx was just added to occasionally transcode plex and the objective was to passthrough to the vm but turns out my cpu 2600k doesnt support hardware passthrough. just took out the gpu, moved up the hbas up a pci slot so hba1 is on pci1 and hba2 is on pci2. started the server and did a parity check with the disabled disk being emulated. got no errors. so im going to unassign parity 1 and assign it again. hope that helps but dont know if its a temp fix. really depressed at this point
  7. started a new thread because i am not sure why i get disk disabled. i got new cables 4 sata to 1 sas for my hba's but i still have i/o errors. so i tried now a total of 3 different cables, 2 different hba's and always have the same results. could someone please look at the logs. im really losing hope! what i did was turned off the array then shut down the system. all was fine. swapped the cables to add the 2nd parity disks thinking it was a cable issue. turned on the system, started the array, and started a parity check before assigning parity 2 as to test the cable. instantly started with parity 1 errors then parity 1 got disabled. got the same results i have been gettitng since on the unraid trial for with 2 extended trials now. downloaded and turned off the system after canceling the check. server-diagnostics-20200127-1745.zip
  8. got my LSI HBA on ebay said it was IT flashed. how can i check that firmware? havnt seen 199 errors in smart just a bunch of I/O errors in the disk log.
  9. lost a few drives due to rebuilds of the drives and it popping up with so many errors the drives get disabled. long story short im new to unraid and have 1 day on my extended trial. what is the best way possible in unraid to test if my sas cables are good? i have 4x 4 port sata to 1 port sas on 2x HBA's. i actually have 2 extra HBA's because i go a little crazy on bids on ebay. what is the best way to test the sata connection to the drives without causing issues? should i unassigned parity 2 then reassign it so it rebuilds and i can look for errors?
  10. another dumb question. im not familiar with how unraids filesystem works. i lost the disk 2 since the rebuild got corrupt. it started by throwing out errors then it got disabled. disk 1 was starting to do that so i just stopped it right away. my question is, is it possible to pull a drive out and get the contents from another linux system similar to ext4 or ntfs for windows? or say mount the drive to unraid as an unassigned device and access the files.
  11. dumb question but how do you test sata cables or my sas cables? i ordered 2 more and i am not sure what i can do in unraid to test them. would the best option to test the cables is to rebuild the parity? like as in unassign it then reassign it? on another note, i noticed when i had both parity drives rebuilding either 1 or 2 would get disabled instantly. so right now im sticking with 1 parity rebuild. i also removed disk 8 and 9 since they are empty at this point.
  12. no disk 8 got disabled upon rebuilding disk 2. and im at a complete loss of why. so i have 2 hba's so disk 8 is actually on another hba using another sas cable totally independent. its a 4 sata to 1 sas. parity 1 and 2 and disk 1 and 2 are in HBA 1 slot A. disk 4 and disk 6 are on another sas cable on slot B of the same HBA. those are fine so far. the rest are on hba 2 sas A with the cache on the last HBA 2 sas B 4th sata. i have 2 extra HBA's i tried 2 different HBA's and i have an extra sas but nothing works. all i get is ERRORS when rebuilding parity. if i try to rebuild both parity at the same time i get like a trillion errors and just stops. again, i have no idea why. i put this system together about a month and a half ago and im 1 day left on my extended trial of unraid. everything was working fine, i did a parity check this week, no errors. i already had disk 9 in the array since i built the system but i put in all the drives and precleared them 1 by 1 and added them to the array over time. it was all fine till when preclear finished, i added the drive to the array and thats when the problems with errors started.
  13. i replaced the hba still parity 1 is disabled, parity 2 is active, disk 2 is unmountable and wants me to format, and disk 8 is now also unmountable and wants me to format. is data lost on disk 2?