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  1. Is there any traction on this, i use my for .ts -> .mp4 x265 transcoding and would love to monitor the progress.
  2. Is there a way to do this without F keys. I am trying to do this through remote desktop, and F4 is not an option.
  3. Thanks, thats great. Ill run a few tests and then point it over myself. Are there any instructions for implimenting a nvidia GPU in this, or is at as simple as changing the setting in the Docker?
  4. Seems to be working, after a force install and reboot a .mp4 file is being filled up. Another question i have, i record most of my tv shows to a different location and was doing this as a test. Does it work recursively, EX. i point the share it "watches" to: /usr/mnt/Media I have .ts files in /usr/mnt/Media/TV/Adult and /usr/mnt/Media/TV/Kids Will it find and replace those files in their same folder structure? ex. /usr/mnt/Media/TV/Adult/Guys Grocery Games/S1E1.TS -> /usr/mnt/Media/TV/Adult/Guys Grocery Games/S1E1.mp4
  5. No, i didnt. i have been on software since install this weekend.
  6. attached, all look the same postProcess.06-08-2019-1355.log postProcess.07-08-2019-0814.log postProcess.07-08-2019-0821.log postProcess.07-08-2019-0824.log
  7. I am trying to use the Recordings-Converter tool. What are the commands to interact with it, since there is no gui?
  8. All, I was getting support on the thread below, but the person helping me hasn't responded. Can someone help me resolve my lack of Dockers and vms?
  9. Okay, so after unmounting the drives, they were also mounted in unassigned devices. Made sense when you said listed twice. I unmounted, and now am able to see my drives and shares as expected. Except the below errors: I have no docker or VM containers. How do i go about resolving this, do i just need to recreate all of these based on the templates i had saved, or is there a way to point to what was already existing? Docker tab in settings says: YOUR DOCKER IMAGE FILES NEEDS TO BE RECREATED DUE TO AN ISSUE FROM AN EARLIER BETA OF UNRAID 6.
  10. I was working on my server tonight, and after rebooting the server all my drives had different assignments (sdh -> sdc, etc.). I tried to match the drive names to the drives, and reboot the array and get the notice that all drives are "Unmountable" and are showing as "new drives", even though all drives were in the server before the reboot. The only option listed is to reformat my drives, which i would prefer not to do. What is my recourse? bigrig-diagnostics-20190804-0459.zip
  11. I currently have moved everything off my old synology server. I am now trying to use it as a backup, but have had several problems. 1. I tried to use syncthing, but is painfully slow over local network 2. Tried rsync, finally got it work, but i have to enter my password 3. I tried to use sshpass, but do not have it on either unraid or synology server 4. How do i create user scripts to back up my files to secondary network storage, on some sort of schedule. Is there a better way to do this. I just want to make network backups for some/all of my shares as needed and have them backup on a schedule without user intervention?
  12. All, I am having a very challenging issue with my unraid vms. I have 2 vms currently, one using vnc and one using 980ti with Passthrough and bios. Every time I shut off the VM with the 980ti, my unraid server locks up and becomes unusable. My other VM does not make this happen. Any suggestions?
  13. Bumping this, posted late at night