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  1. Ive found a couple of docker containers I want to set up (,, however I am completely lost on how to do it - especially since these seem kinda poorly put together and run off of an existing repository. Ive taken a look at Portainer to use docker-compose with, but kept having issues with that (probably my ignorance more than Portainer) and also took a look at This guide, but I wasn't able to make much work from it. If someone more competent could help, that would be awesome.
  2. Dumb question, but what is the port forwarding configuration to set up in the router for this? Do I use the unraid box IP for the external, and the reserved network IP for the Local IP port forwarding info? For example, would it be set up like this, with the AMP internal ip setting being set to eth0? Local IP Address: (the unraid local ip) Port: 25565 External (Internet) IP Address: 420.86.75.309 (The bridged docker ip) Port: 25565 Protocol: TCP
  3. Unfortunately the router at my apartment was recently replaced, and the port forwarding feature is locked behind some Comcast BS. Ive been trying to set up a Minecraft server using the PortMiner spigot plugin, but I was curious if I needed to open more ports on the docker container for it to work. It uses UPnP to open the port on the router, but it seems to use a few different ports in the process. Using configuration: org.fourthline.cling.DefaultUpnpServiceConfiguration Creating Router: org.fourthline.cling.transport.RouterImpl Creating wildcard socket (for receiving multicast