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  1. Resolved both issues, thank you!
  2. Errors appear related to the @Reports... How can i manually remove this, as the gui does not respond when i click on it.
  3. I have been using User Scripts with no problem for a long time. I tried to modify the timings of my some of my tasks, and APPLY and DONE does nothing. The button is clicked, but no action is taken and refreshing the page leads to old settings. Not working in chrome, IE or Firefox. How can i save my updated changes. NOTE: I also have one user script with an @ in the title and the cog is completely unclickable, not sure if this is related. If i could remove that too would be great. bigrig-diagnostics-20200815-1326.zip
  4. Thanks, resolved by uninstalled docker folder
  5. I have attached my diagnostics. Any idea whats causing this?
  6. bigrig-diagnostics-20200726-2145.zipAttached
  7. Thanks for this, do i just boot into the LSI, then run this from there and it should be fine?
  8. This probl em just started last night, I guess. Every time I try to click start on a docker, it doesn't do anything. Same in Firefox, Chrome, IE. I can manually type in "docker start Duplicati" and it starts no problem. What can I do to resolve this? NOTE: VM's on the same page can be started via the popup menu, just not dockers
  9. Solved my issue, thank you so much! I do see a lot my lines returning the following, is this something i should be concerned about: 2020/05/27 14:51:58 [ERROR] json: cannot unmarshal object into Go struct field SDMetadata.data of type []struct { Aspect string "json:\"aspect\""; Height string "json:\"height\""; Size string "json:\"size\""; URI string "json:\"uri\""; Width string "json:\"width\"" } 2020/05/27 14:54:34 [G2G ] Deleted Program Informations: 0 { "status": true }{ "status": true }<html><head><title>Unauthorized</title></head><body><h1>401 Unauthorized</h1></body></html>
  10. I downloaded and installed this today. I get no .yaml or .xml file created after running "guide2go -configure Frontier.yaml" and then going through the options Output from console: 2020/05/26 17:36:13 [G2G ] Version: 1.1.0 2020/05/26 17:36:13 https://json.schedulesdirect.org/20141201/token 2020/05/26 17:36:14 [SD ] Login...OK 2020/05/26 17:36:14 https://json.schedulesdirect.org/20141201/status 2020/05/26 17:36:14 [SD ] Account Expires: 2020-07-26 21:18:49 +0000 UTC 2020/05/26 17:36:14 [SD ] Lineups: 1 / 4 2020/05/26 17:36:14 [SD ] System Status: Online [No known issues.] 2020/05/26 17:36:14 [G2G ] Channels: 650 2020/05/26 17:34:53 [G2G ] Create XMLTV File [Frontier.xml] 2020/05/26 17:35:08 [G2G ] Clean up Cache [Frontier_cache.json] 2020/05/26 17:35:22 [G2G ] Deleted Program Informations: 0 What can i do to help troubleshoot?
  11. Yes, I am able to use locally with no problem. Only an issue though NGINXProxyManager, where the password prompt is, I see that error. There are no errors in the docker log for the app.
  12. I am using the VNC Web Browser, which linked to this support thread. I have successfully created a reverse proxy for this at web.xxxxxx.com and can pull up the main page. The problem is it says "Something went wrong, connection is closed". How can i resolve this?
  13. So after doing this, i was able to get no error and it seems to be working. How can I validate that I am infact using the onlyoffice container?
  14. I am using NGINX Proxy manager, so I do not see any specific cert files, only .pem files.
  15. Thanks for this. I am using NGINXProxyManager with the gui, so im not exactly sure how to translate what you have to that.