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  1. That's so great to see that he made such an impact that netgate hired him and I hope he got paid.
  2. While this is true, i don't feel as safe letting my unraid box be a firewall. I rather let my pfSense box handle the incoming connections since that what's for. I rather wait until it moves from experimental to a fully support addon package. But its nice to see people like binhex who created dockers with privacy in mind give it a good review.
  3. Spaceinvaderone has a youtube that detailed how to set it up using multiple containers NC, Onlyoffice Doc Server, and Onlyoffice app. Its and old video but the concept should apply to spinning a vm and using it,. I am thinking of doing that but the $149 for one time payment for only 10 users at home is not bad but I am the only one that uses it. So its pretty steep.
  4. While this container does contain the Onlyoffice its broke. I posted this a few post before this. In NC 21.01 or something like that it stopped saving data to the files, in my case excel. If you search the web you will find post on the NC forum where a bug was submitted but it has not been fixed. Since this is the Community Edition (FREE) NC are not in a hurry to fix this. In the paid version it works just fine. I installed the collobora Code and it saves my files but its slow and some functions are missing but it works
  5. how did you end up with two disks with the same serial and they are all zeros. ELI5
  6. Yes unmanic just converts, sonarr and radarr will keep looking for the best match until stop them from monitoring that specific show/movie. I think you can have both of those rescan your media and then it may stop but i am not sure.
  7. I had to disable and add the collabora its slow but at least my changes are getting saved.
  8. Seems that nextcloud has let this part of the project fail for over a year and have not fixed this issue. workaround is to created a separate onlyoffice instance and tie it back to your nextcloud instance.
  9. Anyone else having issues with onlyoffice not saving edits on spreadsheets or docs. Seems that it broke on nextcloud and they have not fixed it. I have several spreadsheets that would not save the data and had to resort to use google. been googling and it seems until nextclud fixes the integration you may suffer from this.
  10. Yes is the identification or network settings I had to turn off netbios and this corrected the issue.
  11. I did not get notified of your response, I will try that thank you.
  12. my Nextcloud docker updated 2 days ago and not it will not start gives an execution error, error 403 anyone have that happened?
  13. Could be, I just hope more people read this post and take action
  14. Hmm never thought that, my vlans are not thru unraid they are handle by pfSense, I will investigate that route.