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  1. Sad. I dont get fast speed with opvn. Sendt fra min ONEPLUS A6003 med Tapatalk
  2. Hello maybe binhex will make wireguard integreted Sendt fra min ONEPLUS A6003 med Tapatalk
  3. when i install this on my 6.8.3 when i running it with wireguard. after some time i cant reach unraid webgui. after that my services stops, my shared drives stops. so i need to make a hard shutdown after that my server startsup again. when i remove this docker my server run normal again. have ben trying this 3 times. same happens every time.
  4. can some how make youtube video for this guide. it will be awesome, i dont understand det mount script at further
  5. i get this after update. Bad response from server: (500 [error,getsettings]) Warning: XMLRPC call is failed. when i try go to settings.
  6. I follow this post. Sendt fra min ONEPLUS A6003 med Tapatalk
  7. Its looks so great mate. Hope you find time to this Sendt fra min ONEPLUS A6003 med Tapatalk
  8. hi sir. i use port 6881 standard. now i can se the port its open and are green, but i get same speed as before.
  9. First of all thanks for this docker. 1. i use torguard. and i have 500/500 mbit. but the highest download with vpn is about 20 mibt. when i use vpn on my pc and download i get around 300 mbit?. 2. can i use this docker without vpn. how do i port forward the right port. it always say port are closed. please help.
  10. I understand sir but when i removed this addon will you see a dialog for what the tool removed. There i can see a loot of bruteforce tools and unifi search tools? Why do the app have this files and names an what do the system use Them for
  11. Can someone please look at unassigned devices plus. App. After i installed it dosent work, so i removed it. In the dialog i se some script deleted someoneof the script was to bruteforce and other checked network information. I Are Stone sure this Are virus. So i need to reinstall the server?
  12. IM sorry sir i will find som time her in holidayes where i can post some image.
  13. I make the Google drive and the secure drive but I cant mount it