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  1. update to 27.0.2 got this Since you can no longer use docker exec -it how do you run the occ comand to correct this? Drop into the console and run the command.
  2. Well i tried the lscr.io/linuxserver/nextcloud:version-27.0.2 syntax and it said not found and it orphaned my image. Had to re-add the docker and user lscr.io/linuxserver/nextcloud:latest to get it back up and running
  3. I kinda like to update when new versions are available like 27.02. both the command line and webupdater gone... So how often will the image be updated to the next version? I just need to keep reading
  4. If you mean on the array then NO The beauty of unraid!
  5. If you did not have a backup then you will need to start over, if the usb is truly dead
  6. thanks I need this since the old one was depreciated.
  7. I have had this problem and just thought it was my mac being silly I am not sure if its slackware and they way it implements samba for me time machine has been a pain. I resorted to a hard drive connected to my mac and letting it run every once is a while.
  8. Post what your system is your backplane may only be able to do 3 and is reducing the speed of the disk because its too fast.
  9. Just wanted to update Since i discovered that I did not have a transacode path setup once created I have not gotten any notifications that my docker is running out of space. so user error.
  10. Thank you for that explanation I did find in my plex docker setup did not have a place to transcode. so.....that probably is my fix. I will look at using ram to save my dvr recordings
  11. I'm presume you mean plex? if so I did not change the default location. Let me google that.
  12. I'm on 25.01 no issues that I have found, the default to a dark theme, my eyes can't handle that so i switch back but other than that. Seems to work fine as frog hair.