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  1. @Moderators

    Maybe you have a certain link for me?

    I searched on youtube, but this guy has so many youtube videos, and I even couldn't describe the problem well in my post title and therefore I don't know what I'm searching for exactly ...


    Sorry for acting so dumb, but like I said I am new to this software and have only experience with TrueNAS/Proxmox/VMware ESXI which is completely different


    Kind regards,


  2. Hi guys,

    I installed today UNRAID on my NVME 1TB SSD.

    Now I have a question:

    I have still one 512GB SSD with Windows 11 installed, and a 2 TB SSD with all games on it.

    Is there a chance, I can create a VM and use the existing SSD's without reformatting all of them?

    Or do I have to delete them all, create a VM and then install everything?


    I'm searching a way around if possible. My SSD has only for about a month Windows 11 on it, and I do not want to delete 2 TB of Games and 512GB SSD with Windows and do everything from scratch, that would suck hard.


    I tried to google the problem, but I couldn't find a solution for my problem.


    Has anyone some expertise with this software and can guide me to a solution?


    I saw this OS on Linus Tech Tipps and never really was interested too much, but now since I'm using it I must say this is a AWESOME product and I really enjoyed it from the beginning using it. Super solid and stable OS I really do like it.


    I hope someone can help me further.

    That would be awesome.


    Kind regards,

    Daniel :)

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