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  1. SO... asking for a friend....if you have a license already at pro. Can i turn a different usb stick from trial to pro just to have possible for a second server? Like i said asking for a friend
  2. Look at this person on ebay, his stuff in on point, Art of the Server
  3. Its been a long time since i setup plex but I thought once you spun up the docker and get your claim code you had to go to plex.tv and claim it.
  4. are you using vlans? what's the router you are using?
  5. post your docker settings, also clear your browser cache
  6. i used portainer to add the bro to my dockers that use a proxy network. i never really found a way to make it stick however I never really dug into it. Hopefully someone else has and its easy to do
  7. Go your webgui and under Main then flash then click on the view icon on the right it will tell you what is chewing up your space.