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  1. Running Unraid 6.9.2.

    I am having an issue that is likely related to my custom network setup and am looking for some suggestions to get it resolved. 


    I have 2 VLAN's in my home network: (VLAN 10 - Management & VLAN 20 - Services). My goal was to isolate the management functions of Unraid (Web, SSH) on one NIC ( - VLAN 10), and have my other services (SMB, dockers, VM's) on the second NIC (VLAN10 & VLAN20). 


    I used the "bind interfaces only" option in the SMB settings to make sure that SMB was only available on my second NIC.



    I used the BIND_MGT="yes" in my ident.cfg to make sure the GUI and SSH was only available to my primary NIC.


    I have setup my router and my switch with the appropriate VLAN config and everything works as expected from another PC on my network. GUI and SSH on and SMB on


    I then setup my dockers using either 10.25.20.x (br1.20) or 10.25.10.x (br1.10), depending on the app, and I can access them as expected from another PC on my network.


    The issue is that I can't access the GUI, SMB, or ping from a Windows VM on the Unraid server (br1.20) that I setup to test with. I also tested with some dockers and from those on br1.10, I can ping both my Unraid host IP's with no issues, but from dockers on br1.20 I can't.


    My Unraid server has two NIC's: Eth0 and Eth1 setup as follows:






    My Docker networking is setup as follows:



    My route table is setup as follows:



    I am obviously missing something in regards to br1.20 but have been unable to figure it out. Anyone else have a similar setup that would be willing to show their configs?


    I have also attached my if that provides additional information.


  2. I am attempting to use the "Gmail Account with OAuth2 Verification" option to configure my Email Server Settings. When I click on the "Setup Gmail Account as E-Mail Server" button, the webpage just spins and no activity can be completed on the page until I restart the docker container. 


    I followed all the instructions ( to setup the Google OAuth2 portion, mapped the resulting gmail.json file to the container, and added the additional environment variable (OAUTHLIB_RELAX_TOKEN_SCOPE=1) mentioned in a recent post (


    Here's the docker create command used:

    /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker create --name='calibre-web' --net='bridge' 
    	-e TZ="America/Los_Angeles" 
    	-e HOST_OS="Unraid" 
    	-e 'DOCKER_MODS'='linuxserver/calibre-web:calibre' 
    	-e 'PUID'='99' 
    	-e 'PGID'='100' 
    	-p '8083:8083/tcp' 
    	-v '/mnt/user/Media/Books/Calibre/Library/':'/books':'rw' 
    	-v '/mnt/user/appdata/calibre-web/gmail.json':'/app/calibre-web/gmail.json':'rw' 
    	-v '/mnt/user/appdata/calibre-web':'/config':'rw' 


    There doesn't appear to be any detail as to why the webpage just spins in the calibre-web.log or in the docker logs.


    Has anyone else been able to get this working?

  3. Thanks to all the information in this thread, I was finally able to get my grafana setup and working. However, I am running into some difficulty getting my graphs to display correctly and I was hoping that you guys wouldn't mind sharing some of your queries/config for your graphs. Specifically, I am looking for some help getting a singlestat to display my entire array and cache pool. I can see that @jedimstr and @atribe both have this on their dashboards and it looks great. Here's what I have now, one singlestat for each disk but I can't seem to find the right query to combine all the disks into one singlestat.


    Also, I get a strange error when I view my dashboard on the first load (Invalid dimensions for plot, width = 600, height = 0). If I hit the refresh button on the top-right it will go away and display correctly, but that is kinda annoying. Any ideas you all have for a fix for this issue would also be appreciated. I'm just getting started with grafana and just trying to gain some knowledge.






  4. I must be missing something or doing something wrong. I certainly appreciate all your help as I continue to learn. I am starting fresh, so I don't have an existing Calibre installation or library.


    My plan (and perhaps poorly conceived) is to have a Calibre docker running the server/library on unRAID that I would then access from the desktop clients. The desktop clients would be able to place new books into a shared folder on unRAID (/downloads) and the cron running in the docker would import them into the central library, storing the books on protected storage on unRAID and accessible to the other clients for import onto their devices.


    After installing the docker I expected to have the Calibre server and the configuration files installed to /opt/calibre (mapped to /mnt/cache/appdata/calibre/ in my case) and the library/database file installed to /config (mapped to /mnt/user/Media/Books/Calibre/). When I look in these folders on my unRAID server I don't see any files. Did I miss some steps somewhere? Do I have to install a desktop version of Calibre first and point the configuration and library paths to my unRAID shares?


  5. I am trying to get your Calibre docker running but am not having any luck. I just get a "This webpage is not available" error when browsing to the WebUI.


    Here's my mappings. The strange thing is that there are no files created in the /appdata/calibre folder and I would have expected to have something there. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.



    Edit: I restarted the Docker and here's the log:


    Installing Clean - Apply any Custom Edits
    Installing to /opt/calibre
    Downloading tarball signature securely...
    Using previously downloaded calibre-2.38.0-x86_64.txz
    Defining Cron job from crons.conf 
    Launching Cron
    Cron Done


  6. I would have thought that Emby would store the artwork & media in the /mnt/cache/appdata mapped share or whatever you're using rather than in the docker.img

    I guess you are right. I have my mappings set for /config to be /mnt/user/appdata/emby and I can see the artwork/metadata by browsing to the appropriate folders.


    df -h

    Here's my output:

    Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/loop0       10G  1.5G  6.8G  19% /var/lib/docker


    So that seems to suggest I have 1.5G used and 6.8G free which doesn't match the GUI. Now I am really confused. Is there a command I can use to see how much space just my Emby container is using? Pardon my inexperience with docker.




  7. How are you guys able to determine how much space you are actually using in the docker.img? Is that available from the GUI?



    I think I found it under the Docker tab (Docker volume info). Mine says:

    devid    1 size 10.00GiB used 6.04GiB path /dev/loop0


    Seems like a lot to me, but I am running Emby so it's probably just artwork and metadata. Is there a way to tell how much space is used per container?

  8. Thanks for the clarification. I was aware of the /mnt/user0 folder being used for storage before the mover moves the data to the array. I guess I was just surprised to see docker.img in the root of the /mnt/user folder. Sounds like it is as it should be.



  9. I am a new unRAID Pro user (v6.0-beta15) and am setting up Docker for the first time. I followed the Docker Guide here ( and setup my Docker image at /mnt/cache/docker.img in the Docker settings page. I then created a cache-only user share called "appdata" for my application data.


    Now, when I browse to /mnt/user I see an /appdata folder and a docker.img file along with my other user share (/Media). I am just wondering if this is expected behavior, or if I have done something wrong with the Docker files. I do also see docker.img and /appdata in /mnt/cache (as I would expect) but I am just curious why they show up in both places (/mnt/cache and /mnt/user). Does this mean I have two copies, or is this a symbolic link thing? Any help to further my understanding of unRAID and Docker would be appreciated. Thank you.