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  1. so you have the following networks a 10.253 that a docker custom network and a 192.168 that I assume that unraid sits on. So is it safe to assume that you have a router that know there's 2 different subnets?
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    good old cross talk!
  3. ijuarez


    I like to see this but I would like it done by LSIO or Bin-HEX no offense to other developers. I just feel comfortable with them. Also would love to be all in one docker.
  4. Wondering if you pushed a docker update? Got notification that there was one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I went ahead an changed the repository and it pulled the data., started the container and i looked in the log and it looks like upgrading the instance.
  6. I am at 18.01 and tried to get to 18.03 but it will not pull the update since I'm a version behind. that stinks I will have to manually download it and step upgrade
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    Squid is 50!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  8. I use splashtop for all my VM and physical machines. I been struggling on my MacOS vm where splashtop just doesn't connect and if it does nothing happens. Can't move the mouse or when it moves its delayed. I wondered if it was the the vm or network, windows vm with splashtop works flawlessly, so I installed teamviewer and man it just worked. So I searched the topic where spaceinvader recommends using the intel nic instead of the vmxnet. I made the changed and tried it again same result. Splashtop struggles while teamviewer just sails. My windows vm no issues and my physical mac also no issues. Any other suggestions?
  9. Do you have this saved in your login menu? if you do it, could be wrong, or deleted and try to re-establish once you deleted and rebooted
  10. Wouldn't the logs on the server have an entry on why it will not let it connect. Do you have security on the share?
  11. Do you need all the 24tb of data? If not build a smaller rig and copy the data for cold storage. and then for the most critical data, find a cloud solution.
  12. thank you I've been asking an most just said read above, but a visual helps. for me this does not work the way I want my docker so use the vpn, but its good that unraid did it.