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  1. my Nextcloud docker updated 2 days ago and not it will not start gives an execution error, error 403 anyone have that happened?
  2. Could be, I just hope more people read this post and take action
  3. Hmm never thought that, my vlans are not thru unraid they are handle by pfSense, I will investigate that route.
  4. I think this all great advice but I wondered what changed? Before few users made the mistake of exposing their servers to the WWW and paid for it. However after the update to 6.9 and 6.9.1 it seems that it became more prevalent and more posts were to be found that stuffed disappeared or their servers were compromised. Just my opinion but it seems that added functionality exposed some of these folks where before 6.8.3 kept them unexposed. Either way, I learned a long time ago what a misconfigure firewall can do when the internet is involved.
  5. I started to get the error below when I updated from 6.8.3 to 6.9 and it stills shows up on 6.9.1. I've read some of the other posts before i posted and some suggested a bad nic. I have an intel quad port and one of the ports has failed but I have that port shutdown in unraid as "port down" I have the following networks Br0 is the main (access to unraid) Br1 is access to #2 vlan Br5 is access to #3 vlan Proxynet (used for swag) No ipv6 or bonding I did check my SMB settings and the option under workgroup is set to master=yes. Is this what causi
  6. you need to created a new config under Tools then assigned the drives to the slots and and start and it will ask you to format the drives. BUT before that happens you will need unassigned devices plug in. Once you do the new config all of the disk will appear under unassigned and you need to delete the partition on all of the disks then start the array to format it.
  7. So I rebooted the array by mistake and again once up disks were missing, stated a "stale config" about 10 minutes later they appear. I pretty sure this is not by design but i'm no sure its a bug.
  8. got them correct spot and started the array and prayers sent
  9. aww man so I was about to start the array and just happened to look at the disk sdX and they were in the incorrect spots. I had a screenshot and proceeded to put them back until one of the was missing from the list to pick (lesson to be learned by noobs) it catalogue the disk with different sdX that could have been disastrous with serial in hand to the correct spots.
  10. Well this is very odd, so after I posted I went ahead and left the server alone went to bed, I have been doing some maintenance converting my xfs to encrypted so the server being offline a few more days was not a problem. Woke up got my day going then happened to notice telegram send me notices that all disks were ok. I'm like WTH, so remote in and sure enough all the disks are present and the array is ready to start. I don't know. before I start the array i did another diag download and I'm posting for science. lahomamediacenter-diagnostics-20210305-0832.zip
  11. array consists of 1 parity 1 cache and 17 disks. Nothing fancy pci cards lsi raid card (LSI SAS 9211-8i 6GB/s 8 Port PCIe) HBA that connects all of the drives ( HP 24 Port PCI-E 3Gb SAS Standard Profile Expander) Intel quad nic add in firewire card. everything working prior to update, update, reboot all disk are missing Its like systems does not see the HBA card. diags taken right after update and notice disks missing. I've uninstalled the vfio-pci pluggin and deleted the binding since i was not using it any more. I
  12. Minority report....... you should watch that. red ball means unraid thinks the disc failed. I would remove it use another pc and verify that the disc is good.