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  1. I've never used swag before. I would think it should be possible. Can you open an issue in github? Maybe an example of a log would help as well.
  2. I don't even see my app in the apps store anymore. Not sure why. I would assume though you have a problem with the internal SSL and it causing an error via proxying.
  3. Sorry for the delay... Not sure if your doing reverse proxy but if your using something like NGINX Proxy Manager you need to enable Websockets support.
  4. Trying to figure if there an API native to Unraid. I noticed an API for HomeAssistant. When I googled I found results for it should be included in 6.8. I did google some more and couldn't find more info. A "no" is fine. Just asking. Thanks.
  5. This is a clone of Infinite Mario, written in JavaScript for web browsers using HTML5
  6. I don't see anywhere on there where the logs are stored. You might need to navigate the /mnt/user/appdata folder to find the logs then use that path.
  7. I don't see jlesage NginxProxyManager has an app in Unraid so I assume you set it up manually. Can you send a screenshot of the settings for the container?
  8. If you click on the troubleshooting documentation link it'll explain it a bit. Basically you need HTTPS set up. However, you can click on the Advanced options link and you can get around but just make sure you don't have 2 tabs open at the same time.
  9. This "app" is created off the official docker image. The other one is like 7 months old; I noticed when I tried using a feature that wasn't available in that version.
  10. It should be part of the template, you can add the path yourself. I think its advised not to pre-populate that.
  11. Support thread for unraid docker template. This docker image was already created by the developer. I've just created the unraid template for it using jlongster/actual-server:latest. GitHub: https://github.com/actualbudget/actual DockerHub: https://hub.docker.com/r/jlongster/actual-server My Repository: https://github.com/xavier-hernandez/unraid-templates
  12. Support thread for unraid docker template. This docker image wass already created by the developer. I've just created the unraid template for it. GitHub: https://github.com/kaythomas0/noisedash DockerHub: https://hub.docker.com/r/noisedash/noisedash My Repository: https://github.com/xavier-hernandez/unraid-templates
  13. The current app created by the developer does not allow this. You'd have to modify their code.
  14. You want to play in German? If so, this app is in english. There are others in German online if you visit here https://github.com/cwackerfuss/react-wordle . Looks like there is a repo here, https://github.com/diondiondion/woertchen . If you want I can try to create an Unraid app for it or you can create one yourself.