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  1. Just did a fresh install like 2 days ago and I am able to access my public shares no problem. I am on the latest stable of unraid
  2. Im getting this error Could not connect to SignalR, UI won't update I have read the fix but, it did not fix the issue. I search for it on this topic but no one has reported it. I have the latest version that LSIO released.
  3. for all you open wrt, here is an example from the project
  4. are you 100% that port 80 is not blocked by the ISP
  5. Nice! Got my self a 2014 Rockwood, never camped before until my wife decided that we should get one. I've enjoyed it.
  6. Welcome, you have me at pop up camper...what year and model...you know for science
  7. so you have the following networks a 10.253 that a docker custom network and a 192.168 that I assume that unraid sits on. So is it safe to assume that you have a router that know there's 2 different subnets?
  8. ijuarez


    good old cross talk!
  9. ijuarez


    I like to see this but I would like it done by LSIO or Bin-HEX no offense to other developers. I just feel comfortable with them. Also would love to be all in one docker.
  10. Wondering if you pushed a docker update? Got notification that there was one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk