Owner and permissions of files uploaded with SFTP (Filezilla)


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I use Unraid as my file/ backup server with a Nextcloud docker for easy cloud access. But whenever I'm on the move and want to upload a large amount of files I use Filezilla in conjunction with SFTP since this has proven to be the most stable method to upload a large amount of files while outside the home network. Now since Unraid is configured to only support login through SSH as "root" all the files I upload using SFTP are stored with owner "root:root" and permissions 775. This contradicts the owner/ permissions of all the other files on the server which are stored with user "nobody:users" and permissions 664 (directories 2775).


Is there any way I can change that behavior so the files/ folders get owner "nobody:users" and permissions 664 for files and 2775 for folders? It's very annoying always having to remember to change the owner/ permissions after the upload.

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