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  1. I have had this problem and just thought it was my mac being silly I am not sure if its slackware and they way it implements samba for me time machine has been a pain. I resorted to a hard drive connected to my mac and letting it run every once is a while.
  2. Post what your system is your backplane may only be able to do 3 and is reducing the speed of the disk because its too fast.
  3. Just wanted to update Since i discovered that I did not have a transacode path setup once created I have not gotten any notifications that my docker is running out of space. so user error.
  4. Thank you for that explanation I did find in my plex docker setup did not have a place to transcode. so.....that probably is my fix. I will look at using ram to save my dvr recordings
  5. I'm presume you mean plex? if so I did not change the default location. Let me google that.
  6. I'm on 25.01 no issues that I have found, the default to a dark theme, my eyes can't handle that so i switch back but other than that. Seems to work fine as frog hair.
  7. I have the same issue, using LSIO docker, I do use the DVR function and when I record 1 show my utilization ballons to 95% and typically thats the end of the show. I wish I could change it something for temp recording.
  8. I did not see it anywhere but, what exactly were the improvements for MacOS?
  9. Can someone point me to the fix your swag for dummies. The last update change the default.conf and now I only get the swag page when going to my url. Someone told me that it because my site is default, Please expand on the fix
  10. Its been a long time since i setup plex but I thought once you spun up the docker and get your claim code you had to go to plex.tv and claim it.