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  1. Im having issues with my p2200. It works and transcodes as excpected, but no statistics load on the homepage. NVIDIA-SMI still works in the command line though. Any ideas?
  2. Any advice on how you were able to accomplish?
  3. Tried to boot into safe mode, attached is a photo with "Replace Key" greyed out. I should also note, i was having issues with my flash drive (unraid GUI would show "file not found" after about 24 hours of uptime. I am attempting to swap usb sticks to see if that resolves the issue. Sending diagnostics as well for you.
  4. I am having an issue trying to "Replace Key" through the unraid GUI. Error is "Error: Oh noes! something doesn't seem right here", with the correct user name/password.Error: Oh noes! something doesn't seem right here
  5. Rebooting fixed the issue in the short term, but after waking up this morning im in the same boat. Any long term solution here? EDIT: I was able to reboot through putty (took about 20 minutes), and get diagnostics, attached here. bigrig-diagnostics-20210315-1130.zip
  6. Gotcha, I will try that. I was also running a parity check x12 TB with about 2-3 hours left. All my other dockers and notifications are working, do you think I am safe to wait a few hours to see if the parity check completes before i reboot?
  7. Thanks, I wrote a script to remove the extra files i had dumped to it. But somehow now i am no longer able to access the unraid gui. I tried to run a "diagnostics" from the terminal, but got the below error. Sounds like its time to recreate my flash drive from a backup?
  8. I have not noticed until now, but my USB flash drive that unraid is running on is now over 80 percent full. How can I determine what is filling up the drive, and how can I "clean" the usb drive to have as little data as needed on it? Should i provide logs or?
  9. Appreciate that, I did that and things are running smoothly.
  10. Currently i have the following: 2x 12tb HDD parity (Disk 1-8) 8x 10tb HDD (used only for media) (Disk 9/10) 2x 4tb HDD everything else I would like to add another 10tb drive, and would love for it to be drive 9, instead of 11 so that all my 10 tb and media collection stays in a better visual order for me. Is there a guide on adding a drive, while also changing the order of the drivers, or some guide which would provide the best experience? Also, since I have just migrated to 6.9, would it be better to create a HDD pool for just my media content so that I can add drives to it without this issue in the future? I dont see much guidance in the forums about that.
  11. It did take longer than usual to boot, thanks for the clarification. Thanks for all your work
  12. If i was using 6.9-rc2, and upgraded through OS update, do I need to perform anything from an NVIDIA driver side, or is the code still effective and there is no need to uninstall and reininstall?
  13. After trial and error based on what you provided, the unbound server I was using as a part of my pihole was blocking this flow. Pointing my dns back to google/cloudflare worked fine. So other than disabling it so this works, is there a workaround? Otherwise how can I switch back to just using my local ip, instead of the unraidhash?
  14. No issue, the same is true for chrome/firefox/edge as well. Just wanted to be clear, i can use https://192.168.xxx.xxx fine, but with the .unraid.net it will not load Chrome:
  15. After doing that, i get the following error in IE when trying to load the page: DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID
  16. I dont think thats it, im using a pihole and these are my router settings: https://192.xxx.xxx.xx is working though it is showing as "not secure"
  17. I am unable to access my server without using its https://"local ip", and using the **********.unraid.net is not working, instead showing "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" in chrome. I am unable to hit renew, which I believe would resolve this issue. Any suggestions?
  18. I have the same issue, posting screenshots here. Appears not to be all of my library or any of them in particular causing this. Is there a known resolution?
  19. I have recently pinned 14 cores for a NVIDIA 1070 gaming VM. Everything inside the VM is running right, but I have a concern that something is not abiding by the CPU pinning rules. I have posted the pictures of my pinning page, as well as with the VM off completely. While OFF (I thought 17-23,41-47 would ALL READ 0?) While ON (one core pegged to 100 at all times): Isolation:
  20. I have this working over OpenVPN but cannot get it working on NGINX Proxy Manager. Is there a configuration guide as to what port should be forwarded from controlr? Inside my network server:80 works currently to access it.
  21. Getting the below error when logging into unraid, everything seems to be running alright though. bigrig-diagnostics-20201013-1229.zip
  22. I just spun up this docker and am getting a 519 error. I noticed that this loaded to port 3000, the same port i have grafana on. I moved it and then got the below error. Obviously I'd prefer to customize wireshark so that i can leave my existing dockers as they are. Can you provide an example on how to change the port allocations for wireshark in the unraid docker template?
  23. Resolved both issues, thank you!