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  1. No idea if related (in same ballpark)... I went from 6.7.0->6.8.3, while my parity checks appear to be similar speed 85-100MB/s... Video playback via Kodi was horrible during a parity check and also rebuild. Would buffer every minute or so. SMB and NFS. Reverted to 6.7.0, running a parity check now and playback appears fine. Will be running a rebuild after the check, will confirm that as well. Update: Confirmed not having playback issues during rebuild on 6.7.0
  2. Thanks Squid, the secondary flash drive is a good idea. Yeah cache is only mover and dockers.
  3. Noob question... I have a pretty simple Unraid setup, 1 massive user share, a couple of dockers. AppData on cache. What could be considered standard practice for location of backups? Was thinking AppData in a backup dir on my user share, and USB on the cache drive?
  4. Plain Jane user here... File Server Sonarr/NzbGet Dockers Pre-Clear/USB Backup Dockers That's about it. I had at one point used Windows VM to run apps on like Sonarr/NzbGet just due to confusion on usage of dockers. Been fairly happy moving to dockers for my small needs. Considering a DB docker to share Kodi DBs but quite honestly don't mind the simplicity and flexibility of just using the standard kodi DBs even if data isn't "synced".
  5. I was able to stop by 2 Best Buys to get 2... for $160 each They passed preclear with flying colors... what an awesome deal. I wasn't even looking to upgrade ha ha ha
  6. I would guess you should post that question in the respective plugin threads/forums. Willing to easily best sickbeard has a 5.0 version (if it isn't already) and you may not require the safe power (don't know what it is sorry). The discussion is just how to manage and deploy plugins vs the manual method most are using now. Don't think it will/would change plugins to much in the shortterm.
  7. I would rather see 1 repository for addon's with the ability for the dev to host the content anyway they wish (wget from http or something) if Tom has issue hosting content due to liability or resource cost. It would be a simple and easy to manage system. Heck you could even have a link to official DEV thread and do a hash on the file downloaded... It it doesn't match the hash on the DEV post/forum, then don't install. Hacker would have to hack the forums AND the dev hosted location (or the plugin mgr, which should be separate). My opinion that would be enough security and simple/flexible
  8. Thanks for all the info and replies guys... Figured I would update this post for anyone else searching in the future. A little recap: Messing around, trying to clean up my unraid, old shares for plugins no longer in use etc. Had to run the permission script but it hung on a drive locking the server. Hard shutdown, reboot... the drive was disabled. Data was accessible but some smart results showed odd infrequent errors. Short smart test was fine, long would interupt/stop after a min or so. I ended up copying the data off the disk in question, removing it and then using the new
  9. I am using putty to telnet and run the script... Is it supposed to update the complete %, elapsed time, temp, bytes etc in real time while running? Thanks Well pretty sure the drive is not liking unraid anymore... completely locks up when any sort of constant read/write is done (perm script, preclear etc). Still would like to know if the status updates in realtime... though I guess I will find out when I get my replacement.
  10. lol most of my drives are that old... its taken a while to fill them up. I actually have a few 750gb drives in there that are older Thanks for the other evaluation Gary, most was over my head. As for the clearing time, I has since read it can take days? so an estimated 50hours for a 1.6 TB drive could be normal? I am not sure what to think, I saw the speed was 80 MB/s (When it was still reporting) which shouldn't take that long... at those speeds can't see any size disk taking 2+ days. I still have plenty of space and as I have been reminded my disks are getting pretty old so I
  11. So I had a drive go disabled... I was able to move all data off the drive, rebuild parity. Array is up and running without the drive. Initial short smartctl test was ok, so I assumed something got messed up and I attempted to add it back to the array. Normal Unraid clearing seemed to be taking a very long time, 7% in about 5 hours. Speeds at first was being reported but at the 5 hour mark was not, so I cancelled the process and brought the array back online. I then attempted to run a couple of Smart long tests... both seemed to stop with a "Interupted (host restart)" message at 90
  12. Just fyi... not a big deal... Drives not attached to array could use their own section... They look to appear below the total. Now granted I was clearing the drive but it only got 7% in 5 hours so I cancelled it to run more tests and restarted the array while I was testing etc... Snapshot attached.
  13. OK I admit it, I was messing around with my array... Trying to clean up some things (like old share/files for slimserver pkg), and unraid looks locked up and I did a hard-shut down... I powered back up and one of my disks is disabled, when I ran smartctl on it, looks ok? (don't really know how to read it). Not really sure how to correct this, so I am copying data off the disk right now (I know its using parity data) to other disks. I have plenty of space, but wasn't sure how to remove the disk and let unraid to its thing automatically, most people replace the disk which I may do but
  14. Thanks it did seem to know what its doing, though I probably won't find out until later, waaay to much stuff:)
  15. I just received 2 3TB WD reds... The plan was to replace the parity, then add the second. So I checked the server, and a data drive was red balled (750GB). SMART tests passed. I can directly access the disk (tower\disk#) as well which I thought odd. I rebooted the server and still redball. How I can replace the red balled drive, but this would make it the largest drive and thus parity which I assume would mess stuff up. If I replace the parity, then the red ball drive might not create parity properly etc... What can I do if I don't have another smaller drive available?