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  1. Its been a long time since i setup plex but I thought once you spun up the docker and get your claim code you had to go to plex.tv and claim it.
  2. are you using vlans? what's the router you are using?
  3. post your docker settings, also clear your browser cache
  4. i used portainer to add the bro to my dockers that use a proxy network. i never really found a way to make it stick however I never really dug into it. Hopefully someone else has and its easy to do
  5. Go your webgui and under Main then flash then click on the view icon on the right it will tell you what is chewing up your space.
  6. I cannot see anything that would cause to run out of space.
  7. Somewhere in here someone else stated that you have to modify you're proxy conf to allow larger files.
  8. I didn't see anything that would prevent you from getting to the internet. can you open a terminal window and ping google or whatever.
  9. NPM is a different reverse proxy manger so is traefik.
  10. By ip you mean inside your network, not from the internet? If its on the outside what page do you get when it does not come up? Have you checked your duck DNS setup?
  11. I just want to thank this team for this plugin and the community app backup plugin. Last night fighting to get swag and authelia to work I decided that /mnt/cache/appdata was different from /mnt/user/appdata and that unraid somehow created the share even tho i told it that appdata was only on cache. So I deleted all the files and the share. Went about my business and later that night I wanted to try to get my swag and authelia to work and my heart dropped.... Luckily my last backup was from 4/1 so i lost a little but not all of it, Thank you
  12. local TLD is .com .org in most homes it can be .local you use pfsense so more than likely if you did not change it, it is .lan
  13. I cannot, its greyed out. I might try to start from scratch with my current app folder so i don't lose data.
  14. @knex666 Being using this docker for a long time. Did a switch up from swag to traefik and I am going thru the config and hit a snag with ports. This based on the official nextcloud docker and ports is 80:8080. However when editing the template it says port 80 but in fact in the container is set to 446. Was this on purpose or did I magically set that somehow? because i cannot edit it to the default 80.
  15. to clarify you were missing this label? are you using authelia also?