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  1. Its just one of those things I guess with so many variables in set up it could be anything causing the issue to express for some and not others. I had (hoping its fixed now) with the Vlan issue locking up my box every few days. If it helps at all firmware on my LSI is the most recent 20 something I think. Need to update my sig I also swapped to ECC memory in the last few weeks due to issues with BTRFS.
  2. I have almost all Seagate drive and have had no issues.
  3. Welp, Thanks for your help again. I guess Ill be back at some point.
  4. Well I feel like a fool. Ok Looks clean. Opening filesystem to check... Checking filesystem on /dev/nvme1n1p1 UUID: cdb12f2a-8005-48a1-b8f7-bd0e1fc9fd43 [1/7] checking root items [2/7] checking extents [3/7] checking free space tree [4/7] checking fs roots [5/7] checking only csums items (without verifying data) [6/7] checking root refs [7/7] checking quota groups skipped (not enabled on this FS) found 266705154048 bytes used, no error found total csum bytes: 225909672 total tree bytes: 698073088 total fs tree bytes: 379420672 total extent tree bytes: 46546944 btree space waste byte
  5. Comes back with: root@thelibrary:~# btrfs check /dev/sdX1 Opening filesystem to check... ERROR: mount check: cannot open /dev/sdX1: No such file or directory ERROR: could not check mount status: No such file or directory
  6. Anything in the logs to point at what it is? The disk have run fine for months the rc for 6.9 is when this stuff started.
  7. A reboot seems to have put everything back to normal? Scrub came back with nothing. Should a reboot have done that?
  8. Howdy, New ECC ram installed after my last two issues. Woke up this morning to more errors. Looks like the first error was just cache then loop2 later? thelibrary-diagnostics-20210327-0921.zip
  9. btrfs errors on device loop2 Cache drive goes read only - General Support - Unraid We have been there and have done that. Its been running fine since I took the other two dimms out.
  10. I have returned. Getting this error now, Still BTRFS but no corruption that I can see. I was unable to scrub and could not gracefully shut down either. Put my drives in my windows machine to get smart results. Both are at 87% health with no errors on short or long. thelibrary-diagnostics-20210318-0813.zip
  11. Not to jinx it but..........the next set of ram dimms seem to have everything stable...........logs attached just because. I have ordered ECC replacement sticks to hopefully rule this issue out permanently. Hopefully this is the end of this issue. Thanks for all the help. Ill report back should anything happen once I start using the system properly again. thelibrary-diagnostics-20210314-1533.zip
  12. Got a lovely 503 for web gui on my reboot thelibrary-diagnostics-20210314-1427.zip
  13. So new vdisk created and its immediately corrupt thelibrary-diagnostics-20210314-1413.zip
  14. Its worth noting in that case that this issue started with 6.9-RC2. My set up has not changed since it was built in Jan 2020 (better times) Its run stable up to the xmas period. With a few lock ups I'm starting to believe is related to logs filling the ram up. But Im not sure. Anyway I have caught the device loop2 issue and hope to help get to the bottom of it.